“Atrocity Fabrication and Its Consequences,” by A. B. Abrams

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“The United States government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” — Reverend Martin Luther King, Speech, April 5, 1967, Riverside Church, New York City 

“We are not on the wrong side, we ARE the wrong side.” — Daniel Ellsberg

In a phenomenally well documented study of the fraudulent accusations of atrocities leveled against countries targeted for military intervention by US NATO, fraudulent accusations then used as  “justifications” or rationalizations for “humanitarian military intervention” which devastates the targeted country, ravaging the “infrastructure necessary for sustaining human life” and plundering that country’s opulent  resources, A.B. Abrams describes savage US-Nato military interventions that trivialize the scourges of Attilla the Hun. 

The methods and patterns of these savage interventions are almost identical, indeed virtually predictable:  the country targeted for slaughter is always a state independent of Western (US-Nato) control:  first the targeted country is fraudulently accused of atrocities which occur only in the pornographic imaginations of the US-Nato accuser, and are subsequently (post-slaughter) revealed to be blatant fabrications, at which time these fabricated atrocities have served their purpose of inciting gullible public support for military intervention to end these non-existent atrocities.  Abram’s book is breathtaking in its scope, its accurate command of detail,  and horrifying in his description of the consequences of these fabricated atrocities.   

It is not possible to do justice to the great range of his work, which describes the shameful and horrific duplicity of the US-NATO scourge.  One lesser known attempt at atrocity fabrication against Cuba was “Operation Northwoods,” described by journalist James Bamford: 

“plans to engineer attacks on the US which could be falsely blamed on Cuba as a pretext for an invasion ‘had the support of every single member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and even senior Pentagon official Paul Nitze argued in favour of provoking a phony war with Cuba.  The fact that the most senior members of all the services and the Pentagon could be so out of touch with reality and the meaning of democracy would be hidden for four decades.” 

Operation Northwoods

“CALLED FOR NOTHING LESS THAN THE LAUNCH OF A SECRET CAMPAIGN OF TERRORISM WITHIN THE United States in order to blame Castro and provoke a war with Cuba…in the name of anticommunism, they proposed launching a secret and bloody war of terrorism against their own country in order to trick the American public into supporting an ill-conceived war they intended to launch against Cuba.”

Further, in addition to multiple attempts to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro,

“sea and air commando raids launched from the U.S. mainland, most often by exiles of Cuban origin and frequently with CIA supervisors, targeted oil refineries, chemical plants, bridges, crops, mills, warehouses, fishing boats, and merchant ships…the next stage of escalation involved biological warfare…In 1971 the CIA gave Cuban exiles a virus which caused African swine fever for deployment against the country.  Six weeks later the disease broke out in Cuba and forced the country to slaughter 500,000 pigs to prevent a nationwide epidemic.”

As Abrams describes it, with his impeccable documentation, it is almost impossible to find another example of savagery comparable to the barbarism of the US military ravaging Vietnam, atrocities preceded and “explained” as revenge for the fabricated “Gulf of Tonkin incident” which gained the support of the gullible and skillfully manipulated US Congress.  Quoting James Bamford in Foreign Policy, Abrams continues: 

“In light of the Operation Northwoods documents, it is clear that deceiving the public and trumping up wars for Americans to fight and die in was standard, approved policy at the highest levels of the Pentagon. 

In fact, the Gulf of Tonkin seems right out of the Operation Northwoods playbook: 

“We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba…casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation.  One need only replace Guantanamo Bay with Tonkin Gulf, and Cuba with North Vietnam.” 

Abrams quotes Rodney Carlisle’s “Encyclopaedia of Intelligence and Counterintelligence”: 

‘In addition to formal propaganda, disinformation was informally promulgated to journalists and the public as well.  The 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident is perhaps the prime example.  At the time, most journalists and the public accepted at face value the claims of President Lyndon Johnson…Yet the highly secret Plan 34A, involving covert attacks jointly managed by the CIA and US navy against North Vietnam was not revealed.  Nor was the fact that a US naval patrol had been sent to gather electronic intelligence in the Gulf of Tonkin.” 

Abrams quotes Robert Lehrman, former White House chief speechwriter: 

‘Was any of LBJ’s speech that night true?  That is exactly what he sought with a resolution written six months earlier, waiting for an event to justify it. ‘On the open seas,’ with its implication that the attack was unprovoked?  The Maddox, cruising off the Vietnamese coast, was part of a covert and illegal intelligence-gathering mission, designed to provoke exactly the response it got.  Two days of attacks? Even Johnson didn’t believe the second one occurred.  Aggression?  The Maddox fired first.  More important, the North Vietnamese were off their own coast.  They were home.  US sailors were about 8,000 miles from home. If anything, the aggressors were us.  Moreover, LBJ didn’t limit himself to deceiving the public.  He deceived the Senate.” 

Using the fabricated atrocity of the Gulf of Tonkin incident as an excuse for escalation, Robert Lehrman noted: the consequences: 

“Three million deaths in a total Vietnamese population of 30 million!  That’s a Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 shot down each day, seven days a week, for 30 years;  that’s not counting the 500,000 to a million victims of Agent Orange.  Aside from mines, of the 15 million tons of explosive ordinance dropped on Vietnam from the air, the Pentagon estimated that around 10 percent did not explode….Beyond explosives, the war effort premised on a response to the Gulf of Tonkin incident saw toxic chemicals widely sprayed across Vietnamese farmland and forests.  Former US Army medic Mike Hastic commented:  ‘The spraying of 70 million litres of the chemical defoliant Agent Orange on the Vietnamese people by the US Government is one of the worst war crimes ever committed in modern warfare.  It is the war crime that is born again with every new generation.  Children die from cancer, they are born without arms and legs, they are born with twisted bodies, mental illness, or no eyes, to name a few birth defects.  Their parents and society have an enormous burden to try to make their lives as meaningful as possible. “  Cancer, diabetes, brain cell degeneration, muscular dystrophy and mental problems among the Vietnamese population were all consequences of the lasting legacy of American chemical attacks….Rape was considered a standard practice for US personnel, many of whom recalled  being told by instructors:  ‘we could rape the women, spread them open and drive pointed sticks or bayonets into their vaginas…One veteran described such an incident as follows:  ‘After we raped her, took her cherry from her, after we shot her in the head…we literally start stomping her body.  And everybody was laughing about it.  It’s like seeing the lions around a just-killed zebra.  The whole pride comes around and they start feasting on the body.  Another example was recalled by former GI John Ketwig who stated that when three young Vietnamese women were captured, ‘everybody circled around and they tortured these women with lit cigarettes…the one girl, they held her down and put the hose from the fire truck between her legs and turned on the water and exploded her.  And the explosion of body fluids splashed across our faces.’  He described it as:  hate against the Vietnamese, the ‘gooks.’”  

“Regarding life in the Amerrican client state, created by Washington using humanitarian pretexts, …A WHO study described South Vietnam as a land of widespread malaria, bubonic plague, leprosy, tuberculosis, venereal disease and 300,000 prostitutes..one of the few places on earth where Leprosy was spreading and bubonic plague was still taking lives.  This was the “Capitalist Paradise” that Washington brought to South Vietnam.”

Subsequent chapters of the book describe the scourge of horrors perpetrated by US-NATO following the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the “West,”  swaggering and drunken with what it considered its victory over the Soviet Union, which collapsed in December, 1991, swept, like Attilla the Hun, through Iraq and Libya, after bullying the United Nations into passing War Resolutions 678, 687 and 688 authorizing their virtual extermination of Iraq, buying and extorting votes in support of these resolutions during the first “Persian Gulf War,” virtually exterminating the Iraqi people, culture and ancient civilization, with the fabricated and subsequently proved fraudulent allegation that Iraqi soldiers were tearing babies out of incubators, and hurling  them on the floor to die.  The carnage wrought by the US, UK and France almost defies belief,  with the UK, according to the NY Times, in 1991, dropping one bomb per second on Iraq for a period of several weeks.  (As former U.S. Attorney General Ramsay Clark stated:  “The U.N. which was created to prevent the scourge of war has become an instrument of war.”)

Abrams’ chapter on the Yugoslav Wars is also almost unspeakably horrifying in its catalogue of US-NATO duplicity in fabricating atrocities they knowingly and fraudulently attributed to Yugoslavia, and then proceeding to perpetrate their own atrocities on their victims in Yugoslavia. 

“A confidential report by NATO’s North Atlantic Council stated that the KLA was ‘the main initiator of violence” in Kosovo and ‘launched what appears to be a deliberate campaign of provocation’ which led to the outbreak of hostilities with Yugoslav government forces. These hostilities in turn paved the way for NATO military intervention.” 

The KLA was deeply involved in organ trafficking, as Carla Del Ponti and Dick Marti reported to the Council of Europe, with Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci chief perpetrator, but that was ignored by NATO.  Abrams quotes the renowned journalist John Pilger referring to civilians being

“blown up in crowded passenger trains and buses, in factories, television stations,  libraries, old people’s homes, schools and 18 hospitals, many cut to pieces by the UK’s thousands of ‘unaccounted for’ cluster bombs which fragment into shrapnel.’ The extent of the slaughter perpetrated by the Western powers on the basis of fabricated atrocities widely and uncritically reported in Western press, he said, ‘requires an apology from the propagandists; because, as NATO’s planners never tired of saying at their post-bombing seminars, without journalists ‘on board,’ they could never have pulled it off.” 

This violence was perpetrated without UN Security Council Authorization.

Abrams documents the enormity of the damage to Yugoslavia’s economy, the destruction of a people, and the virtual extermination of a nation, which, as admitted by the savage perpetrators, could never have been accomplished without the media propagandists who flooded their public incessantly with details of atrocities fabricated and attributed to the country, in this case, Yugoslavia, targeted for slaughter because it was independent of Western – US-NATO control. 

Although Abrams does not state this explicitly, it is obvious that if the Soviet Union had not itself been dismembered, the destruction of Yugoslavia could not have taken place.  But the Western Press bears enormous responsibility and guilt for the carnage which resulted from their duplicitous fabrications of atrocities, without which the resultant devastation of an entire people could not have taken place.  The complicitous press was very highly paid for their spearheading of this barbarity, earning them the title as “presstitutes, as Paul Craig Roberts, accurately describes them.

The use of depleted uranium weapons was an unparalleled war crime in the “78 day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia which began on March 24, 1999

“….Lacking authorization from the United Nations or from the Yugoslav government for these attacks, or any argument that it was acting in self-defense, the Western assault was a crime of aggression against a sovereign state -considered the supreme international crime.  The Western alliance had launched limited strikes on Yugoslavia previously, but the new air assault was far larger in scale and was far more focused on non-military targets.  20,000 tons of bombs were dropped in 40,000 sorties, with the munitions used being approximately equivalent to the payload of one of the nuclear warheads dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki.  Yugoslavia was one of four countries the US had attacked from the air in the span of just a few months, with Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq also being targeted at the time.”

Next in Abrams’ catalogue of fabricated atrocities and their consequences, is one of the most crucial events in this Western scourge of rape of peoples independent of Western capitalist control:  Libya, and the connivance of passage of Resolution 1973 by the UN Security Council.  

The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya was one of the most progressive countries in Africa, spearheading a sovereign pan-African development movement independent of Western capitalist control.  Libya was extremely powerful and influential, one of the leading military powers in Africa and the Arab world.  But like the biblical Samson, destroyed by his vulnerability, according to Abrams, “Fearing an Iraq-style Western assault in the 2000s, after the USSR’s disintegration had allowed the West to impose harsh sanctions and arms embargoes through the United Nations, Libya agreed to unilaterally disarm and accept intrusive Western inspections of its military facilities in exchange for Western security guarantees and sanctions relief.  This fatal mistake is now the example for and reason why the DPRK will not and cannot divest itself of its nuclear weapons.  The destruction of Libya was so shattering of the nation and its people, that its renunciation of its weapons programs in compliance with Western demands and threats proved a  disastrous mistake, from which a terrifying lesson has been learned.

“In mid-February 2011 the sudden outbreak of concerted attacks on Libyan armouries and security forces by unknown militants saw Libyan forces respond with water cannon and rubber bullets, but refrain from using lethal force…. Throughout the conflict questions were repeatedly raised regarding who Libya’s insurgents were, how they had coordinated and trained for simultaneous attacks across the country, and why they had initiated a military campaign which it was clear from the outset could only succeed if Western militaries were to intervene in support. Some indications could be found in neighbouring Syria, which alongside Libya had long been one of the two staunchest opponents of Western hegemony in the Arab world, and which was targeted simultaneously by a very similar form of attack, and by  many of the same foreign actors.  Both insurgencies saw very swift calls in the West for military intervention against the targeted governments, and gained considerable support not only from Western media outlets, but also from major tech giants such as Google.  French Foreign Minister Ronald Dumas noted that Britain had been training insurgents since at least 2009 to ‘invade’ Syria, with multiple other reliable sources confirming that the insurgency had arms, training and support from Western powers and their partners including the deployment of Western and allied special forces alongside them.  In Libya the confirmed presence of Western special forces on the ground within days of the insurgency’s outbreak indicated that it had been long in the planning much as was the case in Syria.  Mummar Gaddafi, for his part, referred to the insurgents as ‘the traitors who are working for the United States and Britain, the colonialists.’”   As reported in the National Interest in 2014, “A decisive factor in the campaign against Gaddafi was a large influx of mujahideen, many affiliated with Al Qaeda…from Eastern Libya, just as the easterners had made a decisive contribution in the 1980s against the Russians in Afghanistan.’” 

Any description of the annihilation of Libya, which had been a highly developed nation and leader of Pan-African independence during the governance of Khaddafi, would be a repetition of the genocidal horrors which resulted from US-NATO military interventions In Iraq, Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, etc., etc.  One unique feature of this annihilation of the Libyan nation and people, whose “infrastructure necessary to support human life” had been demolished by the US-NATO intervention, with United Nations Security Council Authorization, Resolution 1973, “was perhaps the most serious case of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the 21 century. 

It was perpetrated against black Africans who the Jamahiriya era government had protected but who jihadist insurgents targeted for mass slaughter and extermination, with the genocidal conduct of the militants the West had brought to power bearing a very sharp contrast to the Jamahiriya’s Pan-Africanism. …the massacre of Libya’s black population was fueled by outright atrocity fabrication—the primary culprit being Qatar’s Al Jazeera news network….Irish journalist Mary Fitzgerald reported public hangings of black men in insurgent-held areas. 

The Guardian described ‘pogroms’ against blacks reminiscent of Nazi Germany…..Video footage of blacks being tortured by insurgents, including being kept in animal cages…..provided a small indication of the kind of atrocities being perpetrated across the country by the militants the West had empowered…the new Libya quickly saw the emergence of regular slave markets as blacks were kept in chains or cages, sold for free labour, and often given hot iron cattle brands on their faces to identify them…black men and women were reportedly raped by the insurgence.

Perhaps the ultimate symbol of the horror to which Libya was subjected by the US-NATO intervention, was the unspeakably sadistic torture- murder of Kadaffi, a sadism committed by those “gentle protesters” that US-NATO invaded Libya to “protect.”  The horror revealed on Kadaffi’s face, captured in a photo on the front page of the New York Post makes no mention of the fact that in addition to the barbaric cruelty of his “gentle” murderers, they raped him with a bayonet and broken glass forced up his rectum, an unspeakable degradation of a human being, and a symbol of the Western values of “democratic humanism.”  This particular grotesque cruelty was not reported in the American Press, but Europeans were aghast when reports of this particular atrocity surfaced.  As one European stated:  “We were aghast because it was so unnecessary!” 

Abrams next writes of the Syrian war, and of the prevarication of the OPCW, fabricating  a chemical weapons attack in the Douma affair, and the 2013 allegations of a sarin attack in Ghouta, allegations disputed by esteemed journalist Sy Hersh whose impeccable sources absolved Damascus of responsibility for the attack, and indicated that Obama was burying evidence that Al Nusra was the perpetrator.  Western plans to force through a United Nations Security Council Resolution authorizing US-NATO military intervention in Syria were vetoed, three times by Russia and China.

On December 22, 2016 the Syrian Government recovered control over Aleppo, and though Abrams makes no mention of this, which may or may not be coincidental, on December 25, 2016 the airplane carrying the great Russian Alexandrov Choir, en route to  entertain the Russian troops in Syria, suddenly crashed into the ocean, killing all 90 passengers.  Just prior to this, on December 19, 2016,, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was murdered, in broad daylight in an art gallery in Turkey, with a front page photograph of the assassination in The New York Times, quoting the assassin shouting:  “Don’t forget Aleppo, Don’t forget Syria” and soon thereafter the Russian Consul to Greece  suddenly suffered a fatal heart attack on January 9, 2017. 

The Russian Ambassador to India then died of a sudden heart attack on January 27, and on February 20, 2017 the famous Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitali Churkin died suddenly of suspected heart failure. On August 24, 2017 Russia’s ambassador to Sudan, Mirgayas Shirinsky was found dead – of a heart attack in his swimming pool at his home.  Although Abrams does not connect these 7 sudden deaths of Russian diplomats to the Syrian victory at Aleppo, following Damascus’ invitation for Russian assistance, these seven sudden deaths may be related to this. 

Abrams’ earlier work on North Korea, the “Immovable Object” is a virtually inexhaustible source of reliable information about the DPRK,;  in this new anthology he includes analysis of the chemical assassination of Kim Jong Nam in Malaysia, which was immediately attributed to Pyongyang, which immediately denied responsibility.  He states:  “While the lack of evidence implicating North Korea as the perpetrator did not rule out the possibility of its responsibility, it highlighted the extent to which its adversaries could shape narratives and manipulate global opinion based on totally unproven accusations. –   He also examines the multiple anti-DPRK theories surrounding the death of Otto Warmbier, citing medical experts in the US stating that there was absolutely no evidence on Warmbier’s body of mistreatment.  

Finally, Abrams concludes with Xinjiang and the Sino-U.S. Conflict to which I will briefly refer, as Syrian Ambassador Bashir Ja’afari informed me personally that Saudi Arabia yearly paid for all expenses of Chinese Uighurs, whom they brought to the pilgrimage at Mecca, where the Uighurs were hosted a month after all other pilgrims had departed, and these Uighurs were then trained in jihad and Islamic extremism, after which they were returned to China for the purpose of fomenting terrorism and separatist movements to disintegrate China.   As the West attempts to provoke Taiwan into further disintegration of China, with visits by such US luminaries as Nancy Pelosi, etc., the attempted dismemberment of China continues, as does the attempted dismemberment of Russia.  One can only hope that Abrams will address that deadly agenda. 

Abrams book, “Atrocity Fabrication and its Consequences” is a masterpiece, deciphering modern history, and identifying the facts underlying the theatrical obfuscation by Western media.  It should be absolutely required reading in all schools and universities in the West, and elsewhere, but it is perhaps too truthful to be tolerated by the Deep State and Establishment, as Galileo’s heresy was intolerable to the Vatican during the Inquisition. 

It must be read by everyone who seeks the truth in order to restore sanity and genuine humanity to this tormented world, on the verge of incineration, as Daniel Ellsberg and Scott Ritter (and innumerable other experts)  fear that the nuclear clock approaches midnight and the extermination of life on earth. 

Those in the West reading Abrams work must be overcome by shame and disgust that our Western pretensions to civilizations are criminally false, and our respect for human life is nonexistent.  This is capitalism, with its contempt for human life. 

The description of US soldiers forcing a hose into the vagina of a  defenseless Vietnamese girl, then turning on its water full force, exploding her body while the soldiers witnessing the atrocity laugh, and the example of Khadaffi’s expression aghast with horror as a bayonet is forced into his rectum:  the reader must ask:  “What are we?  Animals are not savage for amusement.  The reader must himself burst with shame and rage.  But this book must be read nevertheless.  It is agonizing to read:  and it reveals the agony of the victims of “Atrocity Fabrication.”  But this book must nevertheless be read by everyone, if we are ever to become civilized – indeed, human.


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Carla Stea is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and Global Research’s Correspondent at UN headquarters, New York. 

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