North Korea's "health system is the envy of the developing world" according to the World Health Organization: WHO director-general Margaret Chan said the country had "no lack of doctors and nurses"
Pivot to Asia: China is threatened by the US military in the South and East China Sea. War with China is currently on the drawing board of the Pentagon as outlined in a Rand Report commissioned by the US Army
Trade War
The unspoken US policy objective behind the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou on trumped up charges, consists in breaking China's technological lead in wireless telecommunications. What is at stake is a coordinated US intelligence initiative to ban China from playing a strategic role in the 5G global mobile phone network.
At the height of a US trade war against China, not to mention what Beijing considers an act of provocation by the US Navy in the Taiwan Straits, the Renminbi is indelibly under attack. For the People’s Bank of China to faithfully follow IMF guidelines is tantamount to abiding by the Washington Consensus.
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Nuclear weapon
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Nuclear war
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South-South Cooperation
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