Oxford Neocon Calls for Disregarding Russia’s “Red Lines”

He has called for an aggressive push for WWIII and nuclear armageddon

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Nigel Gould-Davies has penned an op-ed in The New York Times calling for the disregard of Russia’s red lines. He has called for an aggressive push for WWIII and nuclear armageddon.

Gould-Davies is an Oxford academic and member of the shady Integrity Initiative, a British deep state project designed to substitute facts with convenient lies and smear counter-narrative individuals. It is a NATO and Institute for Statecraft project, the latter exposed in 2018 as “a UK deep faction obsessed by permanent war mentality promoting a new cold war against Russia,” according to WikiSpooks.

The registered headquarters of the outfit is an abandoned mill in Fife, Scotland, and its leader, Christopher Nigel Donnelly, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, served as special adviser to the secretary general of NATO. Donnelly is wedded to the idea of confronting Russia, no matter the prospect of world war and nuclear annihilation.

According to Gould-Davies, Russia’s red lines exist to be violated.

Concerns about Russia’s “red lines” are driven above all by the fear that Russia might resort to nuclear escalation. The West should avert this by deterring Russia rather than by restraining itself — or pressuring Ukraine to do so — for fear of “provoking” Russia. It can do so by communicating the certainty of severe consequences should Russia use nuclear weapons. Russia has tried and failed to impose red lines with nuclear threats several times since the war began — most recently in November, when Ukrainian forces liberated Kherson just six weeks after Vladimir Putin had declared it part of Russia. Ukraine and the West rightly rejected these bluffs, and should continue to do so.

First and foremost, regardless of what the propaganda media claims, Russia was not defeated in Kherson. It decided in early November to pull its troops from the right bank of the Dnieper River and the regional capital of Kherson. “The Defense Ministry explained that it wants to avoid unnecessary losses among its forces and spare the lives of civilians,” RT reported. Russia engaged in a strategic retreat in fear the ultranats would blow up the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam and flood the city.

In the West, this was reported as Russia running away with its tail tucked, licking its wounds, frustrated by the loss of Kherson, which the war propaganda media celebrated as a turning point in the war. The Russian-orchestrated humanitarian evacuation of civilians is reported as mass abduction.

Nigel Gould-Davies urges the USG and its partners to march with hobnail boots right over Putin’s red lines.

America should focus on three things. First, it should no longer declare that there are measures it will refrain from taking [violating red lines], and weapons systems it will not provide, to support Ukraine. To signal unilateral restraint is to make an unforced concession. Worse, it emboldens Russia to probe for, and try to impose, further limits on U.S. action—making the war more, not less, risky.

In other words, Gould-Davies is calling for total war, apparently incapable of realizing radical escalation will result in nuclear war, as Russia has said it will resort to the use of nukes if its existence is threatened.  Russia never said it would use nukes in Ukraine. There is no evidence it ever said this. The war propaganda media exists on lies and deception. Donbas and Crimea are no longer part of Ukraine. The people voted to exit the nazified Ukrainian state.

Second, America, with its partners, must make clear that time is working against Russia — not in its favor, as Mr. Putin still believes. The West should demonstrate readiness to mobilize, and quickly, its huge economic superiority to enable Ukraine to defeat Russia and to impose further severe sanctions. The military and economic costs to Russia will drain its far more limited resources and place greater strains on the regime.

In order for this to even approach success (and it does not), the USG would need to mobilize hundreds of thousands of troops and move assets into place, an effort that would take months. As it now stands, the USG can’t provide enough war materiel to match Russia.

As an example of the effectiveness of the USG’s military, consider Afghanistan. Trillions were spent, and the USG is now back to square one with the Taliban resuming power after two decades.

Sanctions are not crippling Russia, never mind war propaganda lies to the contrary.

Anti-Russian sanctions aren’t having the devastating effect the West hoped they would, and haven’t served to collapse Russia’s economy, German media have reported, citing economic data for the current year and projections for 2023.

Deutschlandfunk, the German version of NPR, “expressed hopes that the dragging out of the conflict in Ukraine would cause Russia the economic pain that sanctions apparently haven’t,” according to Russia’s Sputnik International.

More to the point, supposedly public media in Germany looks forward to additional death and misery as a way to punish Russia for its insistence on national security, which an Oxford neocon argues is there to be violated, never mind the risk of thermonuclear war.

It really is a form of mental illness, the inability to perceive what sort of response Russia will take if its national security is violated. If Nigel Gould-Davies believes Putin will be overthrown and Russia will suffer an ignoble defeat—and this is, after all, the primary objective, as stated by sec. of state Blinken—he is seriously out of touch with reality. Russians will defend their homeland, as they did against the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War, at a cost of more than 26 million dead.

The USG and Europe will pursue this war at their own peril. Europe especially, now as it enters winter with an energy crisis, exacerbated by the idiotic decision to not buy Russian natural gas to heat their homes and run their industries.

Of course, it wasn’t the people who made this decision, but their “leaders,” the same sort of sociopaths now running the USG, all seriously deluded by their own hubris and, as is usually the case with careerist politicians, psychopathic belief in an inviolable and “indispensable” state run by a self-serving financial elite.

Here is my New Year’s wish. Gould-Davies and his fellow neocons and humanitarian interventionists—Biden, Blinken, Austin, every member of the uniparty congress, every bureaucrat in the state department and Pentagon—be sent to Donetsk to witness firsthand the relentless, non-stop bombardment by neo-Nazis of civilian neighborhoods. All should be forced to see the shrapnel-mangled bodies of the victims, many of the dead women and children.


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