Obama to be next neocon US president?
By Global Research
Global Research, December 01, 2008
Press TV 1 December 2008
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The next US government might not be able to keep its promise on ‘Change’ and might turn into a war-oriented administration, a prominent historian says.

President-elect Barack Obama, who inspired Americans during his presidential campaign, defeated his Republican rival John McCain thanks to the new slogans in a historic election last month.

During his transition time, Obama has been trying to name his administration among American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobbyists, foreign relation advisers, and congressmen.

Selecting Joe Biden as vice president who supported the Iraq war before it became unpopular was a surprising decision when Obama himself opposed the war. “He [Biden] is a strong supporter of Israel. He even made a statement ‘I am a Zionist’,” Stephen Sniegoski, US historian and author, told Press TV correspondent in Washington.

Obama’s decision to name Rahm Manuel as the White House chief of staff was another indicator of the influence of pro-Israeli lobby in his campaign.

“Rahm Manuel is a very strong Zionist, even he went to Israel to help out the military during the first Persian Gulf war,” said Sneigoski.

On Monday, the Democrat is expected to pick former rival Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, another Democrat who has been at odds with Obama in the past over foreign policy, including Iran.

“Hillary Clinton made a statement that she would if Iran attacks Israel, that the United States should annihilate Iran,” said Sneigoski.

Speculation runs high that despite Obama’s campaign promises to open up dialogue with Iran, his policy could be changed with the new members of his cabinet and advisers who are supportive of Israel.

During his campaign, the president-elect declared his full support for Israel, saying that ‘I will always keep the threat of military action on the table to defend our security and our ally Israel’.

The US author, Sneigoski concluded that the Obama administration would be a war-oriented administration.

Meanwhile, Dennis Ross, a former member of AIPAC, is reportedly angling for top positions in the Obama administration.  Dennis Ross, an adviser to Hillary Clinton, said in a study by Bipartisan Policy Council last month that Washington ‘might have little time and fewer options to deal with Iran. Military strike is feasible, but last resort’.

The US and Israel accuse the Islamic Republic of making efforts to produce nuclear weapons; Iran insists its nuclear program is directed at peaceful purposes.

The UN nuclear watchdog responsible for investigating Iranian nuclear activities confirmed in its latest report that it has “been able to continue to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran.”

The body has conducted the highest number of investigations in the history of the organization on Iran’s nuclear sites.

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