Post-Election Sabotage: Washington Seeks to Destabilize Venezuela
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, April 18, 2013

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Longstanding US plans prioritize regime change. It’s the oil, stupid! Venezuela has the world’s largest reserves. It’s a prize Washington covets. More on that below.

Post-election US-orchestrated destabilization continues. Venezuelans elected Nicolas Maduro president. The electoral process was scrupulously open, free and fair. The result is indisputable.

World leaders congratulated Maduro on his victory. Obama remains silent. On April 16, State Department spokesman Patrick Ventell alleged “outstanding voting irregularities.”

“So the CNE’s decision to declare Mr. Maduro the victor before completing a full recount is difficult to understand, and they did not explain their haste in taking this decision,” he said.

“(W)e continue to believe that resolving the voting irregularities and the calls for a recount would do much to ensure that the Venezuelan people feel included in the process and that their democratic aspirations are being met.”

Asked if Washington intends to congratulate Maduro on his victory, he added:

“We’re not there?”

A follow-up question asked why not? The vote’s been certified. It’s accurate. Maduro’s been elected. Audit results verify it. Washington doesn’t recognize it. It’s no surprise.

According to Ventrell, “we’re prepared to work with whichever government comes out of this electoral process. (We’ll) consult with some of our partners and concerned parties.”

What’s ahead bears close watching. Post-electoral violence continues. Washington’s long arm orchestrates it. Doing so colludes with internal dark forces.

Maduro pulled no punches. He pointed fingers the right way, saying:

“The United States embassy has financed all the acts of violence in this country.” Earlier he expelled two US military attaches involved. He accused another embassy employee of plotting to sabotage Venezuela’s electrical grid.

“I will use a hard hand against fascism and intolerance,” he added. “I declare it. If they want to overthrow me, come and get me. Here I am with the people and the armed forces.”

He asked Venezuelans:

“Decide who you are with, with the country and peace and the people, or are you going to go back to be with fascism?”

On April 16, Washington Posteditors headlined “Nicolas Maduro shoves aside democracy in Venezuela.”They falsely accused him of “preparing to maintain….power through brute force….”

He “claimed that a coup was being prepared. (I)f anyone is preparing a coup, it is Mr. Maduro and his Cuban advisors.”

He “appears to be preparing repressive measures that should be intolerable to members of the Organization of American States, who are bound by treaty to resist violations of democratic order.”

Obama “should begin coordinating with Mexico, Chile and other important Latin American democracies to prevent Mr. Maduro from killing his way into power.”

Post editors barely stopped short of endorsing his removal. Maduro’s right accusing Washington of orchestrating a coup to do so.

Western editors know what’s going on. They support it. They deplore democracy. Wealth, power and privilege alone matter.

On April 16, the Havana Times headlined “Cuban Doctors Threatened in Venezuela.” Anti-Chavista protesters target them. They demand they go home. Capriles wants them evicted.

An Integral Diagnostic Center (CDI) worker said “protesters threw a Molotov cocktail at the Rehabilitation Center….” Fortunately no one was hurt.

Opposition forces “surrounded a dormitory where (Cuban medical professionals) are housed.”

La Prensa headlined “Maduro Assures Respect to Popular Will in Venezuela.” He rejects opposition attempts to dismiss results. He dismisses “the possibility of a pact with the opposition.”

Bolivarianism’s here to stay. If violence continues, he said, social changes will be radicalized. He cited proof of Washington’s collusion with internal opposition forces to topple him. He called for unity, understanding and peace.

At an April 16 press conference. Bolivian President Evo Morales accused Washington of destabilizing Venezuela, saying:

“(T)he United States is preparing a coup d’etat in Venezuela.”

“I would like to express that this is a flagrant US interference in Venezuela’s democracy….”

America “has (no) moral authority to question electoral results in any Latin American country or around the world.” He’ll attend Maduro’s April 19 inauguration. So will many other leaders.

Opposition forces may plan disruptions. Violence and other destabilization efforts continue. At least seven deaths were reported. Pro-Chavistas were targeted.

Maduro said calls for a general strike failed. Violence targets Venezuela’s democracy. For now, he declared “the coup d’etat defeated.”

Dark forces never quit. Washington prioritizes regime change. Independent governments aren’t tolerated. Venezuela’s oil reserves make it a prime target.

They’re the world’s largest. They include around 90% of global super-heavy tar oil reserves. An unnamed US Energy Department expert estimates them at 1.36 trillion barrels.

In 2012, total acknowledged world reserves were 1.532 trillion barrels. In October 2012, the US Energy Information Administration said “Venezuela had 211 billion barrels of proven oil reserves in 2011….”

“Reserves could be even bigger at 316 billion barrels….”

According to a US Geological Survey, Venezuela’s Orinoco Belt has 513 billion barrels of recoverable crude. It’s likely over double that amount. It makes them a prize Washington wants to control.

Under Chavez, it failed to do so. Destabilizing Venezuela, toppling Maduro, and reestablishing oligarch power appears a top initiative. Events going forward bear close watching.

A Final Comment

Over night, this writer’s Caracas contact emailed the following:

“A Venezuelan in Privileged Area Was killed for being a Chavez Supporter.”

“Venezuelan oligarchy managed to market violence through TV enough so as to accomplish accidental violent acts driven by hate.”

“There are seven people killed because of Chavez’s Maduro victory, to my knowledge, and it appears that the most privileged side of Venezuela cannot hide the intentional way in which they broadcast fear and hate just like it could be observed in the US during some of the past decades.”

“The Venezuelan opposition says there will be riots. They are the ones planning them.”

“I have observed people driving their cars or their work vehicles. No one appears to be in the mood of rioting, except for isolated groups in corners making noise.”

“These people are instigated by Corporate TV. It dominates Venezuelan airwaves.”

“Criminals are involved with opposition leaders. Venezuela has a serious scientific police that will be able to determine whether hate crimes or organized executions were planned as well as groups promoting disorder.”

“Steve, I can tell you that from my own observations, the great majority of the people are willing to just drive around to shop for their needs.”

“Very few cars have violent messages written on their windows. Everyone appears to be willing to abide by the law and our new system, which is evidently growing, unstoppably, by the way.”

“I just saw a video of Capriles Radonski where he attacked the Cuban Embassy in Caracas during the (2002) coup against Chavez.”

“Maduro says that everything must be recorded on video, and there must be no direct conflict among people with opposing views.”

“He accused Capriles of having his people generate violence. He assured that he does not recognize him as a Governor anymore because of having violated the Constitution.”

“He accused opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez. He said that the democratic character of the government of Venezuela must not be taken as a blind government.”

Obama wants Venezuela destabilized. He wants Maduro toppled. He wants pro-Western oligarch power replacing him. He wants control of Venezuelan oil. Updated reports will explain more.

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