Remembrance Day: Peace and Justice for All. No to War! Powerful Message from a World War II Veteran
By Global Research News
Global Research, November 03, 2013

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Every year more of the same platitudes only to be forgotten next day.

Remembrance is important and it is not our intent to challenge it.

I have honored Remembrance Day since I was a child in primary school.  As veterans we thought we had defeated Nazism and Fascism.

How do I see our world this year?

Our government is now following the authoritative instruction or requirement of a corporate financial oligarchic dictate.

My dictionary of Philosophy says that Fascism is the open rule of big business and finance. Seems like it to me.

We need to ask the question; are our elected representatives really working in our interests or those corporations?

Canada’s Prime Minister Harper claims they have a mandate; nothing could be further from the truth. The about 30% of those who voted conservative gave them a majority not a mandate.

The Contemporary World: It’s a time of “make war to have peace”.

A time for the dictatorship of big business replacing democracy.

Unions under attack by their state, Taxation diminished for the super rich and increased for median to low incomes. Health care – Medicare, being eroded by for profit incursions while governments turn a blind eye. You know all the rest, homelessness, poverty, cutbacks and more.

This remembrance day let us remember the dead of past wars but dedicate us to peace and justice for all. NO TO WAR!

John Beeching,

World War II Veteran

Vancouver, BC

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