Qatar Accepts to Pay $20 Billion for Reconstruction of Syria, Turkish Spy Agency Supports Al Qaeda Affiliated Rebels
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Global Research, November 04, 2013
Fars News Agency
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Turkish MP Calls on Erdogan Gov’t to Change Policy on Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- Most of the advocates of military aggression against Syria have accepted the necessity for the political settlement of the Syrian crisis, a Turkish legislator said, urging the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to change its hostile policies towards Syria.

“I have seen some documents showing that the government of Erdogan and the Turkish spy agency are cooperating with the terrorist groups in the Syrian territory,” Rafiq Ar Yilmaz told FNA in Ankara on Sunday.

Noting that most of the supporters of war on Syria have now resorted to peaceful solutions to the crisis in the country, he said, “The Qatari government has accepted to pay $20bln for the reconstruction of the Syrian state since it seeks to take its feet out of the Syrian issue and this has also been raised in a meeting in Iran too.”

The Arab countries have followed the US and revised their policies on Syria after all their betrayals of the country, Yilmaz said, adding, “The Ankara government has many times received warnings to revise its policy on Syria because Turkey has been left alone in the Syrian issue.”

Turkey has widely been criticized for its interference in the internal affairs of neighboring Syria.

In relevant remarks in July, a senior Turkish politician lambasted Erdogan for his interfering policies in Syria, saying his approach encourages civil war in the Muslim country.

“Prime Minister Erdogan’s policy for changing the Syrian government will yield no result but exacerbating the bloody civil war in the country,” Deputy Head of Turkey’s National Movement Octay Uzturk told FNA at the time.

“Turkey alone is never able to infiltrate in Syria or change the country’s ruling system,” he added.

Turkey is among the countries that support militants inside Syria. Ankara provides military training for anti-Damascus militants along its borders with Syria.

In recent months, thousands of the Turkish people took to the streets in different cities to protest against their government’s interference in Syria.

Demonstrators shouted anti-government slogans and held placards holding Erdogan’s ruling AKP Party responsible for a possible genocide in Syria.

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