The Pandemic Revives Fears the U.S. Is Developing ‘Ethnic Bioweapons’ Against Russia

It has been 75 years since the surrender of Nazi Germany and the end of World War II in Europe. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Russia postponed its annual Victory Day celebrations last month due to the health crisis as did other former Soviet states, with the sole exception of Belarus which went ahead with its gathering at the insistence of President Alexander Lukashenko who has taken a mitigated response to the outbreak similar to Sweden and in contrast with the rest of Europe.

Initially, Western media were disappointed by the relatively small amount of cases in Russia, but now that its infections have risen to second behind only the United States except with a significantly smaller death rate, the Kremlin has been accused of concealing its true mortality statistics. This allegation has also been hurled at China, when the discrepancy is likely explainable by the differences in criteria for the recorded causes of death between countries, along with an epidemic of pre-existing respiratory diseases in the U.S. which has an inferior healthcare system. Predictably, when Moscow sent a plane loaded with unconditional medical aid to the U.S. to help with the fight against COVID-19, the Anglo-Americans interpreted it as a threat because warmongering is the only language they speak.

Prior to its deferral, U.S. President Donald Trump initially entertained the idea of attending the 75th anniversary Victory Day commemorations in Moscow before caving in to pressure from his advisors who thought it too potentially damaging to his reelection bid, with National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien tapped to be the American delegate at the events. Even though no evidence was found of ‘collusion’ between Trump and the Kremlin by the special counsel investigation of the alleged Russian election interference in support of his 2016 campaign, the 45th commander-in-chief remains dogged by a portrayal that he seeks to curry favor with Russian President Vladimir Putin. How the Democrats manage to reconcile this with the subsequent impeachment over his allegedly colluding with the Ukrainian government is beyond comprehension.

Even though Trump’s rhetoric has occasionally embraced the idea of détente with Moscow, his policies have been arguably even more hawkish than his forerunners. Even though the former businessman-turned-politician has often leveled harsh criticism of NATO, the alliance has only expanded during his tenure to fifteen countries with the accessions of Montenegro and the renamed North Macedonia as member states. The U.S. is now supplying arms to Ukraine in its eastern conflict against Russian-backed rebels, a move Obama declined and the temporary suspension of which got Trump impeached. The U.S. has not only withdrawn from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty which ended the Cold War but also recently pulled out of the Treaty on Open Skies reconnaissance agreement, with the New START Treaty likely to be scrapped next. The Trump administration has even been considering lifting a moratorium on nuclear testing for the first time in decades, a dangerous development that could push the hand of the doomsday clock closer to midnight. Yet despite restoring a doctrine of mutually ensured destruction, mass Trump-Putin derangement syndrome persists.

While no World War II ceremonies were held in Red Square, the White House did use the occasion on social media to credit the U.S. and Great Britain solely for the defeat of Nazi Germany which set off a fierce backlash online. This was the latest instance in an ongoing campaign of historical falsification by the West which culminated in a controversial European Union resolution last year. Then again, from the very beginning of Germany’s unconditional capitulation, the U.S. tried to take undeserved credit for the Allied victory starting on May 7th, 1945, when the initial version of the ceasefire text was signed in Reims, France. The parties were Alfred Jodl, Chief of Staff of the Wehrmacht , and U.S. General William Bedell Smith, Dwight Eisenhower’s Chief of Staff, while the Soviet attaché in France, General Ivan Suslaporov, was present as a witness. Upon learning this development, a furious Stalin quickly realized that the Soviets were being backstabbed in a Western propaganda move. After all, the USSR had sacrificed not only the most troops but civilians during the war and seized the capital of the Third Reich, so why should the location of surrender be in France without the most senior German and Soviet officers as signatories?

The first surrender document also reneged on what had been agreed to by the Allies in July of the previous year that the German state would be liquidated and its war criminals subject to extradition. In fact, it did not even truly specify the surrender of German troops at all, stating units were “to remain in the positions occupied at that time.” The Soviets would later discover this was because the British were actually mulling over the rearmament of German divisions for an invasion of the USSR in the aborted Operation Unthinkable just as the Red Army was liberating Berlin. When the final Instrument of Surrender was formally signed at Moscow’s insistence by German Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel and Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov the following evening in the German capital, this time it included conditions of immediate surrender while Keitel was reportedly even surprised at the presence of the Allied delegation as witnesses.

By some estimates, more than 50% of every Soviet household lost a family member in the Great Patriotic War. In spite of the unprecedented large-scale destruction and incalculable loss of life, the perseverance in the Soviet victory against the German invaders was in keeping with history where in previous centuries Russia had been conquered several times — but never defeated. Even the first and arguably most successful attempt by the Mongol Empire back in the 13th century during the Kievan Rus state still resulted in a Mongol retreat after the destruction of several Russian cities. In the 17th century, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth had it’s turn when it invaded the Tsardom of Russia in the Polish-Muscovite War which resulted in territorial losses and a two year occupation until a popular revolt finally drove the Poles out. A century later, Charles XII sent the Swedish army in the Great Northern War to overtake Russia but were driven south where the Swedes eventually suffered a defeat by Peter the Great in the Ukraine.

In the following decades, Sweden would repeatedly attempt to regain its lost territory, including starting the Russo-Swedish War of 1788–1790 by some historical accounts using possibly the earliest known instance of a ‘false flag’ operation when King Gustav III ordered a squad of Swedish troops to don Russian military uniforms and stage an attack one of their own outposts. Eventually the Russian Empire would retake Finland from the Swedes who would continue to decline as a world power, but not long before Napoleon Bonaparte would send the Grande Armée in half a million French soldiers to invade the Russian Empire in 1812. This time their foes would actually capture an evacuated Moscow and proclaim a French victory, but the Russian strategy of attrition warfare and scorched-earth tactics eventually forced Napoleon to withdraw — a tactic they would revive to defeat the Nazis a century later. To guarantee a defeat of the French Empire, this time Russia pressed onward until Napoleon fully surrendered in Paris and vacated his throne.

The following century, not even the collective strength of the Allied intervention in 1918 during the Russian Civil War could vanquish Moscow. The invading coalition included American participation whose own Civil War in the 1860s had received Imperial Russian help on the Union side with an armada of warships and the U.S. acquiring Alaska from Moscow in the aftermath. Following the Russian Revolution and the end of its involvement in World War I, the Bolsheviks withstood not only the Whites but their backers in the Allied Powers whose invasion at one point consisted of more than a dozen European countries occupying various Russian territories before the White Movement collapsed and the Allies were forced to withdraw. In the ensuing decade when Adolf Hitler rose to power, it was Western industrialists and bankers which violated the Treaty of Versailles and invested in German rearmament while gifting Czechslovakia and its millions in gold to Hitler in the hopes he would eventually turn east and attack the Soviets, a strategy which backfired when Moscow signed a non-aggression pact with Berlin in August 1939 and the Nazis turned westward toward Poland.

The treaty of non-belligerency between Moscow and Berlin would last less than two years, as the ultimate geopolitical goal of Nazi Germany was to expand the Lebensraum and drive to the east in the ‘Generalplan Ost’ to colonize the USSR while exterminating and deporting its millions of slavic inhabitants. Launched in June 1941, Operation Barbarossa would become the largest and most deadly military operation in the history of human civilization, with as many as 27 million Soviet citizens losing their lives as a result of the military bombardment and crimes against humanity. The German invasion extended over most of the European portion of Soviet territory, capturing Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states. However, after the long and devastating battle of Stalingrad in southern Russia, the Wehrmacht beat a retreat back to Berlin where they were finally conquered by the Red Army, in the same way the French invasion of Russia in 1812 imploded and Napoleon was pushed back to Paris. Given all this history, it is understandable why Russia would have security concerns about the expansion of NATO on its borders in violation of what Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and the George H.W. Bush administration verbally agreed to at the end of the Cold War.

The barbarity of the German invasion still haunts the Russian national psyche and collective memory to this day. The atrocities committed by the Nazis against slavs in Eastern Europe was not limited to conventional warfare, but included human experiments on prisoners of war and Allied nationals in germ warfare research. Contrary to popular imagination, it was actually slavs who were the biggest victims of the Nazis, a reality always downplayed in the sacred cow of the conventional holocaust narrative where the full range of groups who perished are regarded as inferior by the Zionists who have made the Palestinians atone for Germany’s sins ever since. At Dachau, Nazi scientists conducted malaria research and experiments on Polish, Russian, and Yugoslav subjects who were exposed to infected mosquitoes and then inoculated with lethal doses of synthetic drugs. While some of the high-ranking scientists and war criminals were convicted in the Nuremberg Trials, many like Kurt Blome evaded justice and were acquitted after intervention by the U.S. who subsequently recruited them for their bacteriological expertise in the Cold War. The work begun by the Nazis became the basis for the American biowarfare program and its legacy continues in the many bio-laboratories dispersed around Eurasia today.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, China and the U.S. have each pointed the finger at one another as being the source of the coronavirus as a possible biological attack. While both countries are signatories to the multilateral Biological Weapons Convention, it is only the U.S. which has a history of germ warfare, from the U.S. army deliberately distributing smallpox-infested blankets to Native Americans to the Korean War where the entomological warfare tactics of the Imperial Japanese Unit 731 were duplicated by the U.S. to drop disease-carrying bombs on North Korean and Chinese targets. On the face of it, Washington suspended its program in 1969, limiting any research and development to ‘bio-defense’ alone. However, there is evidence showing the U.S. is in non-compliance with the restrictions in the gene-editing and modification research of disease-carrying insects conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for use by the military. While there is no clear proof that the U.S. government is working on biological weapons, the ostensibly defensive pretext for the billions spent on bio-security is likely shielding the actual offensive purposes behind such research and technology.

Russia has also stated that the origins of the coronavirus are unknown and has backed calls for an independent inquiry — for good reason. Not only has the expansion of NATO included the deployment of missile systems on its borders, but there is currently an overabundance of shadowy U.S.-controlled installations conducting research in bacteriological agents under the guise of medical research in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva has extensively documented the suspicious activity of the U.S. military and its dozens of secret bio-labs overseas, particularly those in the Republic of Georgia and Ukraine. In April, the U.S. Embassy in Kiev confirmed the presence of such laboratories in the country, prompting the Ukrainian political opposition torebuke the Western-puppet government allowing it to be used as a virtual petri dish. More disturbingly, in recent years the Kremlin has also sounded the alarm about the the U.S. Air Force’s medical branch collecting large amounts of ethnic Russian DNA samples, arousing suspicion that the Pentagon is seeking to create genetic-specific bioweapons. Contrary to what one might assume, the ability to create such instruments of war is not out of the realm of possibility and scientists have warned of it for years.

As some have noted, it would be consistent with plans specified in the highly influential policy document entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” published in 2000 by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) neoconservative think-tank which laid out the U.S.’s strategic military overhaul for the 21st century. The bulk of PNAC would famously serve in the George W. Bush administration where relations between the U.S. and Russia began to strain in the latter’s second term. Although the document is more infamous for having ominously foreshadowed the 9/11 attacks and the War on Terror, it also asserts that infectious agents and toxins will play an important role in contemporary warfare:

“The proliferation of ballistic and cruise missiles and long-range unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will make it much easier to project military power around the globe. Munitions themselves will become increasingly accurate, while new methods of attack — electronic, “non-lethal,” biological — will be more widely available.” (pg. 70)

It continues:

“Although it may take several decades for the process of transformation to unfold, in time, the art of warfare on air, land, and sea will be vastly different than it is today, and “combat” likely will take place in new dimensions: in space, “cyber-space,” and perhaps the world of microbes.” (pg. 72)

The paper not only discusses the development of a biological arsenal but those of an bio-genetic nature:

“And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool. (pg. 72)

Regardless if the outbreak turns out to be of man-made origin or not, what is certain is that COVID-19 has revealed the very real danger of a biowarfare arms buildup in an increasingly multipolar world. On the one hand, China hawks want us to believe that the threat of Chinese biowarfare is uniquely worrisome, citing the fact that American Harvard university chemist Charles Lieber was arrested in January by the FBI for making false statements about his role in a scientific research program at the now-infamous Wuhan lab. This sidesteps the greater likelihood that Lieber has more significant connections with Israeli intelligence, having been awarded the Jewish state’s prestigious Wolf Prize in Chemistry at the Israeli parliament in 2012.

Israel has made a habit of shielding itself behind America’s adversaries when entangled in political scandal, notably in the case of the recently exonerated former National Security Advisor in the Trump transition team, Michael Flynn, who pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI regarding meetings with a Russian ambassador. Flynn had actually been acting at the behest of Israel trying to persuade member states of the UN Security Council, including Russia, to block a draft resolution on illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory — but that ‘collusion’ was never spoken of by the media for obvious reasons. Now that charges have been dropped against General Flynn, it’s fair to say that Russiagate has been a cover for Israel-gate since the beginning, where the influence of Likudniks over the Trump administration has been downplayed and supplanted with the Kremlin. In 1998, it was also reported that Israel was developing a bioweapon that targets victims based on their ethnic origin, something it’s close allies in Washington appear to be replicating against Moscow.

Meanwhile, Russia is not the only factor caught in the middle of the Sino-US spat over the pandemic. The highly politicized and monolithic World Health Organization (WHO), which has enormous conflicts of interest with Big Pharma, has safely jumped to conclusions by ruling out the possibility that COVID-19 could be a man-made bioweapon. The specialized agency of the UN has allowed former Microsoft founder Bill Gates, a eugenicist billionaire who has monopolized the health care industry as a “philanthropist” as much as he did the computer industry as a software magnate, to have unprecedented influence on policy as its second largest funder behind the U.S. government despite having no medical expertise or training. Anyone who dares doubt the benevolence of his intentions — even after the Gates Foundation’s controversial inoculation of children in India and its work with the U.S. government and agribusiness giant Bayer AG colonizing agribusiness in Africa with genetically modified seeds — is predictably called a “conspiracy theorist.” Wisely, Russia has sought to ban Microsoft amid tensions between Moscow and Washington as well as the production of GMOs in its food.

Gates has previously come under fire for his investments in Bayer AG, formerly Monsanto until 2018, which has been embattled with lawsuits over its carcinogenic herbicide product, Roundup. Decades ago, the pharmaceutical company was formerly part of the German conglomerate IG Farben which was contracted by the Nazi government during the 1930s and operated on slave labor from concentration camps until its seizure by the Allies and repartitioning. When former Nazi scientists like the aforementioned Kurt Blome were recruited in Operation Paperclip by the U.S., it was alongside former IG Farben employees who received clemency or short sentences for their heinous acts and later become executives in the pharmaceutical industry, if they were not enrolled in the U.S. biological weapons program. Meanwhile, Gates’s self-proclaimed inspiration as a “humanitarian” benefactor is the American industrialist and oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller whose foundation became the model for the WHO and bankrolled the 20th century eugenics movement’s programs around the world, including the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany during the 1930s. In addition to his “charitable” work, the American software magnate’s contentious views on human population reduction are a distillation of Rockefeller’s biological determinist beliefs.

Gates has also been criticized for his relationship with the late American financier and convicted sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, who had been in talks with the Gates Foundation and JP Morgan to establish a ‘global health charitable organization’ before his final arrest and untimely “suicide.” Epstein, who according to Gates led an “intriguing lifestyle”, not only used his billions to exert influence over scientific research but also held similar eugenicist views and “hoped to seed the human race with his DNA.” Meanwhile, Gates’ own father, Bill Sr., had been a board member of Planned Parenthood, itself an organization established on rebranded eugenics by its founder Margaret Sanger, who wrote the recipe for institutionalizing racist Malthusian ideas under the guise of altruism in the non-profit industrial complex. Gates is also a controversial proponent of administering “digital certificates” in response to the coronavirus as proof of immunization, likely referring to the research and development of quantum-dot tattoos (micro-chipping) by his foundation. In the interim, some are saying this process has already begun in the Ukraine.

Whether or not the pandemic is proven to be naturally derived or created in a lab, there is ample evidence that a secret biological arms race is occurring unbeknownst to the public which could cause an even deadlier outbreak in the future. The world is already being placed in enough danger as it is with the visible competition for nuclear supremacy reignited by the increase in tensions between the U.S. and Russia at a time where international cooperation is needed the most during a global health crisis. The reemergence of Russia on the world stage has alarmed Western political leaders who have responded to Moscow’s rise with a fortification and military occupation of Eastern Europe that can only remind the former Soviet country of the buildup of the Wehrmacht prior to WWII. The speculation that the global pandemic could be the result of biological attack and the suspicious activity of U.S.-run facilities on its borders have inevitably stirred up fears that the Atlanticists are also seeking to target Russia with a hidden arsenal of toxins and agents in a program already known to have been established with the help of Moscow’s previous Nazi invaders. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a biological attack by one country against another would ultimately endanger us all.


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