Palestinian Authority, Ramallah helped Israel hit Hamas, Gaza
By Global Research
Global Research, February 23, 2009
Press TV 23 February 2009
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Hamas accuses the Palestinian Authority of providing Tel Aviv with a map of the locations targeted by the Israeli army during the Gaza War.

“With the help of Google Earth program, those groups prepared maps to local mosques, institutions, tunnels or workshops,” said Abu Abdallah, a senior Hamas intelligence officer.

The intelligence allegedly included the location of weapon caches, mosques, and tunnels at the Rafah border.

The movement also said Ramallah provided Israel with the blueprints of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyah’s home, according to AFP.

“This information was sent to Ramallah then transmitted to the enemy which hit targets on the basis of this information collected before and during the war,” said Ihab al-Ghossein, a spokesman for Hamas’ Interior Ministry.

“Officers and members of the Ramallah security services in (the West Bank city of) Ramallah tasked their agents with tracking the movements of the resistance in Gaza,” Ghossein, said.

Israeli warplanes struck hundreds of targets including, mosques, residential homes, schools, hospitals as well as UN compounds and government buildings across the Gaza Strip during its offensive against the populated region.

The all-out war which lasted for 23 days claimed over 1,350 Palestinian lives, including more than 400 children.

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