Prescribed Drugs, Psychological Dysfunctions, Anti-Depressants and the Opiates Crisis


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Before things got tragically out of hand it used to be opiates that doctors so vehemently prescribed for everything from minor pains to not being able to find anything wrong with you at all. Now if your doctor isn’t competent enough to give you a proper diagnoses you may find them going on about how they have such wonderful solutions for your stress.

Anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, and other vague experimental drugs will be offered to you as if they are sacred. “Talk to your doctor if you are having suicidal thoughts.”

Your pharmacist will tell you on your way home. Don’t they ever get tired of saying that? The statistics say that yes, indeed, some of them end up doing so.

And what, if anything, will the doctor do for you at that point except write it down in their data harvesting notes and keep shoving pills down your throat that make you worse? First they helped get a vast many hooked on opiates who are now dying in an epidemic from their addictions and lack of harm reduction based health care.

Now to fill that gap in their pockets the pharmaceutical companies lost to the heroin and synthetic opiate trade they are turning to classes like SSRI’s which research groups have been warning us about since the 1990’s the devastation they can wreak on a person’s neurochemistry, their lives, as well as those around them. That is just one class of these dangerous drugs they give out like harmless candy to babies without any repercussions.

Recently a 23 year old man named Jeremy Webster from Colorado got out of his car and shot at a family in a parking lot in what was described as a road rage incident. One person was killed and three others were wounded in the shooting including a bystander. The police found him driving home 23 hours later by matching the plates found on a cell phone image taken by a member of the family before the incident took place. 

“Jeremy stated that he has mental health issues and just (started) a new prescribed medication today,” the warrant said. “Jeremy admitted that he used his Glock 19 handgun to shoot the above people and that he secured the firearm in the trunk of his vehicle after the shooting.” [1]

There are countless other examples of incidents like this happening more and more often over the past few decades and yet more and more of these drugs keep getting prescribed to people who could arguably be a lot better off without them. This goes against the entire medical establishment, their precarious made up diagnoses’, all the debt and time that went into these glorified degrees, and the power one possesses over others because of it. If you were a psychopath for example that wanted to experiment on people and wanted to see tragedies occur as a result all you would have to do is become a doctor. It certainly pays well enough doesn’t it? You would be able to handle the stress and long hours because it would be in your nature to, and it could give you a nice cover to fit into the community while giving you an outlet for your insanity without ever having to plead guilty to a crime. 

See study on anti-depressant drugs [6], [7] [8]

The war on drugs, which is really a war on consciousness and humanity, has not only devastated peoples’ lives for profit but it has also had a chilling effect on their recoveries as well. Take for example a common deficiency millions of people have and yet you may never hear anything about this from a blood test or a general practitioner trying to meet their insurance quotas. This deficiency often gets misdiagnosed out of sheer ignorance and to give these sanctioned pill pushers a reason to start feeding patients endless unnecessary pharmaceuticals.

A blanket of silence falls on one the most basic physiological dysfunctions that many people are suffering from and being left in the dark because of it. Not only would it not be as profitable for these conglomerates to treat because anyone could do so themselves but it would actually make the patients they treated better which goes against their ‘give a pill for a side effect of another pill’ horrorshow. 

Not just human beings but all mammals that currently reside on this planet evolved what are known as the CB1 and CB2 receptors within the central nervous system. There is only one reason why this could have occurred over millions of years and the answer is simple. We have been consuming what is known as cannabis, the most nutritionally dense plant in the world, and it has had a permanent effect on how we live and breathe in this reality. No other animals or organisms have been found to have them. That means insects and birds can consume it if they wanted to without getting a psychoactive effect but still getting the nutrients from it. It also means that we have what is called the endocannabinoid system that plays a key role in our body and minds function.

“The endogenous cannabinoid system, named after the plant that led to its discovery, is perhaps the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health. Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. In each tissue, the cannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: homeostasis, the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment.

Cannabinoids promote homeostasis at every level of biological life, from the sub-cellular, to the organism, and perhaps to the community and beyond. Here’s one example: autophagy, a process in which a cell sequesters part of its contents to be self-digested and recycled, is mediated by the cannabinoid system. While this process keeps normal cells alive, allowing them to maintain a balance between the synthesis, degradation, and subsequent recycling of cellular products, it has a deadly effect on malignant tumor cells, causing them to consume themselves in a programmed cellular suicide. The death of cancer cells, of course, promotes homeostasis and survival at the level of the entire organism.

Endocannabinoids and cannabinoids are also found at the intersection of the body’s various systems, allowing communication and coordination between different cell types. At the site of an injury, for example, cannabinoids can be found decreasing the release of activators and sensitizers from the injured tissue, stabilizing the nerve cell to prevent excessive firing, and calming nearby immune cells to prevent release of pro-inflammatory substances. Three different mechanisms of action on three different cell types for a single purpose: minimize the pain and damage caused by the injury.

The endocannabinoid system, with its complex actions in our immune system, nervous system, and all of the body’s organs, is literally a bridge between body and mind. By understanding this system we begin to see a mechanism that explains how states of consciousness can promote health or disease. In addition to regulating our internal and cellular homeostasis, cannabinoids influence a person’s relationship with the external environment. Socially, the administration of cannabinoids clearly alters human behavior, often promoting sharing, humor, and creativity. By mediating neurogenesis, neuronal plasticity, and learning, cannabinoids may directly influence a person’s open-mindedness and ability to move beyond limiting patterns of thought and behavior from past situations.Reformatting these old patterns is an essential part of health in our quickly changing environment.” [2]

You don’t need to be a physician to understand this. Nor do you need insurance or a referral from anyone to get this information. Trying to compare a synthesized pharmaceutical against the natural compounds we are all in possession of inside of us is an insult to evolution itself! Especially when you take a look at how much Big Pharma has tried to mimic the effects of natural medicines found all around the world largely turning up short and amounting to failure. Dying religious folk love their Marinol (lab synthesized THC) so there is still a small market for it. Criminalizing the plant made it unaffordable to a lot of people in need for decades but that is starting to change around the world. Confusion about proper dosages and routes of administration as well as the biochemistry of the plant itself has also played a part in its place as a widely accepted food and medicine commodity in our culture. 

High potency extracts of different cannabinoid profiles based on genetic strains made with trimmings can now be made like the old days with grain alcohol for what can amount to next to nothing. The lunatics that run these corporations want it patented & proprietary and they refuse to have it any other way. Good thing this is something that is open source and decentralized outside of their control but there still are many that are suffering in the dark. Either by the whims of what their doctors feel like saying skewing their perceptions and actions with stigma or by diagnoses’ that could be treated by natural compounds that they naturally lack from all sorts of things that could have happened in the past. Trauma and abuse being two of the most common risk factors in developing an endocannabinoid deficiency.

“In a first-of-its-kind effort to illuminate the biochemical impact of trauma, researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center have discovered a connection between the quantity of cannabinoid receptors in the human brain, known as CB1 receptors, and post-traumatic stress disorder, the chronic, disabling condition that can plague trauma victims with flashbacks, nightmares and emotional instability” [3]

If you go to a doctor today, right now, and you tell them you have anxiety, depression, or you have trouble sleeping, or you have an eating disorder, or you don’t feel right, you’re too stressed out—maybe you feel like you’re overwhelmed and you can’t take it anymore—you will most likely leave with a drug you don’t need and that is not going to help you. The only people who are getting helped in this system are the conglomerates and their subservient slaves in white coats. Behavioral cognitive therapies can be a beneficial alternative but can it be enough to undo what was already done by not having enough of your own bodies natural substances to feel as whole and as healthy as you should? According to the Drug Policy Alliance, drug overdose deaths fall 25% in states that have have medical cannabis laws in practice. [4] The numbers speak for themselves. Just like logic and science can speak for themselves since what is essentially the dawn of time.

Recent reports have shed light on how children detained in strangely reminiscent immigration centers carved out of the husks of old strip malls or deserted office spaces are routinely being given cocktails of pharmaceutical drugs without their consent. This mirrors treatment of some non-violent drug offenders in prison being fed drugs like Respiridone every day. It’s also a shift from the methamphetamine-like stimulants (Adderall, Ritilin, Vyvanse) that they used to give us as children because we couldn’t focus or we didn’t care. I was lucky to have missed out on this wave but many weren’t and the drugs are still widely prescribed today as well as sold on the black market. Some of these same kids went on and continued to use them with or without a prescription and are widely regarded as the only way they’re able to get through the scam of paying 500$ a month until they’re 40 known as college. No one’s really talking about the meth epidemic anymore now that Breaking Bad has come and gone and devastated counties I have known and loved giving new meaning to the words ‘ghost town’ but I will delve down this hole in another article.

Our culture as a whole has a deficiency that has been inflicted by decades of depraved doublethink and the problem is made infinitely worse by dispersing these junk knockoff poisons among every age group of the population. The normalization of this horrendous atrocity has reached epidemic proportions but there is barely a signal let alone an alarm being sounded off about it like the war in Yemen too. Last I saw the latest scapegoat for violence in the news was video games. It wasn’t the billboards with AR-15’s plastered over them in neon and red or the propaganda and endless wars being fought worldwide. Now we have an exponentially increasing amount of people on “medications” that could be substituted with natural compounds with less insane side effects but that doesn’t line up with Big Pharmas omnicidal smirk—it doesn’t make as much money (only 20 billion by 2022 [5])—it doesn’t sow as much discord—nor does it fit with the praise of lifting a known torturous demoness to sit on the top of the pyramid like a greasy squinty-eyed vulture squawking in a dim paisley wallpapered room.


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