Planned Coup d’État in The Ukraine
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Global Research, November 26, 2004
Itar-Tass 26 November 2004
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Kuchma to address nation, Yushchenko supporters block admin

26.11.2004, 11.39

KIEV, November 26 (Itar-Tass) – Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma is preparing a new address to the nation due to the developments in the country, a source in the presidential administration told Itar-Tass.

Kuchma said earlier that the opposition was “enacting a plan of force seizure of power, the plan of coup d’etat.”

The incumbent president also stressed that “a civil war can become a reality these days” and pointed out, “In no way we are gong to yield to force pressure. The power keeps the situation under control and will not admit force developments from any side.”

On Friday morning the opposition launched mass protest actions in Kiev. Yushchenko supporters fully blocked the building of the Ukrainian presidential administration and approaches to the country’s National Bank.

According to latest reports from Kiev, the opposition has also blocked the work of the Ukrainian government.

“They’ve paralysed the power, Viktor Yanukovich was scheduled to meet with European Union ambassadors, but he cannot hold the meeting, as he couldn’t get inside the House of the Government,” Yanukovich’s press secretary Anna German told Itar-Tass.

Yushchenko supporters have blocked the entrance to the House of the Government and are not letting personnel inside. German could not specify whereabouts of Yanukovich and added, “I’ve tried to come to work myself, but the demonstrators did not let me inside.”

Yanukovich said earlier in a televised interview that he was quite “taken aback” by the assessments several countries have made regarding the Ukrainian political processes.

“Speaking frankly, I’ve not expected to meet with such statements and have never thought that democratic countries would voice support to illegal and antidemocratic actions,” the winner of the Ukrainian presidential election stressed.

According to Yanukovich, pressure exerted on Ukraine even ahead of obtaining the results of considering cases by judicial bodies becomes regularity.

“The conditions that had been laid down by several countries are confirmed by the actions of the opposition, which stated ahead of the election – if it fails to win the election would be falsified,” Yanukovich stated.

“This is a departure from democratic norms proclaimed in the countries that are today making statements concerning Ukraine,” he said.

If negotiations are not held, “Ukraine will be brought to split and this will be done by national patriots,” head of the prime minister’s election headquarters Sergei Tigipko warned.

According to him, “voices have started to come from the east of the country complaining that they are making the budget, calmly working at their work places and some others are getting subsidies and striking in Kiev. You can even hear talks about the establishment of the Southeast autonomy, and the Crimea may speak of strengthening the autonomy in the short run.”

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