On the White Supremacy of U.S. Interventions
By Black Alliance for Peace
Global Research, February 04, 2019
Black Alliance for Peace
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As internationalists, we don’t shy away from defending a people’s right to determine their fate. That is why we have been so ardent in opposing the illegal U.S. intervention in Venezuela. Read and share our statement on Venezuela. (If you already have done so, please share it again!)

We are proud to say BAP members have been on the forefront of U.S.-based voices against U.S interventions. BAP member and Black Agenda Report publisher Glen Ford writes this week,

“The same forces that resist Black community control of police and schools in the United States seek to overthrow any government in the formerly colonized world—that is, non-white nations—that claims the right of self-determination and national sovereignty.”

BAP Coordinating Committee member Margaret Kimberley condemns warmongering Democrats in her latest piece, writing,

“Venezuela is the proverbial line in the sand. One either supports the right of self-determination or not. The obvious fascists like Trump and Bolton and their smarter, smoother collaborators like Trudeau are cut from the same cloth. They must all be opposed.”

As you can see below, BAP member Asantewaa Mawusi Nkrumah-Ture spoke January 26 on behalf of BAP at a Philadelphia rally in opposition to the U.S. intervention in Venezuela.

BAP member Margaret Kimberley also spoke about BAP’s position on Venezuela and the U.S. occupation of Africa on the Wider View Radio podcast and Sputnik Radio’s “Fault Lines with Nixon & Stranahan”. BAP Coordinating Committee member Netfa Freeman appeared on RT America’s “Watching the Hawks” to discuss the link between the United States interfering in Venezuela and in Africa.

In the coming weeks, we ask you to join anti-war groups that are organizing demonstrations to oppose NATO and the U.S. intervention in Venezuela. Check out the United National Antiwar Coalition’s rally on March 30. Sign the Alliance for Global Justice’s petition to oppose the U.S. intervention in Venezuela. Attend the “No to NATO, Yes to Peace Fest” on April 3.

Then join us April 4 for our event that celebrates both our second anniversary and condemns the 70th anniversary of NATO, which falls on the 51st anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. BAP member Glen Ford will keynote the event. He will be joined by organizers and activists including Jaribu Hill, Jacqueline Luqman, Netfa Freeman, Thenjiwe McHarris, Margaret Kimberley and Vanessa Beck. We’ll provide more information on the event in the coming weeks.

Curiously, a story that should be big news is not getting the attention it deserves. The United States is involved in talks that could end the 18-year-old quagmire of Afghanistan. Soon, we will have more to say on this matter.

Another important item to follow is the Trump administration’s decision to suspend its participation in the 32-year-old Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which escalates the possibility for a global nuclear war. In response to this dangerous move, Russia suspended its participation as well.


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