Once Again the FBI is Caught in Drama, “setting up” Islamic Youngster as “Domestic Terrorist”
By Shepard Ambellas
Global Research, January 17, 2015
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It’s no secret that the FBI has set up numerous people in the past, actually supplying them with the ideas, know-how, and financing, to become what they consider “domestic terrorists” as the agency apparently has nothing else to do.

Most recently Christopher Lee Cornell, 20, was “set up” according to his father, who spoke to CNN Thursday morning.

Cornell was arrested by the FBI Wednesday for allegedly planning to plant and detonate pipe bombs, shoot a government official and open fire on employees at a National Landmark, all in the name of Islam, according to the FBI.

However, Cornell’s parents are simply not buying the FBI’s story, claiming their son may be “lost” but is a good kid. Cornell’s father categorized “lost” in an interview with CNN, saying his boy just didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life career wise. “After high school he kinda didn’t know what direction he wanted to go.”, Cornell’s father said, pointing out that his son was “vulnerable” and how “he’s a mommy’s boy”.

Although Cornell’s father said he spoke with his son previously about dabbling with the Islamic faith, Cornell’s father saw no red flags saying, “I probably know my son better than anyone”, pointing out to reporters how Cornell was a “typical kid”.

Cornell’s father told CNN Thursday that he didn’t feel right about what the FBI was saying about his son or how they arrested him when he left a gun store for allegedly purchasing two firearms and 600 rounds of ammo.

Moreover the young man’s father maintains that the guns would have cost over $2000 and that his son had only saved up about $1200 for a new car.

“He never had the money to purchase those guns. The FBI gave him the money to purchase those guns. It was a set up. […] entrapment.” Cornell’s father told CNN.


Additionally the FBI also claims that Christopher Lee Cornell was expressing support for “jihad” and “ISIS” on Twitter, according to reports  and wanted to launch an attack on the U.S. Capitol, which he allegedly told one informant.

The FBI also stated that Cornell received instructions on how to make explosives on his computer, but did not mention if they supplied him with those instructions.

“Cornell attended Bridgetown Middle School and Oak Hills High School” graduating in 2012, he was also on the “wrestling team” and described as a “quiet student”, as reported by WLWT.

The FBI failed to tell Cornell’s parents where he was being held as of early morning Thursday, although media has reported he was booked at Butler County Jail late Wednesday.

While headlines, like the one from the Boston Herald, reading, “FBI arrests Ohio man, foils attack on Capitol”, claim a domestic attack was thwarted by the FBI, the parents of Cornell remain leery, maintaining that their son was “set up”.

Cornell’s Islamic name was said to be “Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah”, according to reports.

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