Pepper was able to piece together what really happened on April 4, 1968 in Memphis right down to who gave the order and supplied the money, how the patsy was chosen, and who actually pulled the trigger.
The supposed “Storming of the Capitol” on January 06, 2021 does not make any sense on its face: there is simply no way a gaggle of “protesters” can burst into the Capitol Building unless they are deliberately allowed to do so. Footage shown during the event has all the appearances of drama: stage-acting.
The Junta ordered a hike in the price of bread from 11 to 40 escudos. While food prices had skyrocketed, wages had been frozen. From one day to the next, an entire country had been precipitated into abysmal poverty; in less than a year the price of bread in Chile increased thirty-six fold.
The Declaration of Independence speaks volumes about the abuses suffered by early Americans at the hands of the British police state. Read it again, and ask yourself if the list of complaints tallied by Jefferson don’t bear a startling resemblance to the abuses “we the people” are suffering today at the hands of the American police state.
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