OBITUARY: Global Research Contributor, Distinguished Financial Analyst Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman Passes Away : Robert “Bob” John Chapman, age 76, of Winter Haven, FL (formally of Mexico) died Monday, June 4, 2012 due to pancreatic cancer. He was born October 16, 1935 in Boston, MA the son of John Chapman and Ruth Donley Chapman.

Bob was a veteran of the US Army, a writer of a news letter discussing finances and economics and a regular radio commentator discussing politics as well as economics and finances. Most of his working life he served as a stock broker. Bob is survived by his wife, of 47 years, Judith “Judy” Dabrowski Chapman, son: Robert Michael Chapman, daughter: Jenifer Gillotti and her husband Matt, sisters: Dorothy Trecker and Joan Lotz and 4 grandchildren. Committal services are Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 1:00pm at Glen Abbey Memorial Gardens, Auburndale, FL. 

Bob was a frequent contributor to Global Research with an incisive and pointed analysis of complex economic and financial issues.

His last article published in early May was entitled No Economic Recovery in the US.

See the archive of Bob Chapman’s Global Research contributions. (2009-2012). His writings constitute an important contribution to an understanding of what constitutes the most serious economic crisis in World history.

The Global Research team expresses its condoleances to family members.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, June 6, 2012

Archive of Bob Chapman’s Global Research Articles


No Economic Recovery in the US
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-05-02

– by Bob Chapman – 2012-04-25

QE3: The Fed Entrapped in the Perpetual issuance of Money
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-04-11

Money, Credit and the Hike in the Price of Crude Oil
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-04-04

The Illusion of an Economic Recovery: The Backlash of Higher Gasoline Prices…
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-03-31

The Fed’s “Operation Twist”. Europe and America. Grim Economic Prospects
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-03-28

Manipulation of the “Paper Gold” Market
The Value of “Worthless” Paper Gold versus Physical Gold
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-03-25

The Bull Market in Gold and Silver Prevails
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-03-21

Uncertain Future for the Euro: The Plight of the Netherlands. Staggering Unemployment in Spain and Greece
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-03-17

Europe’s Economic Crisis: Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Belgium are Heading in the Same Direction as Greece
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-03-14

Evolving Global Financial Crisis. Selling “Foreclosed Homes”
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-03-10

Gold and Silver: Crisis of the Fractional Banking System
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-03-08

Demise of the European Economy Triggered by a small group of big Wall Street Hitters
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-02-22

Instability in the Oil and Currency Markets: Petro-Dollars and the Oil Bourse
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-02-18

Financial Terrorism
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-02-15

Unemployment, Foreclosures, Rising Debts and Despair: AMERICA’S SOCIAL CRISIS
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-02-11

Keeping the Global Monetary System Afloat, Postponing Massive Debt Default
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-02-08

The Euro Zone and the Crisis of Sovereign Debt
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-02-04

In the Wake of Davos: “Strong Economic Medicine” for the European Union
The Fed overshadow’s the European Central Bank
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-02-01

Iran Sanctions Conducive to Weak Dollar and Spiralling Gold Prices
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-01-28

The Demise of State Sovereignty: Pressures on the Euro Amidst Rising Debt Levels
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-01-25

Economic Collapse amidst a Mini-Recovery
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-01-21

Spiralling Debt and the Fracture of the European Monetary System
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-01-18

Evolving Financial Crisis. Solvency of the Euro Zone
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-01-11

The US Economy in the Doldrums: No Evidence of Solvency or Recovery
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-01-07

The European Ponzi Scheme and the Euro
– by Bob Chapman – 2012-01-04

Grim Economic Prospects for 2012: How the Federal Reserve Overshadows the European Banking System
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-12-31

Grim Economic Prospects for 2012: Social Upheaval, Bank Defaults and Financial Chaos
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-12-28

Money Creation and the Bankruptcy of Major Banks: The Roles of the IMF, The European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-12-21

EU Banking Crisis: Towards the “Leveraged Breakup” of Euroland?
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-12-17

The European Stabilization Mechanism (ESM), Financial Insolvency and the Bailout of Europe’s Mega Banks
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-12-14

The European Debt Crisis: Unstable Currency Markets.
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-12-07

The Euro Zone System in Crisis. Will it Backlash on Wall Street?
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-12-01

The Mega Banks: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, et. al. Control Europe’s Political Landscape
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-11-27

The European Debt Crisis: Will the “Weaker” Member States Leave the Euro Zone?
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-11-19

Towards Economic Collapse: Europe’s Debt Crisis has Spiraled out of Control
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-11-12

The EU Debt Crisis has Not Been Solved: If Europe Financially Implodes it could take the Entire Financial World Down
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-11-05

The Next Stage of the European Debt Crisis; Towards Global Financial Collapse?
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-11-02

Saving The Eurozone. Will it Work?
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-10-29

The European Debt Crisis: The Creditors are America’s “Too Big to Fail” Wall Street Banksters
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-10-26

The Stock Market Will Fall: The World is Drowning in Debt, much of which is Unpayable
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-10-19

The Economic Crisis in Europe; Unpayable Debts. Impending Financial Insolvency
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-10-15

The Eurozone Crisis: Disruptions of Financial Markets Worldwide
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-10-08

Global Debt Crisis: Investing in “Toxic Waste Treasuries” or Gold and Silver?
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-10-05

Spending Debt, which is Other People’s Money: Further Recession and Financial Turmoil in America and the EU
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-10-01

VIDEO: Engineering the Global Crisis: Financial Destabilization for Profiteering and Power
New Feature Report now on GRTV
– by James Corbett, Bob Chapman – 2011-09-29

Corruption and Financial Manipulation behind Takedown of Gold and Silver and the Rise of the US Dollar…
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-09-28

Economic Collapse, Financial Manipulation and the Dollar Crisis
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-09-24

Outsourcing and Offshoring in the Global Economy: US Corporations Moving to Offshore Tax Havens
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-09-21

The EU Debt Bubble: The Eurozone is Crumbling
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-09-18

The US Government is Going After Your Retirement Funds…
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-09-17

The Gold and Silver Bull Market: Prices heading higher despite “bumps on the road”
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-09-14

QE 3 and Toxic Assets: The Fed’s “Monetary Ammunition”
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-09-11

Manipulation and Short-Term Instability of the Gold Market
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-09-07

The Root Causes of the Global Financial Crisis
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-08-20

Quantitative Easing (QE) and the Debasement of the US Dollar
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-08-06

Global Economic Depression. The “Solution” to The Debt Crisis: More Debt
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-08-03

The Debt Ceiling Crisis: The Objective is to Scrap Social Security and Medicare
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-07-30

The “Solution” to America’s Debt Ceiling Crisis: Looting What has Already been Looted…
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-07-27

Euope and America: Gold and the Public Debt Crisis
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-07-20

Financial Crimes on Wall Street and the Debt Crisis
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-07-16

Europe and America: “Financially Burning”
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-07-13

Mounting Public Debt. The Looting of Federal Pensions, Social Security and Medicare
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-07-09

No Solution to the Global Credit Crisis
Rising Gold and Silver Prices
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-07-03

World Debt is Unpayable, The Only Solution is Monetary Collapse
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-06-20

US-NATO are Planning a Ground War in Libya, Military Intervention in Syria
Bilderberg intended to launch new war in the Middle East, with Syria being its prime target
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-06-18

Deflationary Depression in America: The Double Dip Economic Recession
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-06-08

Towards a Worldwide Inflationary Depression
The Anglo-American Empire is in an ongoing State of Collapse
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-06-04

The Euro-Debt Crisis: Greece, Portugal, Spain. The Debts are Unpayable. Once the Lending Stops the Bottom Falls Out.
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-05-28

The Flight into Gold. Rampant Inflation and the Collapsing Dollar System
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-05-25

How to Keep a Damaged Financial and Economic System Afloat?
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-05-15

War and the Global Economic Crisis: Collapse of the American Standard of Living
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-05-07

Dollar Weakness: Gold and Silver are the only Real Currencies
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-05-04

Bursting Bubbles. Waning Currency Systems and Insolvent Financial Institutions
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-04-30

Plummeting Dollar: A New Wave of Treasuries and Toxic Waste
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-04-27

Deepening Economic Crisis: Inflation, Rising Interest Rates, Surge in the Price of Gold and Silver
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-04-23

Bankruptcy in America
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-04-20

Spiralling Public Debt and Economic Stagnation in the European Union
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-04-16

Soaring Gold and Silver Prices Amidst Inflationary Pressures
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-04-13

America’s Inflationary Depression
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-04-09

Collapse of the US Dollar System? Looming Financial Collapse
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-04-06

Quantitative Easing (QE3) is on Its Way…. Once QE2 and QE3 meet, inflation will go right through the roof.
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-03-30

US Dollar Under Acute Pressure: The World seeks an Alternative Reserve Currency
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-03-26

Financial Dislocation: Cycles and booms and busts just don’t happen. They are planned…
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-03-23

An Economy on Steroids: US Poverty Levels Equal to the 1930s
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-03-12

The Financial Consequences of the Middle East Protest Movement?
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-03-11

The Fed’s “Promise” of Inflation Means More Unemployment…
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-03-05

The Flight into Gold and Silver
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-02-27

Public debt: unsustainable and simply unpayayable
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-02-23

VIDEO: US Veterans Face Terrible Job Market
Watch the report on GRTV
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-02-17

Rising Debt and Manipulation of the Gold market
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-01-29

Great Depression, Debt and Economic Decline: Ireland, Portugal, Greece, US, UK
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-01-23

Financial Chaos and Debt Default in the European Union
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-01-19

The Global Economic Crisis: Financial Fraud has Become Increasingly Pervasive
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-01-12

America’s “Money Time Bomb”: Quantitative Easing is Inflationary
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-01-05

Adding Fuel to the Financial Fire. Deepening Crisis. Bogus Economic Statistics Used as a Coverup
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-12-29

“Shadow Lending” and the Financial Crisis
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-12-18

Economic Crisis in America: Mounting Household Debts, Threat to Pension Funds and Social Security
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-12-15

Crisis of the European Monetary System: The Euro Zone is on the Edge of Collapse
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-12-11

No Economic Exit Strategy: Only the Speculators on Wall Street are having a Good Time…
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-12-08

Massive Monetization: The Failure of the International Financial System
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-12-04

Fiat Currencies Versus Gold: Will China and Russia Quit using the US Dollar?
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-12-01

Roling the Dice: America’s Financial Dilemma
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-11-27

Mounting Unemployment in America: Poverty and “Social Explosion”
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-11-24

Crisis of Fiat Currencies: US Dollar Surpluses Converted into Gold
China, Russia, Iran are Dumping the Dollar
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-11-22

Crisis of the Global Financial System: Collapse in Consumer Spending, Unemployment, Rising Prices
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-11-19

Monetary Stalemate: Quantitative Easing Won’t Work
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-11-13

ForeClosureGate and The Economic Crisis, Spiralling Gold and Silver Prices
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-11-06

The Global Monetary System in Crisis: The Currency War Is Leading to a Trade War
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-11-03

The Global Monetary System in Crisis
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-10-30

The Securitization Scam: Foreclosures and the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS)
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-10-23

Currency Wars, Market Manipulation and Quantitative Easing
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-10-20

Quantitative Easing, Inflation, Hyperinflation and Global Deflationary Depression
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-10-17

A Plunge into a Monetary No Man’s Land
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-10-14

The US Economy is Faltering. An Inflationary Depression is in Progress
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-10-09

Towards an Inflationary Depression in America
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-10-02

Gold and the Currency Markets
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-09-29

Surge in the Price of Gold: The Inner Workings of the International Gold Market
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-09-25

The Economic Crisis is Worsening: Dollar Devaluation, Debt Default, Austerity and Growing Inflation
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-09-22

Gold Rebounds, Dollar Plummets, Higher Inflation is on its Way…
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-09-18

The US monetary system is in serious trouble: It is not Incompetence, it is Policy Manipulation
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-09-11

Quantitative Easing (QE2). Debt Created Out of Thin Air: The Crisis in Banking Has Worsened
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-09-04

The Fed’s Liquidity Trap: The American and world economies are in a deliberate state of slow collapse
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-09-01

Fiscal Debt and Monetization are taking the Financial System Down: The Biggest Losses will be in the Bond Market
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-08-28

The Illusion of Economic Recovery: The Fed Creates Money Out of Thin Air
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-08-11

Instability on the World’s Financial Markets: Personal and Corporate Bankruptcies are Roaring with no End in Sight
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-08-07

Debt is devouring Sovereign Nations. In the US, the Deficit is being Funded and Monetized by the Fed
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-08-01

Stage Two of Europe’s Credit Crisis: An Internal Bank and Sovereign Debt Crisis Combined
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-07-20

The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve are Manipulating the Gold Market
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-07-08

The U.S. Economy is Falling. Towards another Credit Collapse?
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-07-03

Central Banking in Crisis: Some Twenty Countries on the Verge of Insolvency
Market Volatility as the Debt Implosion Continues
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-06-23

The Fed’s Purchase of US Sovereign Debt: “The US Treasury is under the Control of the Fed’s Owners”.
US, UK and European financial systems are on the way to collapse
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-06-16

Towards The Inflationary Depression
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-06-02

Towards Another Stock Market Meltdown?
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-05-26

Evolving Financial Crisis: The World Banking System is Insolvent
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-05-24

The Demise of the Euro as a World Currency?
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-05-12

Sovereign Debt Crisis: Washington Complicit in Massive Financial Fraud on Wall Street
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-05-09

Global Financial Conflagration: The World of Fiat Money is Buckling under the Pressure of Unpayable Debts
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-05-02

Gold is a Viable Alternative to Currencies, in Spite of all the Manipulation
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-04-28

Attempts to defuse a Financial Scandal involving Goldman Sachs and the Mega Banks
More Bank Failures in the US
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-04-24

Decline in Bank Lending: Business Investment in America is almost at a Standstill
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-04-20

U.S. Economy: The Move Towards Deflation is Underway
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-04-15

The US dollar is vulnerable because of a staggering public debt
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-04-07

Financial Manipulation on Wall Street: An Economy run on Smoke and Mirrors
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-04-04

More Financial Bubbles Ahead in the US Housing Market
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-04-01

Financial Fraud on Wall Street
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-03-27

The Financial System in America is on the Edge of Default
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-03-14

Structural Weakness of the US Dollar. The Dollar Rally will not last
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-03-10

Sovereign Debt and the Economic Crisis: When Countries are Bankrupt…
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-03-06

Evolving Economic Catastrophe: Greek Tragedy Comes to America
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-03-03

Economic Crisis: The Sovereign Debt Bubble
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-02-19

Controlling the Ability of People and Organizations to Access the Internet
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-02-14

The Inflationary Depression
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-02-10

The second wave of mortgage defaults and foreclosures will hit the economy this year
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-02-07

Global Insolvency: How will the US Service its Debt?
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-02-03

Paul Volcker is back: Restructuring of the Financial Elites?
A Split has developed between Morgan & Goldman Forces.
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-01-28

Are we in an Economic Depression?
How can there be a recovery with the threat of mounting unemployment?
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-01-24

Market Review: The Future of Unemployment Benefits in the U.S.
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-01-21

Treasury Bills and the Budget Deficits: A Review of Financial Markets
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-01-19

Decline in Credit Card Debt in the United States
Review of Markets
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-01-13

The Surge in U.S. Personal Bankruptcies, Foreclosures and Job Losses
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-01-09

All Currencies will Continue to fall vs. Gold. Market Review
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-12-31

The Credit Crisis is Not Over
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-12-20

The greatest outpouring of money and credit from central banks and governments in history
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-12-18

Review of Financial Markets: The Call from Obama is for more Leverage and more Debt.
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-12-12

Currency Warfare
Review of Financial Markets
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-12-02

Farreaching Decision of the Federal Reserve: Banks which received TARP funds are to restrict commercial lending
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-11-28

Investors Buy Gold…
Review of financial markets
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-11-25

The Fed’s Policy of Near Zero Interest Rates
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-11-16

A financial system which has almost exclusively benefited the wealthy
Market Review
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-11-14

Upsurge of Global Leveraged Speculation: The Financial Crisis is not Over
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-11-06

Fall of the Dollar on G-20 Finance Ministers Agenda
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-10-26

Financial Machinations: The Global Debt Crisis is Destroying the Economic Structure
Market Trends
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-10-23

US Treasury Controlled by Wall Street
Geithner’s Kitchen Cabinet
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-10-19

Deepening Financial Crisis
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-10-15

US Economy: More Unemployment. Slowdown in the Pace of Job Losses
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-10-10

Failed Economic Policies and Rising Unemployment in the United States of America
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-10-08

The bear market rally will soon be over
There is only one place to be and that is in gold and silver related assets.
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-10-05

Is the 6-month Stock Market Rally About to End?.
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-10-01

The US Financial Structure is Doomed. Monetization, Crisis of Retail Trade, Decline of the Dollar
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-09-27

The Recession has Technically Ended: Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Bernanke!
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-09-19

Looming Global Debt Crisis
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-09-17

More Financial Bubbles Ahead?
Weakness of the US Economy, Declining Retail Sales, Rising Unemployment. and More Bankruptcies
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-09-13

Derivatives Collapse and the China Gold and Silver Markets
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-09-10

Financial Crisis: US Market Trends
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-09-05

No Economic Recovery in Sight: More Financial Chaos Ahead
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-09-03

Inflation is on Its Way
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-08-29

A Stock Market Rally Engineered by our Government
Stay as far away from it as possible
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-08-27

Bank Failures in the United States
Market Review
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-08-19

A Review of Markets: What Prospects for the US Economy?
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-08-15

Collapse in the Wake of the Fed’s Wall Street Bubble?
Market Review
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-08-13

Fiat Money Created Out of Thin Air: The Bank Bailouts are Unconstitutional
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-08-08

Market Review: The only way to guarantee wealth preservation is to have gold & silver related assets
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-08-05

Market Review: Weakening Dollar, Rising Urban Unemployment
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-08-01

Goldman Sachs Raking in Massive Profits
Market Review
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-07-18

The privately owned Federal Reserve runs our Country
Unemployment on the rise
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-07-16

America is now the world’s biggest debtor
Market Review
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-07-11

Evolving Economic Crisis: Review of Market Trends
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-07-09

Market Review: Failing US Banks seized by regulators
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-07-04

Worldwide Depression: Review of Global Markets
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-06-29

Towards an Inflationary Depression
A macroeconomic review
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-06-20

The next major move in the stock market will be DOWN
Last vestiges of a rally similar to what we saw in 1931
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-06-17

How long can the Dollar Last as the World’s Reserve Currency?
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-06-13

The Financial Meltdown: “We will never know the true inside story of what really went on”
Policies & Market Trends in the US
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-06-10

More Financial Turmoil Ahead: A Stock Market Bear Rally Built on Sand
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-06-06

US Dollar Hegemony over China and Russia
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-05-30

Depressed America: No Longer the Safe Harbor It Was For Investors
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-05-23

The Secrets of the Federal Reserve
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-05-13

Continued Turmoil on Financial Markets
A world stock market collapse could be imminent as a source of dollar support
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-05-09

Big Sting II: Insider Trade Continues. The Direction Of The Economy Is Not Going To Change
– by Bob Chapman – 2009-05-03 

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