Pro-Independence Parties Keep Majority Control over Catalan Parliament
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, December 22, 2017

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Spanish fascists revoked Catalan autonomy in October, imposing Madrid rule – wanting regime-controlled puppet governance replacing regional democracy.

Catalonia’s parliament was dissolved, snap elections announced for December 21.

The action breached international law, affirming the right of self-determination for all people.

Spain is a fascist police state, repressing and exploiting its people, Rajoy a modern-day Francisco Franco, ruthlessly targeting anyone challenging his tyrannical rule.

His scheme to replace a pro-independence Catalan parliamentary majority with MPs subservient to Madrid failed.

Parties supporting separation from Spain won 70 of the 135 parliamentary seats at stake, two less than in 2015. Turnout exceeded 80%, a record regional number.

US presidential and congressional elections haven’t exceeded 60% in half a century, Richard Nixon winning a 60.8% majority popular vote in 1968.

In 2016, turnout for the presidential and congressional elections was 55.7%. In off-year congressional elections, turnout is around 40% of eligible voters – testimony to America’s debauched system.

Monied interests control the process. Ordinary people have no say. Dirty business as usual wins every time. Each right-wing of US duopoly governance takes turns controlling Congress and/or the executive branch of government.

Democracy is pure fantasy, the same true in Spain and most other European countries. Russian elections under Vladimir Putin’s leadership are the most open, free and fair in Eurasia.

Here are the results of Catalonia’s parliamentary election with nearly all votes counted:

Source: The Guardian

  • Pro-independence parties included Junts Per Catalunya headed by self-exiled President Carles Puigdemont in Brussels, ERC (Esquerra) led by political prisoner Oriol Junqueras, and CUP headed by Carles Riera.
  • Junts Per Catalunya won 34 seats, ERC (Esquerra) took 32, and CUP another 4 (6 less than in 2015) for a 70-seat pro-independence parliamentary majority.
  • Unionist Ciudadanos won the most seats – 36, a 25.4% minority, not enough to form a government with coalition partners.

Seven parties competed for seats. The so-called People’s Party of Catalonia (PP or PPC) won four seats (with only 4.2% of the popular vote.

It was the only Catalan party supporting revocation of Catalan self-rule, the action forcing the snap election in the first place.

Results weren’t what Madrid wanted. What follows remains to be seen. If independence from Spain is sought again, another harsh crackdown is likely, including arrests and imprisonments of separatist leaders.

Will they risk repeating what happened last fall? Things will likely remain quiet through the holiday season – perhaps erupting again in the new year.

Most Catalans support independence, wanting to be free from fascist Madrid rule. Will they take to the streets again en masse?

Will majority MPs declare independence? From Brussels, deposed/self-exiled Catalan President Puigdemont issued the following statement, saying:

“I want to congratulate the Catalan people, because they have sent a message to the world. The Catalan republic has beaten the monarchy and article 155.”

“The Spanish state has been beaten. Mr Rajoy and his allies have lost. They were seeking to legitimize article 155, but they have been beaten.”

“Now we need to restore democracy, restore our legitimate government, our freedoms. We need to free all those people who are still in prison, but should not be. The prescription that Mr Rajoy thought would work has failed.”

“Things are even more positive for the pro-independence parties today, because today we have one more seat (actually 2 less).”

“We will have more freedom in parliament than we had before. As the legitimate president of Catalonia, I say: Mr Rajoy’s prescription is not working.”

“If he keeps applying the same formula, he will keep failing. He needs to change. We have to find solutions. It is time not just for Mr Rajoy but for many other people to realize this.”

For independence supporters, winning a parliamentary majority is one thing, gaining self-rule, free from Madrid another entirely.

Rajoy’s heavy hand prevailed before, a repeat likely if Catalonia’s government again seeks independence from Spain.

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