Putin and Obama’s UN Showdown Helps Expose How Washington Supports and Protects The Islamic State (ISIS)

This week’s annual United Nations General Assembly summit brought the rare occasion of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin face-to-face attending the same momentous session. With Obama appearing peevish and sheepish, the Russian strongman took center stage targeting the US president’s failed policy and leadership in his crosshairs:

Rather than bringing about reforms, an aggressive foreign interference has resulted in a brazen destruction of national institutions and life itself. Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster.

Nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life. I cannot help asking those who have caused the situation, do you realize now what you’ve done? But I am afraid no one is going to answer that. Indeed, policies based on self-conceit and belief in one’s exceptionalism and impunity have never been abandoned.

Planet earth is rapidly changing drastically in a myriad of ways. On display before the world this week, the shifting geopolitics of an overextended US Empire in freefall decline is now fully underway for all to see. But a brief look back to last year’s events and developments provides the contextual explanation of how we got here.

The overt aggression in February 2014 of Hillary’s NGO-led coup in Kiev overthrowing the democratically elected Ukrainian president at Russia’s border violated and defied all international law regarding the sovereignty of nations. The imperialistic US Empire was chomping at the bit to gain full Black Sea access by stealing Russia’s naval base in Sevastopol. But Putin strategically outmaneuvered the Obama neocons by Crimea electing to be annexed by Russia as it had been for centuries earlier. Though it was clearly the US that was the foreign invader violently triggering another regime change, the feds began their nonstop attack demonizing Putin as the global villain ushering the latest installment of cold war II complete with a nuclear first strike contingency plan.

The subsequent re-emergence of the Russian-Chinese alliance in self-defense against an overly aggressive United States bent on isolating the two Eastern powers ever since has had profound implications militarily, politically and economically on the global chessboard. The establishment of China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank a half year ago and the immediate exodus of longtime US allies rushing to join as founding members became a litmus test for what was to come. Clearly a dramatic global shift in power was afoot moving from West to East.

Not wanting another world war to break out in their backyard, the French and German leaders quickly brokered periodic rounds of peace talk negotiations in Minsk as needed between Kiev’s neo-Nazi US puppet and Russia in the face of escalating violence and war in Eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately with complicit approval from warmongering Washington, Ukraine forces have repeatedlyviolated the peace treaties.

Meanwhile, Obama was leading the charge rushing to ship heavy arms as well as send US military advisors to aid the Ukrainian military to engage in ethnic cleansing against the would-be freedom fighters asserting their independence from an illegitimate, corrupt and hostile Kiev regime. The hastened peace talks became another sign of Euro-defiance toward the US-NATO killing machine whose commander General Breedlove(aka Dr. Strangelove) was making wildly bogus claims that Russian soldiers were invading Ukraine, again rankling Merkel and others into calling for a diminished NATO role.

Obama’s economic sanctions against Russia have only hurt gas-dependent Western Europe far more than Putin as yet another costly consequence of America’s arrogant “full spectrum dominance” to surround and weaken rivals Russia and China. But then the EU, the UK, Europe and NATO have long been considered a mere extension as vassals to the monolithic empire operating out of Washington.

Still another over-the-top catastrophe plaguing the entire continent of Europe is this year’s tidal wave of migration from Syria, the Middle East and North Africa currently pouring into the continent, once again caused directly by the warring foreign policy of the US-NATO-Israel. The latest evidence of the crumbling influence of the US Empire is German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s welcoming embrace of Putin’s decisive move to eradicate ISIS in Syria. Merkel secretly knows America’s so called war against ISIS is simply another false fronted fake war by Obama and his Pentagon. The US-Israel-EU-NATO-Saudi-Turkey-Arab Gulf state funded creation of the terrorist monster-on-steroids has recently been exposed like never before. Obama’s pledge a year ago to “hunt down” and destroy ISIS proved to be yet another of his too many to count, empty false promises he never intended to keep.

For decades now al Qaeda/Islamic State jihadists have regularly been America’s secret go-to proxy ally, hired gun mercenary thugs used effectively to destroy wherever they’re unleashed, especially where US Empire chooses not to put GI boots on the ground. Then came the biggest false flag coup in human history – 9/11 – when we’re supposed to believe that 19 box-cutting al Qaeda “terrorists” murdered 3000 Americans when no solid evidence confirms it. Instead they were used as neocon stooges hired to be the fall guys for the 9/11 attacks. Half of those so called terrorists have subsequently been found alive, some are even currently suing the US government.

In fact evidence has now been uncovered that Israel and its Mossad conspired with the Bush-Cheney neocons along with a little help from their Saudi friends as the real 9/11 terrorists. The entire plan to destabilize and redraw the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) had already been hatched by the 9/11 architects with their Project for a New American Century (PNAC) long before the towers ever fell. Calling for a “new Pearl Harbor event,” the neocons conspired with Israel to launch an imperialistic blood-for-oil crusade under the false flag cover of their forever war on terror to take down every Arab nation not part of the US-Israeli crime cabal.

General Wesley Clark’s passing discovery a week after 9/11 of the Bush-Cheney foreign policy calling for a 7-nation regime change was simply the PNAC agenda still criminally operating today with the neocon/Obama obsession to remove Syria’s Assad from power. 9/11 became the diabolical excuse to invade, occupy, and murder millions of people to destroy Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively the world’s third largest oil producer and the world’s largest heroin producer. By the way, the feds’ international drug smuggling operation has been criminally funding US military Black Ops in 135 countries around the world, 85% of which is illegally laundered by IMF and the World Bank. Neocon lies of infamy and incessant false propaganda were used to remove two former US Empire allies Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi who both made the fatal error daring to defy the unholy sanctum of the US petrodollar. As Israel’s proxy ally the neocon-led US proceeded to systematically turn those two once prosperous, oil-rich nations into permanent, war ravaged, failed states along with half a dozen other hapless MENA nation fatalities.

This week’s events at the United Nations shed more gaping light and guilt on the demonic US Empire agenda. Even mainstreamCNN stated “Vladimir Putin stole Barack Hussein Obama’s thunder” on Monday calling out despot Obama on his failed policy to stop ISIS in its tracks. In Putin’s own words:

We should finally acknowledge that no one but President Assad’s armed forces and Kurdish militia are truly fighting the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations in Syria… We support the legitimate government of Syria. And it’s my deep belief that any actions to the contrary, in order to destroy the legitimate government, will create a situation which you can witness now in the other countries of the region or in other regions – for instance, in Libya, where all the state institutions are disintegrated. We see a similar situation in Iraq.

In contrast Obama’s softer approach toward the world’s enemy is fighting ISIS “with ideas, not violence.” In Barack Obama’s words:

This means defeating their ideology. Ideologies are not defeated with guns. They are defeated by better ideas – a more attractive and compelling vision.

This only makes sense when the world realizes that as the creator of ISIS in the first place, the US Commander-in-Chief’s own self-interest is to extend the war on terror well into the future (defeating ISIS “will take time”) by ensuring Islamic State’s continued protection and survival. After all, treasonous feds in Washington and the Islamic jihadists maintain a symbiotic relationship. The US needs ISIS as much for its forever war on terror as ISIS needs the secret US-Israeli cabal as its main backer-financier. Of course Saudi Arabia, Turkey and all the little oil-rich Arab Gulf state monarchies like Qatar, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates play their part in secretly funding their extremist partner against the Kurds, Syria and Iran. Hence as closeted bedfellows, Obama’s kid gloves approach towards his favorite proxy ally is revealed. Even former Defense Intelligence Agency director retired General Michael J. Flynn insists that back in 2012 even prior to ISIS becoming ISIS, Obama made his “willful” choice to favor, arm and support the Islamic State terrorists as his proxy ally against Assad.

As such, instead of destroying ISIS, Obama and the US Empire have been treasonously aiding and abetting the Islamic jihadists as they spread their malignant cancer to every hotspot in the Middle East, North Africa and well beyond.

While IS is still flourishing more than ever in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, it has now linked up deeper into sub-Saharan Africa with other terrorist groups such as Nigeria’s Boko Harem and Somalia’s Al- Shabaab. The government watchdog group Judicial Watch earlier this year even reported ISIS co-training with a Mexican drug cartel at a camp just 8 miles from the El Paso, Texas border.

The Islamic State has even moved into Ukraine as a forward base and is now feared to be opportunistically hopping a ride onboard the globalist cabal orchestrated migration crisis. There are already reports of ISIS entering the Balkan nation states. Islamic extremists have also set their eyes eastward into the Caucasus and Central Asian regions. Thus, the urgency of this human crisis now has Germany and other European nations desperately looking toward leadership from Putin to be the real enemy of the terrorists as opposed to the paper tiger faker Obama.

Seizing on the opportunity to expose the US for its feeble response in its yearlong fake efforts to wipe out ISIS, now even China is joining Putin’s bandwagon by also coming to the aid of Assad’s Syria, Iraq and Iran in their earnest fight to eliminate the Islamic militants once and for all.

The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16  and a Chinese guided missile cruiser are now docked in the Syrian port OF Tartus. Stephen Lendman rightly points out that perhaps Russia and China may extend an open invitation to other nations to join their newest coalition waging real war against the terrorists.

Chinese military advisors followed by more troops are scheduled to arrive in Syria tasked with freshly arriving Russian marines along with Iranian and Syrian anti-terrorism forces to defeat ISIS in Syria.

Moreover, usual stalwart US allied puppet Australia has just decided to abandon the US Empire’s imperialistic scheme to remove Assad, willing to see what happens in the long term as the new coalition led by US enemies Russia and China appear to be resolutely taking charge against ISIS after the US “accidentally on purpose” dropped the ball.

Meanwhile, mounting evidence shows that traitor Obama, fellow traitor chicken-hawk McCain and war criminal Bibi Netanyahu have been caught red-handed secretly meeting with ISIS and coddling jihadist terrorists in a Golan Heights hospital respectively.

There have been one too many US or British aircraft shot down by Iraqi security forces carrying arms to IS. Or one too many US airdrops of medical, food and arms supplies “mistakenly” landing in so called enemy hands waiting on the ground instead of the legitimate anti-ISIS forces like the Kurds. To make matters demoralizingly worse, financially strapped US taxpayers are being forced to spend $10 million a day on a fake war that’s only making the enemy stronger. Adding insult to injury, these repeated incidents confirming Obama’s aiding and abetting support his and his Pentagon’s contentions that this long war on terror will be ongoing for “decades to come,” deceitfully ensuring that the enemy supply line is maintained at all cost. But now the cost of aiding and abetting the enemy is exposing the US president as a traitor like never before.

All the while the Pentagon has been presenting a far more optimistic and deceptive picture than the dismal reality on the ground honestly permits. A long history of US war commanders typically lie through their teeth to justify their wars. From General Westmoreland in Vietnam to General Petraeus in Afghanistan to the latest Central Commander General Lloyd Austin, the same old bloody song wags on. In late March General Austin went on record with his recommendation to the White House that a key US military role in Syria will be to “shield” several thousand US freshly trained jihadists fighting against Assad forces. Historically there’s been no difference between ISIS and the latest US financed, trained and armed hired gun jihadists. In a related deception, the Pentagon’s Inspector General is now investigating General Austin’s Central Command for lowballing lies about ISISexpansion after getting caught fudging intelligence reports. How long are we the citizenry going to put up with all these dishonest traitors as our leaders regularly committing treason against us? When we’re locked up or dead it’ll be too late.

Ironically Obama’s objective to weaken and isolate Russia and China has been backfiring miserably. As this week’s developments clearly show, it’s Obama who’s the weakest and most isolated. In stark contrast, both of the US adversaries are enjoying a resurgence in global strength and power that is now successfully challenging Washington’s unilateral policy of interventionism and in-your-face global hegemony.

That “Asian pivot” Obama boldly touted a couple years ago designed to expand US military influence and power throughout East Asia has also proven an abysmal failure. The US has chosen to militarize the region by arming its puppet allies Japan, South Korea, Philippines and Australia. Meanwhile, the onetime US enemy that suffered millions of lost lives during the Vietnam War has allowed the US to take over its naval base at Cam Ranh Bay in order to combat China’s surging regional dominance in the South China Sea. The pivot was an obvious attempt to willfully stir up tensions off China’s coast over disputed Pacific islands, all strategically designed to hem China in similar to Russia. Meanwhile, the Gulen Islamic Schools operating as a transparent CIA front throughout the Caucasus and Central Asia are subversively infiltrating western China’s Xinjiang Province funding and fomenting separatist terrorism amongst the local Uyghur population.

In an overt ploy to humiliate and undermine this week’s USA visit by China’s President Xi Jinping, Obama threatened to apply economic sanctions against China that could pose a fatal blow to the US hi-tech electronics industry in Seattle and Silicon Valley that heavily depends on the vast Chinese market for continued expansion. Similar to the Putin sanctions harming Europe far more than Putin, Obama’s latest offensive shot across the bow amidst a fiercely raging currency war, cyber war and heightened military tensions especially after the massive Tianjin chemical explosion that could well have been triggered by US military saboteurs a day after China chose to devalue its Yuan. Another large industrial explosion occurred in China several days later followed by yet another explosion in a US arsenal warehouse in Japan only ratcheting up hostilities and suspicions to a fever pitch.

Like virtually everything, the increasing conflicts between America and China in recent years have been caused by the US. In 2010 the NSA was busted using Google to spy on China’s military and trade secrets. Of course mainstream media never mentioned a word about this faux pas that soured China to do business with Google and other American IT companies, causing Beijing to implement a new trading policy requiring US corporate giants to begin sharing technologies locally with China’s rising electronics manufacturers.

This justified precautionary measure was retaliated against by the Obama administration with several high profile arrests falsely charging Chinese scientists as spies that were later dropped for lack of evidence. Then came the bogus accusations that Chinese hackers were behind the theft of US company trade secrets followed by more finger pointing after alleged sensitive personal info belonging to thousands of federal employees was compromised. Again without providing any substantiation backing up its claims, Washington and its MSM propaganda have launched a relentless assault to demonize China as the latest cold war enemy in a cyber war that the US in fact had started.

In case you haven’t noticed, for the longest time truth has been the enemy of the feds’ crime cabal government and it’s now fast catching up to the treasonous rogue aggressors misrepresenting Americans as the true enemy of the entire world. The seven decade run that the United States has enjoyed since World War II as the number one leader of the not-so-free world is all but over.

A quarter century ago with the fall of the Soviet Union the United States emerged from the cold war as sole victor and sole global superpower. But instead of using its economic, geopolitical and military might and power to benefit other nations on earth in order to enhance the lives of all humans, the US Empire proceeded to make war around the world killing over 30 million people in the process, ultimately alienating itself as the sole world bully-killer executioner of any and all nations that dared to resist its fascist imperialistic exploitation and naked aggression.

The US crime cabal acting as a front for the military industrial complex, the oil industry and the global elite has maintained a predatory policy of siccing the World Bank and IMF on every developing nation with non-repayable, insurmountable loan debtsthat then unleash the Fortune 500 sharks to privatize and otherwise rape, pillage and plunder this earth, sapping precious lifeblood resources right out of its Third World victims. And this is how US Empire victimizes the world short of going to war.

The parasitic nature of the pathologically impaired elite, the subhuman species comprising the psychopathy club’s innermost circle, has been calling all the shots for centuries, manipulating US Empire and its killing machine to do its dirty bidding. But with an awakened masses, empowered and informed sovereign citizens of the world united, its reign of terror and crimes against humanity are finally coming to an end.

Its brutal rule over the rest of the world using criminal assault, intimidation, threats, extortion, torture and murder in violation of every international law, UN Charter and Geneva Convention rule, the globalists’ Empire of chaos and destruction has long operated with complete impunity but ultimately its day of reckoning, judgment and karmic comeuppance is finally arriving.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site athttp://empireexposed.blogspot.co.id/.


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