Restoring Truth to Media
By Global Research
Global Research, May 01, 2011
26 April 2011
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A couple of years ago, Global Research published an important article by Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips entitled, “How to Restore Truth in Media Reporting?” In it they made some very important statements with regard to the important role of media:

“We are a nation awash in a sea of information yet we have a paucity of understanding. We are a country where over a quarter of the population know the names of all five members of the fictitious family from The Simpsons yet only one in a thousand can name all the rights protected under the first amendment to the US Constitution. Journalistic values have been sold out to commercial interests and not even our core, national and constitutionally protected values are sacred…

Tens of thousands of American engaged in various social justice issues constantly witness how corporate media marginalize, denigrate or simply ignore their concerns. Activist groups working on issues like 9/11 truth, election fraud, impeachment, war propaganda, civil liberties/torture, and many corporate-caused environmental crises have been systematically excluded from mainstream news and the national conversation leading to a genuine truth emergency in the country as a whole…

Now, however, a growing number of activists are finally saying “enough!” and joining forces to address this truth emergency by developing new journalistic systems and practices of their own. They are working to reveal the common corporate denominators behind the diverse crises we face and to develop networks of trustworthy news sources that tell the people what is really going on. These activists know we need a journalism that moves beyond forensic inquiries into particular crimes and atrocities, and exposes wider patterns of corruption, propaganda and illicit political control to rouse the nation to reject a malignant corporate status quo.”

Global Research is proud to be a part of this movement, and has on several occasions won Project Censored Awards for diverse issues, ranging from uncovering the truth behind the H1N1 pandemic scam, to the hostile takeover of democracy via the North American Union.

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Director of Global Research, has won seven Project Censored Awards, alongside a number of our regular contributors, including Global Research Correspondent Rick Rozoff and Global Research Associate F. William Engdahl. Other recipients include Sara Flounders, Connie Fogal, Michael Hudson, Andrew Hughes, Frank Morales, and many others.

Whether you prefer to write, blog, discuss or read independent news, YOU are also part of the movement to bring truth in media. We encourage you to continue to spread real information, fight disinformation and stay aware.

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