Pentagon Papers and Massacres in Afghanistan

Selected Articles

Award Winning Movie: “SUPERPOWER”:
Order the DVD Online from Global Research
– by Barbara-Anne Steegmuller – 2010-05-20

Understanding Deep Politics Conference: May 14 – 16, Santa Cruz, CA
The Driving Forces Behind World Events
– 2010-05-16

CONFERENCE: World for 9/11 Truth Presents Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin, May 3, Montreal
– 2010-05-03

Dear Readers. We Need Your Support. Donate to Global Research
– 2010-05-02

Iraq Election Sets Off New Political Tussle
– by Abdu Rahman, Dahr Jamail – 2010-04-20

Kucinich on Assassinations and Upcoming War Funding Vote
– by David Swanson – 2010-04-19

Release of Student Information to Military Recruiters
Law will protect student privacy in public schools and parental decision-making rights
– by Patrick Elder – 2010-04-19

Soaring Unemployment in California
Underemployment Rate at 24 Percent: 100,000 Workers Will Lose their Unemployment Insurance
– 2010-04-19

Venezuela: Cuban Doctors Helping the Poor
– by Coral Wynter – 2010-04-19

Soldier Jailed for Rap Lyrics Is Discharged
– by Dahr Jamail – 2010-04-19

Cyber-Warfare Chief’s Deception
– by Ray McGovern – 2010-04-19

The Offshore Outsourcing of American Jobs: A Greater Threat Than Terrorism
– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2010-04-19

“High Frequency” Financial Trading, High-tech Highway Robbery on Wall Street
– by Mike Whitney – 2010-04-19

The Pentagon’s Cyber Command: Civilian Infrastructure is a “Legitimate” Target
– by Tom Burghardt – 2010-04-18

Going After Goldman: A Crackdown on Financial Crime or a Kabuki Play Maneuvre to Avoid Bringing Criminal Charges
– by Danny Schechter – 2010-04-18

The Pentagon Papers Are Public This Time
– by David Swanson – 2010-04-18

The Pentagon’s Fantasy Numbers on Afghan Civilian Deaths
– by Marc W. Herold – 2010-04-18

Modern-Day Post-9/11 McCarthyism in Media
– by Brent Yarnell – 2010-04-18

From Vietnam to Afghanistan: America and the Dictators
– by Prof. Alfred W. McCoy – 2010-04-18

Europe’s Sovereign Debt Crisis: Further collapse of Britain’s pound sterling?
– by Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin – 2010-04-18

Fraud Charges on Wall Street: Goldman Sacked?
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-04-18

Afghanistan, America, and the “Vietnam” Syndrome
– by Sunil Ram – 2010-04-18

Memories of Michel Chartrand (1916-2010)
– by Richard Fidler – 2010-04-17

SEC Accuses Goldman Sachs of Civil Fraud
– 2010-04-17

NATO: Pentagon’s Gateway Into Former Warsaw Pact, Soviet Nations
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-04-17

Goldman Sachs Accused of Fraud by US Regulator SEC
– 2010-04-16

Nation of Laws and Lawlessness: America is Policing Itself and the World
– by Prof. John Kozy – 2010-04-16

US Plans Full European Missile Shield in 8 Years
Pentagon plan revised with eye on Iran
– by Jim Wolf – 2010-04-16

VIDEO: Be Nice to America. Or We’ll Bring Democracy to Your Country!
written by William Blum
– by Charles Mauch, William Blum – 2010-04-16

Fearing the Nuke: The Nuclear Security Summit
– by Binoy Kampmark – 2010-04-16

Philippines: Arrests, Torture and the Presidential Election
– by James Petras , Robin Eastman – 2010-04-16

Financial Regulators and Insiders had Foreknoweldge of the Housing Bubble
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-04-16

The Economic Crisis in the UK: Inflation and Debt Default Bankruptcy
– by Nadeem Walayat – 2010-04-16

Neoliberal Reforms: Thousands Rally in Yemen Against Government Economic Policies
– 2010-04-16

Israel Evades ‘Ambush’ at Nuclear Summit
PM Benjamin Netanyahu decided at the last moment to cancel his attendance
– by Victor Kotsev – 2010-04-15

The Case for the Impeachment of Barack Obama
– by Dave Lindorff – 2010-04-15

News from Venezuela. Correo del Orinoco. April 9, 2010
– 2010-04-15

WikiLeaks Plans to Post Video Showing US Massacre of Afghani Civilians
– by John Byrne – 2010-04-15

VIDEO: “Nuclear Terrorism”: Al Qaeda is an Upcoming Nuclear Power according to president Obama
The US is the most dangerous threat to global security
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2010-04-15

The US is the most dangerous threat to global security

Obama Threatens Iran with Nuclear War
– by Kourosh Ziabari – 2010-04-15

Did Banned Media Report Foretell of Gaza War Crimes?
Publish investigation, Israeli MP demands
– by Jonathan Cook – 2010-04-15

Egypt’s Presidential Election: Kuwait Casts Its Vote
ElBaradei Supporters Deported
– by Rannie Amiri – 2010-04-15

U.S. Economy: The Move Towards Deflation is Underway
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-04-15

Kyrgyzstan Upheaval May Be Blow to Pursuit of Afghan War
– by Chris Sands – 2010-04-15

War Preparations? U.S. Warship Arrives in Georgia for Joint Training
– 2010-04-15

Kazakhstan: U.S., NATO Seek Military Outpost Between Russia And China
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-04-15

Rwanda Shuts Down Independent Press
– by Ann Garrison – 2010-04-15

Obama Threatens Iran with Nuclear Weapons: Tehran’s Response.
Full Text of Iran UN Ambassador Letter to UNSC
– 2010-04-15

Why Are Corporate Groups Funding the Tea Party?
– by Shamus Cooke – 2010-04-15

AFRICOM and the Recolonization of Africa
The Legacy of the Berlin Conference of 1884
– by Itai Muchena – 2010-04-15

The Transnational Homeland Security State and the Decline of Democracy
When Empire Hits Home, Part 4
– by Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2010-04-15

States will become tools of authoritative control, their prime purpose will be in establishing a strong military, as well as police-state apparatus to control the people.

Kyrgyzstan Risks Turning Into Second Afghanistan – Medvedev
– 2010-04-14

Americans to Fly to Afghanistan Via North Pole and Kazakhstan
– 2010-04-14

Kazakhstan to Permit Military Overflights to Afghanistan
– by Elisabeth Bumiller – 2010-04-14

Traditional Flu Vaccine May Increase Risk of H1N1
– 2010-04-14

Hillary Clinton and Lifting the Blockade against Cuba: “Try It”
– by Arnold August – 2010-04-14

To Organize Against Wall Street, We Need a Narrative Focusing on Crime and Massive Fraud
– by Danny Schechter – 2010-04-14

New U.S. Nuclear Strategy: A Warmed-Over “Novelty”
– by Manlio Dinucci, Tommaso di Francesco – 2010-04-14

Kazakhstan Suggested US to Open Military Base on its Territory
– by Daniyar Karimov – 2010-04-14

Your Tax Dollars at War: More Than 53% of Your Tax Bill Goes to the Military
– by Dave Lindorff’ – 2010-04-14

Iraq Vets: Coverage of Atrocities Is Too Little, Too Late
– by Dahr Jamail – 2010-04-13

Award Winning Movie: Superpower. Order Directly from Global Research
– 2010-04-13

WHO Appoints H1N1 Cover-Up Committee
– by James Corbett – 2010-04-13

Emergency Bailout Plan for Greece: A New Stage in the World Economic Crisis
– by Stefan Steinberg – 2010-04-13

Humanitarian Disaster In Fallujah: Unprecedented Numbers of Birth Defects, Miscarriages and Cancer Cases
– by Malak Hamdan – 2010-04-13

Climate Bill or Nuclear Bailout?
Take Action: No Nuclear Power in Climate Bill!!
– by Nuclear Information and Resource Service – 2010-04-13

Canada Post Issues Stamp Commemorating Canada-Israel Relations, Despite Long-Standing Diplomatic Differences
– by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East – 2010-04-13

Mossad Operation Threatens Israeli Journalist
Whistleblowing reporter treated as ‘fugitive felon’
– by Jonathan Cook – 2010-04-13

Stolen Docs Expose Israel War Crimes
– 2010-04-13

What Kind of Palestinian State in 2011? Neoliberalism and World Bank Diktats
– by Rafeef Ziadah – 2010-04-13

Kyrgyzstan: Another Colour Revolution Bites the Dust
So what’s the real story behind the coup in Kyrgyzstan ?
– by Eric Walberg – 2010-04-13

Latvia’s Cruel Neoliberal Experiment
– by Prof Michael Hudson – 2010-04-13

Media Disinformation: The Cuban Five and the Assassination of Fabio di Celmo: Washington’s Double Standards
– by Arnold August – 2010-04-13

Iraq Killings and Media Indifference
Leaked video mostly ignored by corporate media
– 2010-04-12

Israeli Attack on Iran Might Lead to Nuclear Conflict – Medvedev
– 2010-04-12

New Kyrgyz Government to Re-Examine U.S. Military Base Deal
– 2010-04-12

U.S., Israeli Attack on Iran Would Be ‘Unacceptable’ – Russia Military
– 2010-04-12

British Aerospace (BAE) World’s Biggest Weapons Firm
Ranking bt the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).
– 2010-04-12

America’s ABMs in Europe Could Trigger New Arms Race
– 2010-04-12

Yugoslavia: 11 Years Since NATO’s Criminal Attack on a Train
– 2010-04-12

Is Canada Fighting an Imperialist War in Afghanistan?
– by Prof. John W. Warnock – 2010-04-12

Looting Main Street: How the Nation’s Biggest Banks are ripping off American Cities
– by Matt Taibbi – 2010-04-12

Flights Diverted From Manas in Kyrgyzstan to Kuwait Amid Turmoil
– by Peter Leonard – 2010-04-12

Barack Obama: The Cowboy President
– by Yvonne Ridley – 2010-04-12

Iran to Take US to UN Over Obama’s Threat to Use Nuclear Weapons against Iran
– 2010-04-12

Venezuela: Coup and Countercoup, Revolution
– by Eva Golinger – 2010-04-12

Orwellian Justice System: Spying on Americans Continues Despite Court Order
The Securitization and Militarization of Daily Life
– by Tom Burghardt – 2010-04-12

America’s Imperial Design. Prompt Global Strike: World Military Superiority Without Nuclear Weapons
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-04-11

One of the World’s Best Kept Secrets: Cuban Medical Aid to Haiti
– by Emily J. Kirk , John M. Kirk – 2010-04-11

Iran Accuses NATO Chief Rasmussen Of Warmongering
Iran rejects NATO chief’s claims
– 2010-04-11

Ramsey Clark Chosen to Head Commission to Investigate Bush Crimes
– 2010-04-11

1,300 U.S. Troops Stranded at Airfield in Kyrgyzstan, Military Says
– by Barbara Starr – 2010-04-11

Russia Mulls Sending Peacekeepers to Kyrgyzstan
– by Natalya Kovalenko – 2010-04-11

Russia Will Pull Out of New START in Case of New Threat – Lavrov
– 2010-04-11

Freedom Rider: Obama’s Lies About Iran
– by Margaret Kimberley – 2010-04-11

Washington Threatens Iran: US to Retain 90 Nukes on Iran Border
– 2010-04-11

Under the Disguise of Counterterrorism: Obama Expands U.S. Military Ops in Africa
– 2010-04-11

Latin American Criminals Find a Home in the United States
– 2010-04-11

VIDEO: Rwanda’s Packed Prisons and Genocide Ideology Law
– by Ann Garrison – 2010-04-11

Bolivia: Electoral Victory Highlights Obstacles to the Process of Economic and Social Change
– by Federico Fuentes – 2010-04-11

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