Russia Electoral Fraud Story was … a Fraud?
By Global Research
Global Research, January 07, 2012
Voice of Russia 7 January 2012
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Experts have found layouts on video footages of violations during the December 4 parliamentary elections in Russia.

According to this country’s elections commissioner Vladimir Churov, the Central Election Commission has been verifying media publications on alleged election fraud and only a handful of them had been found correct. Churov added that about one-third of all polling stations would be fitted out with transparent ballot boxes by the time the March 4 presidential vote kicks in.  Besides, almost all voting places will have video cameras installed to provide online coverage of the voting process. The measures come in the wake of massive opposition protests late last year against   alleged ballot box stuffing in favor of the ruling United Russia party.

MOSCOW, Jan. 5 (UPI) — Video clips posted on the Internet that appeared to show fraud in Russia’s parliamentary elections were heavily edited, an official said Thursday. Vladimir Churov, head of the Central Election Commission, said the video has been vetted by experts from the Interior Ministry, RIA Novosti reported. He said they found “signs of in-frame and inter-frame editing.” There have been large demonstrations since the elections with Churov accused of conniving at ballot stuffing and other fraud. In an interview with Ekho Muscovy, a radio station, Churov said the experts’ work suggests the clips are not proof of any fraud.


CEC Chairman: Election Fraud Videos Doctored Videos showing violations during the parliamentary elections in Russia were doctored, Central Election Committee (CEC) Chairman Vladimir Churov said.

During his interview with Radio Ekho Moskvy, he said that Interior Ministry experts have already studied the videos and found signs of editing in most of them. After the parliamentary elections, the CEC chairman has been the main target of the opposition and observers’ critique

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