Remembering Toronto Peace Activist Michael Lucas
By Jed Lehman
Global Research, May 25, 2020

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Michael Lucas (born Lukac in Vysna Jablonka in eastern Slovakia) died on May 4, 2020 in Toronto. Lucas, (born on March 7, 1926) was a political activist, author, advocate of peace and socialism.  

His family stated in his obituary:

“An extremely well-read and accomplished man, artist, musician, author, and internationalist, Michael was very active in cultural and political work for over 75 years while being able to communicate in four languages all while working every day until he was 87. Over the years he had served as Chairman of Carpatho-Russian Youth, General Secretary of the Society of Carpatho-Russian Canadians, Secretary of the Slav Committee, Chair of the Canada – USSR Association and Chairman of the International Council of Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet people and Editor in Chief of the Northstar Compass.”

Lucas was born into a working-class family. Throughout his life he maintained his commitment to labor rights and workers struggles in Canada and across the globe. He joined the revolutionary movement as a young person and made many contributions to making life better for people in Canada and elsewhere.

Lucas, with his wife Helen, organized many exchanges between people of Canada and the Soviet Union. These exchanges played a big role in breaking down stereotypes that existed about the Soviet Union in the minds of Canadians; thus assisting the development of peace, trade, and the relaxation of tensions between the two countries. The solidarity work Lucas did is continued today in the form of work to end imperialism’s sanctions against Russia, China, Venezuela, and Cuba.

Lucas is survived by his wife, Helen, their two children, and their children and grand child, and cousins, and many friends from around the globe.


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