Poem: Computer Keystroke Creditors
By Roberta Kelly
Global Research, October 17, 2010
14 October 2010
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All abound, to the sound,
click-clack-click-clack, tap-tap-tap,
presto, money appears, computer riches

to spend and find, wars,
America, cannot you see your ghosts haunting
US everywhere on earth, hunting,

running scared and whirling nukes,
the United States has lost its mind,
stirring in the idea, technology,

GOD of America and universally
unsound megalomania screaming screeching in our brains
STOP the locomotive insane train

and, reign in rain out,
inside our collective unconscious, there is consciousness
and, and, and, choose not

just con, but, scious unites
the two, con and un, yes, no
maybe so, homo sapiens can

NOT disappear the species, earth,
with any HOPE at all, from computer
salesfolks selling keystrokes as “money”

Coo Coo, Coo Coo, Coo
d’etat and coup d’grace, privatization
state and war, Germany, 1930s

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