Review of David Ray Griffin’s new book: Debunking 9/11 Debunking
By Rev. Richard Skaff
Global Research, June 14, 2007
14 June 2007
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Griffin a brilliant theologian and a dedicated 9/11 truth seeker has written another thorough and well researched book that will send chills into the minds and the hearts of the 9/11 official theory architects. Griffin with his passion for truth, debunks point by point Popular Mechanics claims and pseudo-corroboration of the official conspiracy theory. He convincingly strikes back with overwhelming evidence at the disinformation campaign and every circulating 9/11 myth that was launched by the corporate/culprit media to perpetuate the official story. The truth about 9/11 will never be revealed, because the majority of the public are guided by their conditioning of the herd mentality that deters them from critical thinking.

We are trained not to question authority and to follow it blindly even into the abyss. It is biblical! You don’t reveal the truth and question the establishment or you will be banished from the Garden Eden and crucified! 

Claims of incompetence will always remain the theme that would prevail, in order justify the occurrence of 9/11. It is more benign than complicity and treason, and would disguise the military state in the flag of democracy. It is also an acceptable scenario in the minds of the fearful herds, because it would help them correlate to their own incompetence, and to the lack of control in their own lives. In addition, when a federal agency claims incompetence for its mistakes, it will receive more control, funding and resources, and will eventually expand to a bloating level in order to reduce these mistakes. Ironically, whenever an error occurs, it is usually blamed on that same bloated bureaucracy that was expanded to begin with to resolve that same problem. It is an interesting cycle, nevertheless a vicious one.

Are you confused yet? If you are, that is good! That is the whole idea, which is for us to remain in a state of confusion; therefore, we accept whatever we are told, as we become little incapacitated automotons repeating the propaganda and the buzzwords that were engendered for us by the elitist media to propagate their myth and advance their global agenda. That in turn would reduce our inner conflict about two opposing ideas, and would eventually force us into choosing the most familiar and the safest idea that quells our inner conflict and help us regain balance and harmony. 

Once again, congratulations to Griffin on a job well done! Another book another blackout! Debunking 9/11 Debunking is a must read. Open-mindedness is a frightening phenomenon, but the truth is worth the risk!!

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