“Russia is our Enemy, Putin Wants War”: The Globalists’ Drive Towards the East, “Drang nach Osten”

Part I of the Prelude to WW3 Trilogy

Drang nach Osten has several translations into English: “yearning for the East”, “thrust toward the East”, “push eastward”, “drive toward the East” “It was a term coined in the 19th century to designate German expansion into Slavic lands.” The concept was part of Nazi ideology during the Third Reich.  (GR Editor)

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The so-called US/NATO establishment now endlessly repeats the stale postulate: Russia is our enemy. Yet no one objectively evaluates the validity of this hypothesis.

What really is this alleged threat of Russian aggression? To comprehend the current US/NATO vs. Russia confrontation requires some knowledge of history, warfare, geography, demography, and the globalist political and economic schemes. Certainly much more knowledge and wisdom are needed than what is being exhibited by the ubiquitous globalist media, globalist’s gofer-administrations, and some unbalanced members of Congress.

In terms of geography, the territory of Russia covers some 14% of the Earth’s land mass, with a population of about 150 million. Russian per capita income is about 12% of that of the US. Clearly, Russia needs people, trade, and economic development much more than additional territory. Remember, Russia sold Alaska for just pocket change to the US.

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In terms of demography, in 1991 the abrupt politically-imposed breakup of the USSR along its communist administrative borders left almost 40 million Russians outside of the USSR Russian Socialist Republic — which is now the Russian Federation (Russia). Ironically, US/NATO (an anti-communist alliance) accorded the breakup of the USSR in line with the previous communist regime’s objectives and its imposed internal borders.

This demographic problem came to the forefront as the repressive-racist regimes of some USSR spinoff countries outlawed Russian ethnicity and joined NATO (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) or become militantly hostile to their indigenous Russian population(Moldavia in 1992, Georgia in 2008,and Ukraine currently).This is and will remain a major problem until a more just and prudent solution is reached.Taking this into account, we must ask: What business does US/NATO have to so intently enforce the communist doctrine and borders of the former USSR?

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In terms of military confrontation, just locate on the map US/NATO military installations surrounding Russia. To US/NATO warmongers it is obvious: Putin definitely wants war– see how close Russia is to our military bases. Still, there is no real possibility of Russian unilateral aggression against US/NATO countries. The 3.2 million US/NATO active military personnel outnumber Russia’s by four-to-one. The US/NATO conventional arsenal is still far superior both in quality and quantity to Russia’s. The only military parity Russia has with US/NATO is in nuclear weapons, which currently serves as an acute deterrent to any military aggression whatsoever. Most of all, Russian GDP is only 16% of US GDP and just 7% of the combined GDP of US-NATO economies. The Russian economy is simply incapable of supporting any one-sided military aggression against US/NATO.

Evidently, US/NATO military infrastructure has uncompromisingly advanced to Russia’s borders. But what is behind this aggression and why? Better yet, who really formulates US/NATO foreign policy? Do not be fooled by all the smoke and mirrors of US executive and legislative branches. The administrations of Presidents Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama have mostly implemented the strategic policy directives of the stealthy think-tanks funded by the globalist oligarchy. To paraphrase Pat Buchanan (senior adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan) the majority of Republican and Democrat members of US government and Congress are now just two wings of the same globalist bird of prey. The insatiable greed and arrogance of the few — with their stated ultimate goal of breaking-up Russia into several puppet states and appropriating its vast resources–is precisely what now drives US /NATO countries into an inevitable grim confrontation with Russia. How did this come to be?

Thirty years ago, President Reagan’s patented trust-but-verify containment presented us with a historic opportunity to turn deadly US-USSR confrontation into robust cooperation. At that time, most Russians were eager to accept Americans back as the ironce-trusted WW2 allies. Such a development would have been the ultimate win-win of the Cold War. Unfortunately we blew it.

The administration of President Bush (41) haughtily declared victory in the Cold War and ushered the era of the new Unipolar World Order. The emerging global hegemons, still in search of their new globalization strategy, simply awarded Eastern Europe into the care of the newly unified Germany. The emboldened, revengeful German elite quickly revamped the Third Reich’s proven economic, political and territorial takeover of Eastern Europe. Following the German lead, the rising global oligarchy realized that they could acquire, literally for a penny-on-a-dollar, enormous valuable assets and markets in Eastern Europe. They swiftly turned their sights on the USSR/Russia, the biggest prize by far. And the new colossal DrangnachOsten” (Eastern Conquest) was set in motion.

The global oligarchy used President Clinton’s administration to arrogantly transform US/NATO into the aggressive military muscle of their totalitarian globalization doctrine. They broke President Reagan’s promise and advanced US/NATO military infrastructure eastward into former Soviet bloc countries. The German-led revisionist breakup of Yugoslavia provided a blueprint and the test run for the implosion and breakup of the USSR. Whereby, old Nazi accomplices are amply rewarded (for their renewed collaboration) at the expense of old Nazi enemies.

All the while, the globalist media has engaged in a shameless psychological warfare – repeatedly fabricating misinformation to demonize targeted enemies. The general public was lied to and deceived with false pretexts in order to support humanitarian military interventions,bombardments, and the destruction of sovereign countries (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria…).

Keep in mind that for centuries Russian people have fought off quite a few invasions from the west. To them, the current US/NATO military advance eerily resembles Hitler’s 1941 invasion. Except that this time around, US/NATO military strategists and planners are trying to avoid Hitler’s strategic and tactical mistakes. Now the promotion of global democracy is a ploy to hire and direct local malcontents and terrorists for numerous debased color/spring revolutions and coups –used to install US/NATO puppet regimes. These new hybrid-war strategies and tactics have brilliantly succeeded in first imploding the Warsaw Military Pact and the USSR, and then in turning the former members into the front-line troops against Russia. However,the planned methodical implosion of Russia was halted and partially reversed by Russian President Putin. This is really the main reason why 90% of Russia’s citizens support him, and why he is so intensely vilified by the globalist establishment and their brown-nose media.

The globalists crossed the fine line between containment and aggression toward Russia when the administration of President Bush (43) in 2004 brazenly extended NATO military infrastructure into the new Baltic states of the former USSR, right along Russia’s borders. This was not just a smug Hitleresque humiliation of a former foe. This was done with the sinister intent — to under some future conjured pretext provide US/NATO with a hair trigger for military action against Russia.

The unremitting globalist oligarchy used President Obama’s administration for another aggressive advance against Russia. They deployed land- and sea-based radar and missile systems from the Baltic to the Black Sea (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey) as well as in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. The alleged purpose of this anti-missile shield is to defend EU/USA against possible missile attacks. However, this radar and missile complex has much greater offensive tactical use then it has defensive potential.

Within a couple of years this complex will practically cover the entire Russian territory with thousands of US/NATO warheads. Most frighteningly, this deployment provides US/NATO with a first strike option –a sudden attack to destroy most of Russia’s military defensive and offensive capabilities. The perilous logic of this first strike strategy arrogantly discounts Russia’s retaliation by counting on the unproven capability of the US/NATO anti-missile shield to shoot-down any remaining Russian land- and sea-based nuclear ballistic missiles.

In light of this menacing US/NATO military threat, Russia is developing and deploying new defensive and pre-emptive offensive countermeasures. The new official Russian military doctrine spells out that any attack (conventional or otherwise) on Russia, if necessary will be answered with asymmetric means and measures — including a nuclear option. In other words, President Putin just turns around President Kennedy’s warning to Khrushchev during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis — that if anything from Cuba was fired at the USA, the USSR would bear the full responsibility and the brunt of the response.

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The US/NATO pseudo-establishment with its endless repetition Russia is our enemy simply serves the highest bidder. The mercenary incantation of “our” thus actually refers to the entrenched global oligarchy and its minions — not to the vast majority of us. Over the past 30 years the global oligarchy have autocratically taken over the vital institutions of our Republic –only to exploit us and our country as a blunt tool for their totalitarian globalization. Their conquest of Russia is not in the interest of the vast majority of Americans. However, our existential national interest is to stop this unbridled globalist aggression from turning into the Armageddon. And for that, we must first realize that our real enemy is not Russia but the global oligarchy and their corrupt puppet authorities at home.

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