The Oil and Gas Industry of Alberta Versus the Climate Change Preoccupations of the Liberal-NDP Alliance

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For decades the development of the separatist movement within Quebec proved most instrumental in threatening Canada’s confidence and coherence as a viable federation. This dynamic, however, is changing. These days the most direct challenge to Canada’s unified future is the growing constituency within Alberta starting to consider the possibility of moving towards sovereign independence.

The unfolding emergency swirling around the clash between the governments of Canada and Alberta comes down in large measure to the uncertain prospects attending the future of the oil and gas industry. Especially since 2020, that clash has crossed the threshold of an existential emergency for Canada as we have known the country so far.

The minority federal government of the Trudeau Liberals depends for its survival on the decisions made in Parliament by New Democratic Party MPs. Under the instructions of their leader, Jagmeet Singh, these NDP MP’s consistently vote in the House of Commons to bring into a majority position all legislation brought forward by the Liberal minority. The NDP thus holds the balance of power. Because of the way the Party is organized, Rachel Notley is Jagmeet Singh’s Alberta Lieutenant.

In the current electoral contest to form the next Alberta government, Rachel Notley is presently going head to head with United Conservative Party leader, Danielle Smith. Election day is May 29. In the course of the campaign the message is becoming increasingly clear that Trudeau, Singh and Notley have basically made a collective decision to deep six all but a remnant portion of the Alberta-based oil and gas sector.

The course of action being advanced for Alberta by the Liberal Party-NDP alliance strikes at the very heart of the existing life support systems that many in this province have adopted as integral to their businesses and investment plans as well as their planning in families and communities.

The record of voting in the federal election of 2021 speaks eloquently of the alienation felt by most Albertans towards Canada’s ruling Liberal-NDP alliance. Of the 34 federal ridings in Alberta, the Trudeau Liberals won only two of them and Singh’s NDP won only one. The other 31 federal ridings in Alberta all went uniformly to the Conservative Party of Canada now led by Pierre Poilievre.

In the place of good jobs in the oil and gas sector— jobs that often include much latitude for research and development—- the Liberal-NDP plan substitutes a nonsensical obsession with abolishing “carbon footprints” while continuing massive emissions of industrial pollution like glyphosate contamination combined with the further genetic modification of our food sources.

The plan to wind down Alberta’s oil and gas industry forms a classic illustration of a worldwide pattern. A core aspect of this pattern advances a very problematic and simple-minded interpretation of climate change, one that fails to take into account even the regular geo-engineering of weather patterns let alone the constant tampering with other forms of environmental alteration. This geo-engineering is often conducted with military-style precision, organization, force and secrecy. “Climate change” is only one small part of the much larger canvass of military operations containing ample evidence of many forms of transformative geo-engineering

It was reported that recent earthquakes in Turkey were most likely manufactured with the intervention of HAARP technology whose role in the geo-engineering of massive environmental modifications has become a widely-known secret. See this.

This phenomenon was not an isolated incident. Part of the pervasive menaces facing humanity at this juncture in our history is that corporatist lords are effectively governing us without transparency, accountability or any level of reasonable government regulation on behalf of the public interest. The regulators have all been captured by the industries they are supposed to police even when it comes to the corporate destruction of the basis of public health. Those in charge of the corporatist leviathans face no push back from their subversive decisions to alter even the genetic character of our inner beings let alone the environmental conditions determining the quality of our lives, deaths and illnesses.

The Contours of a Fitting Response of Conservative Resolve in Alberta and Saskatchewan

There is no upside to going full-on Greta Thunberg. All the evidence points to the fact that alternative energy sources are expensive and ineffective with nowhere near the capacity to replace the massive industrial muscle that intelligently developed oil and gas have brought to society. The move away from oil and gas would stimulate further destruction of the middle class, a process that jumped ahead with the COVID lockdowns, a process meant to continue in the climate change lockdowns being planned for the future

The independence and economic creativity of the self-sufficient middle class runs against the plans being hatched for us by unaccountable billionaires and their agents that dominate the Davos-based World Economic Forum. The WEF, with its attendant fleet of private jets for corporate tycoons, has effectively replaced many of the functions once performed by national legislatures including the Canadian Parliament. Indeed, the WEF founder and head, Klaus Schwab, has bragged that over half the members of the Canadian cabinet as well as Singh and Trudeau are products of the indoctrination associated with the WEF’s notorious young leaders program.

Under the Trudeau minority government, Parliament is becoming something of a museum artifact harkening back to an era when our national institutions still had some sovereign clout. In what Trudeau characterizes as “postnational Canada,” that time is fast fading further into the past. Indeed, if Trudeau and his fellow globalists get their way, national jurisdiction even over health care will be uploaded to further empower the medical tyranny entailed in the corrupt impositions of the World Health Organization.

The woke policies being pushed by Trudeau, Singh and Notley are shaping the contours of a fitting response of Conservative resolve in Alberta and also in neighbouring Saskatchewan. The resentments being cooked up in this clash over the ingredients of the Canadian political economy of Canada are spilling over into many types of conflict. This phenomenon is giving rise to an extremely grave crisis in the ongoing work-in-progress known as Canadian federalism.

Canadian federalism figures prominently in the politics of the criminal justice system in Alberta. Many of the top officials in Alberta’s criminal justice system are appointed by the Office of the Canadian Prime Minister. Trudeau has made no secret of the fact that he holds a very contemptuous view of the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy.

Trudeau seems persuaded that the parking protest in Ottawa had nothing to do with vaccine mandates and the thinking that produced them. Instead, the Trudeau propaganda apparatus and its venues in both the media and the criminal justice systems seem to have decided that the Trucker protest was really a cover to disguise the activities of neo-nazi terrorists and White Supremacists seeking to ignite and accelerate a violent insurrection aimed at overthrowing the Canadian and US governments. What an outrageous response… a betrayal of democratic process and the truth?

Entirely justified was the Freedom Convoy campaign to attempt to bring a measure of needed reform to the federal handling of the manufactured COVID crisis. Moreover, the campaign was peacefully navigated by the Truckers and their supporters especially in light of all the provocations they faced in Ottawa. To try to reframe the matter as one involving the apprehension of a violent revolutionary movement represents a total insult to the intelligence of thinking Canadians. See this.

This kooky interpretation has been picked up as fact by the Trudeau-sponsored media empire that extends far beyond Canada’s discredited public broadcaster that currently has a very large budget and a minuscule audience. This weird interpretation was taken up by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who culminated its own procedures of entrapment by pressing charges on four men for the alleged crime of having conspired to commit the murder of RCMP officers. The arrests took place in the area of the Montana-Alberta border crossing at Coutts Alberta.

The arrests happened on the very day that the Justin Trudeau-Chrystia Freeland government declared Canada’s version of martial law in preparation for seizing control of the bank accounts of Truckers. By 14 Feb. the Truckers had inspired a Canada-wide protest movement that cast serious doubt on the quality of the Liberal Party’s management of Canada’s version of the WHO-declared global pandemic.

The four men were taken into custody on 14 Feb., 2022. They were all denied bail. Having been convicted of nothing, the Coutts Four have been kept in jail for well over a year now. Nowhere in sight is the end of the continued incarceration of the Coutts Four in the deep bowels of Alberta’s penal establishment. The date of their planned show trial keeps being pushed deeper into the future, probably sometime in 2024.

The identification of Alberta with the jailing of federally-targeted political prisoners is indicative of the visceral quality of animosity between Ottawa and the movement that has coalesced in the wake of the cross-Canada pilgrimage of the Freedom Convoy project. This project originated largely in Alberta.

The treatment of the Truckers as culprits whose bank accounts were seized without due process seems well lined up with the treatment of Christian Pastors in Alberta as criminals to be prosecuted for holding church services during the lockdowns. The government’s prosecution of Pastors James Coates, Arthur Pawlowsky and Tim Stevens illustrates a pattern of persecution that has put Canada on a US-based religious freedom watch list. See this.

An Open Season for Medical Experimentation on Human Subjects? 

The emergency embodied in the clash between the supporters of the Alberta oil and gas industry and those who want to abolish it, or, at the very least, to cut it back, has unfolded with growing ferocity especially since 2020. This local emergency has unfolded within the context of a global emergency that I often describe as the manufactured COVID crisis. The primary basis of this crisis has been the predatory impositions of governments together with the public hysteria purposely whipped up by conniving media venues.

A key development in the genesis of the manufactured COVID crisis was the decision of the World Health Organization on 11 March, 2020 to declare that COVID-19 forms the basis of a “global pandemic.” The WHO’s declaration was made with insufficient evidence and proof in order to meet an agenda already set in motion largely by the Bill and Melinda Gates-backed group of vaccine-promoting “philanthropies.” Bill Gates’ capacity to purchase a lion’s share of influence over the WHO is indicative of the sorry state of the United Nations as, in case after case, it fails to deliver justice and truth.

With the WHO’s granting of a license for a global pandemic based on the arrival of a supposedly novel coronavirus, the way was opened to making “COVID-19” the basis for the introduction of many new medical products and procedures. The worldwide imposition of many uniform impositions of various emergency measures provided a framework for what followed. Many emergency measures were set in place by governments, states, provinces, municipalities, corporations, schools, universities, unions, professional associations, and military agencies. The list of participating institutions that took part in the “global pandemic” is massive. Almost all the decisions made to help put things right only made matters worse, often much worse.

The global lockdowns inflicted tsunamis of economic annihilation on a scale far beyond anything experienced in history so far. Millions of small businesses employing large numbers of workers were ruined worldwide. Supply chains of many kinds in many places were severed and rendered defunct. Suicides, depressions, addictions, domestic violence and such went through the roof. So too did bankruptcies.

The fuller financial ramifications of what transpired are still coming to light. Many financial institutions are still being shattered leaving chunks of wreckage probably to be absorbed by a few giant entities. Such entities, including prominently the Bank for International Settlements, are already moving to take control of all cashless digital transactions to be regulated according to the outcomes of AI-driven social credit scoring.

During the lockdowns, surgeries and other treatments of all kinds were put on hold. Masks not only did not work but they harmed people by making them fearful and compliant. The masks contributed to physical harm by lessening oxygen intake and creating the basis for bacterial infections and spreads. The masking of young children was particularly injurious to their long term development. The closing down of in-person schooling caused many youths to part company with formal education in ways that will have lifelong impacts that will be almost impossible to repair.

The horrendous impacts on health and morbidity of the gene-modifying mRNA injections are a huge topic whose global impacts will long remain the subjects of major contention and, no doubt, litigation as well. Some of this litigation will probably result in cases involving the media’s decision to deny people access to scientific information they require to make crucial life and death decisions. Millions of unnecessary fatalities have resulted from the wide dissemination of disinformation. Most big media outlets simply did not do their part in providing the public with the necessary information to give or withhold informed consent when it came to meeting the requirements of the Nuremberg Code concerning medical experiments on human subjects.

The utter contempt shown by almost all authorities by failing to meet the requirements of the Nuremberg Code raises big questions requiring serious investigation. This failure of enforcement has set many disastrous precedents opening the way for an open season on medical experimentation on human subjects without even their knowledge let alone their informed consent.

The method of trying to treat disease by modifying the genetic makeup of sick people is suddenly being made to seem as if it has passed tests of viability. This perception is not based in fact although its application, however unjustified, would produce lucrative outcomes for BIG Pharma. Before treating humans as walking talking platforms of genetic experimentation, precautionary breaks must be applied immediately. The enforcement of the precautionary principle demands that we must not go down roads of more genetic experimentation on people. Such experimentation should be seen as criminal at this point.

Saving the United Conservative Party from Humiliation and Disgrace 

The province of Alberta was much like many other jurisdictions in displaying representative patterns throughout the WHO-declared pandemic. One Alberta story, however, captured major global attention. In the summer of 2021 a category described as “ill-defined and unknown causes” appeared out of nowhere to become the leading cause of death in Alberta. While authorities in the province had plenty of possible explanations, none included the possibility that the most probable source of the unexplained deaths was the mass application of mRNA/lipid nanoparticle jabs. These jabs were administered on the basis of the fictional claim that they were “safe and effective.” See this.

This effort to make “unknown causes” the leading source of death in Alberta has been seen by many as part of a much larger scheme to point attention away from the casualties and injuries emanating from the mass dissemination of the genetic modification procedures done in the name of fighting COVID-19. This objective of hiding, disguising and under-representing the negative effects of the supposed COVID remedies continues in many concerted media campaigns. This classic misrepresentation of reality with the goal of avoiding the encouragement of “vaccine hesitancy” is a sinister crime against humanity that, over time, will come back to haunt the perpetrators of the lies.

Jason Kenney was elected the UCP Premier of Alberta in 2019. In Alberta’s top job Kenney drew much negative attention to himself by making and breaking promises concerning the WHO-declared pandemic. Kenney’s ineptitude in Office during a time of emergency created extra anxieties for Albertans generally, but especially for those worried about saving the reputation of the United Conservative Party from humiliation and disgrace. As the problems with Kenney’s leadership became increasingly apparent, more and more members of the United Conservative Party mobilized in the effort to block him from continuing as Premier.

In May of 2022 Kenney finally resigned of his own accord opening up a race within the UCP that Danielle Smith would go on to win in October. The current electoral campaign took an unexpected twist in early May when many of the forested areas in the mid-regions of Alberta burst into flames causing about 25,000 people to be evacuated from their homes.

In the face of these developments Premier Smith declared a state of emergency opening up various options for the provinces and its counties to deal with the eruption.

Trying to Be Worthy of the True North Strong and Free 

Wildfires are extremely common in Canada as are emergency declarations when these burns get out of hand especially in areas of human settlement. What makes this declaration somewhat different, however, is the timing of this state of emergency that comes after almost three years devoted to the supposed fight to conquer and quell COVID-19. It comes after Alberta and much of the rest of the world has been subjected to tremendous abuses heaped on people by authorities sometimes unwilling to reveal their real motivations for directing certain policies and actions.

Some of these authorities have exploited emergency measures to enrich themselves personally and to exercise new forms of power sometimes involving sketchy political tactics. Under these circumstances there is every cause to be skeptical about the possibility of hidden agendas lurking beneath initiatives that may appear perfectly benign on the surface.

The world has changed dramatically since the events of 2020 were spun by media hucksters in ways that invested executive branches of government with the appearance of justification for sweeping assertions of new powers in the name of defending public health. As the supposed custodians of the collective interests of people, governments directed various authorities to override whole panoplies of individuals rights and freedoms including freedom of assembly, mobility, association, religion, speech and autonomy of the person. It seems that government officials and their spin doctors in the media have no intention of lessening their grip on power by forgoing, for instance, the censoring of their critics on the Internet.

As a consequence, many of those who survived the recent rounds of tyrannical invasion on our God-given rights have learned very difficult lessons. We have seen and experienced the near-uniform failures of those responsible for upholding the integrity of those institutions charged to protect our rights and freedoms. We have witnessed the collapse of so major pillars of our supposed democracies just when we needed them the most.

Our governments have failed, our parliament and our legislatures have failed, our courts have failed, our universities have failed, our schools have failed, our unions and professional associations have failed, many of our churches have failed, and most of our media has failed on a grotesque scale by pretending that business is continuing as usual. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

While some citizens seemingly still seem willing to trust authority figures even after all that has transpired to demonstrate that they do not deserve such trust, there is a major new constituency coming onto the scene who are not inclined to give the system that failed us so conspicuously a second chance. In the eyes of this constituency, the times demand a return to basics on the sacred ground of a new start for those who have learned the hard way of the perils and dangers assailing us.

Some people are feeling enticed to formulate new ways of working together; to build new kinds of community bonds and working environments with a real capacity to provide the kind of protections and productivity we need to survive. The imperative to survive before we can thrive comes about because of the persistence of the predator class that continues to seek our diminishment, enfeeblement and demise.

We can expect continued manoeuvres to manipulate new pandemics and the all-purpose boogeyman of global warming. Many of the new frontiers of the concerted wars on our freedoms, however, lie in the realm of the digital manipulation of cashless money and of massive new data banks containing elaborate conglomerations of our personal information. All signs point to the prospect that the new forms of digital ID will be deployed to subjugate us in an era to be dominated by AI, robotization, and endless experiments in transhumanism.

In a world where computers and robots are slated to do most of the work, many of the surviving humans will face the fate of being unemployed and dependent on state subsidies that can be withdrawn at any time. What strategies can we develop to avert this outcome that the attentive, but especially those in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, can readily see coming at us with intensifying animosity?

The Preference in the Wildfire Zones is For Local Inhabitants to Stay in Place if It Is Possible to Do So 

The communities in Alberta that have been besieged in the sudden emergency of flash fires are starting to indicate just how many people are not willing to continue going along with the kind of treatments they have been receiving from governments. This kind of impatience with government was put on display in a citizen’s intervention at a public forum in Grande Prairie. The idea is being pressed in many ways that people have become impatient with authorities who they no longer trust to have their best interest in mind especially when it comes to the protection of what is most valuable.

Click here or the photo view the video

One of the areas of the province that was especially hard hit was the Wildwood area in Yellowhead County. Wildwood was established in 1908 as a so-called block settlement by a group of 20 African-Americans from Oklahoma and Texas. Among the people who responded to the evacuation notice to leave the Wildwood area was the family of Irina Liedtke. They moved to the region from Calgary several years ago. On the advice of a friend I telephoned Irina seeking a first-hand account from the scene of one of the more dramatic wildfires.

Irina explained that briefly after responding affirmatively to an evacuation request covering the Wildwood region she and her family soon opted to return to their property to assure themselves that all was well with their habitations, wooded areas, livestock and machinery. They were far from alone in emphasizing these priorities. The emphasis throughout many of the burn zones in Alberta has been for local inhabitants to stay in place if it is at all possible to do so.

A strong undercurrent of desire for self-sufficiency is running throughout many in the farming communities in Alberta who had to contend with the strange phenomena of fires bursting into flame almost simultaneously with the end of the melting winter snows. As Irina Liedtke sees it, governments have a role but one that should be secondary to the collaboration of community members in taking care of their properties themselves. As she tells it, recent developments have helped her to see the importance of neighbours, co-operative community projects, and the central roles of Church groups in the kind of environment she now calls home.

Irina and her husband have taken part in local organizing that came in response to local authorities in Yellowhead County “sorely letting down their firefighters” by “tying their hands.” This failure in the response of officialdom caused community members to take action to protect themselves and their property. In the process they formed “The Farmers Fighting Fires Alliance,” with a GiveSendGo page

Under current circumstances there is plenty of cause for skepticism. It is perfectly legitimate to ask questions especially given the failure of most media venues to do so. Is there a plan to cause families to start the process of picking up stakes and moving to urban centres? Why was it made so difficult for families to gain access to roads in order to return to their properties? Some made accusations that they were faced with unreasonable demands for unobtainable permits incorporating references to broad arrays of regulatory requirements involving many trifling details.

Some of the skeptics are well aware that the climate change obsessives in many parts of the world have extended to sharp hostility to farming communities, often bastions of independence, technical knowhow, and common sense. Where these qualities have rightfully been revered in the past, it seems that these days they are often perceived as obstructions to compliance with government dictates. When decisions seem to have been made to make sure that food is scarce and expensive, the productivity of farmers is sometimes not appreciated. Moreover, family farms are often seen as obstructions to the growth of corporate farms that specialize in the large-scale cultivation of commercial monocultures.

In rural Alberta the independence of farming communities is often well integrated with the labour needs of those running rigs in the oil and gas industry. This synergistic balance in the production of food and energy is apparently not what the doctors of political correctness would seem to prefer these days.

The wildfire emergency in Alberta is becoming a factor in the Alberta election campaign. It is also providing a brief break from that campaign as Danielle Smith and Rachel Notley were pictured together at the Edmonton Expo Centre attending to the needs of the evacuees. Maybe this time, the emergency can create the conditions for regaining the God-given freedoms and liberties of Alberta.


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Dr. Anthony Hall is currently Professor of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. He has been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled “The Bowl with One Spoon”.

He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

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