Outrageous Treatment to Students Exercising Free Speech
By Debbie Lewis
Global Research, September 18, 2007
18 September 2007
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The actions of the University of Florida campus police, the professors, and John Kerry are utterly appalling!

This video,, clearly shows a blatant abuse by campus police powers and their ignorance of our Founding Documents.

This article,,2933,297197,00.html, by FoxNews, and this site, , explain what is going on. I will not try to explain, as what is going on is clear.

The University of Florida, including the students and teachers at this forum should be put on notice for the abuse of Andrew Meyer. As far as can be told by this video, all this young journalism student did was ask a question, the answer of which is common knowledge. The students and professors here obviously need to be versed in freedom of speech. The actions of the campus police officials are tantamount to police state actions.

John Kerry, on the other hand, should have had the decency to stop the abuse of this young man, as Mr. Kerry knows, by virtue of his service to our government, including his oath of office, everyone’s rights under our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

While John Kerry wants (or wanted) to be President of the United States, he clearly cannot handle the job, as he doesn’t understand basic freedom of speech. Yes, he did say he would answer the question posed by this young man, but he did nothing to stop his abuse and ultimate tasing. If he ever wanted my vote, he should have done the right thing and stood up for the rights of Mr. Meyer. In choosing to ignore the plight of Mr. Meyer, he showed us that he has no regard for our most basic of rights.

My first reaction to this horrifying video was “this can not be happening!” My next reaction, as I continued to watch, was utter shock that no one offered Mr. Meyer any assistance what so ever. This is a twenty-one year old student exercising his Constitutional Right of Freedom of Speech. What is it that this college campus does not understand about this? Why did this college campus allow their student, Mr. Meyer, rights to be abused? Why did this college campus allow its campus police to taser this young man? Who should answer or be held responsible for such horrible behavior of Mr. Meyer?

Everyone that holds our rights dear should be utterly outraged by the actions of the University of Florida and its campus police. It is our duty to call this University out and hold them accountable for the actions against this student. I challenge everyone to do his or her duty and make this despicable action known around the country. Defend Mr. Meyer and his rights. It could be one of us, next!

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