Obama’s Re-election Chances May be Fading.


Unless President Obama breathes life into a massive New Deal-type jobs and reconstruction effort that is visible, that can be seen by, and that helps, millions, and unless he does it now, and not in some vague Tomorrow, his chances for re-election, will shrivel. (Not that I care: I plan to vote Green.) That’s because this presidential campaign early on is being fought out largely on domestic issues, with appeals to voter self-interest. In all the Republican debates and Democratic oratory until now, have you heard anything about USA’s role (i.e.,warmongering) in the Middle East?

So far, the campaign jabber is all-about taxes or rebuilding U.S. infrastructure—not about restoring that which we reduced to rubble in Iraq. Americans seem indifferent to the fate of those we destroy overseas— maybe not surprising as the six wars we are waging get so little media play. We think we can commit crimes against humanity and walk away from them—and so we do.

Last night’s pundits on MSNBC TV waxed eloquent about Mr. Obama’s “tough talk” re creating jobs. Did they forget this is the same hombre who talked liberal in 2008 but acted mostly like any reactionary once in the White House? His pledge to get out of Iraq is visibly undercut by our building a gigantic embassy-fortress in Baghdad. The U.S. has subjugated Iraq and intends to rule it until the last drop of oil has been squeezed from its soil.

President Obama, after all, is a creature of the Central Intelligence Agency, the world’s deadliest international criminal organization; his college loans were paid for by the CIA and he got his first job after college from the CIA. This CIA has long aligned itself closely with grasping oil firms out to plunder and profit—and who are reaping sensational war-time profits at this hour—the world’s motorists and homeowners be damned. It needs to be understood those 900 bases the Pentagon has built are not for defense, but for offense, to control every region of the planet, as the latest deals with Colombia and Australia reveal. (For details see Obama’s Family ties to the CIA, September 2010) 

So Mr. Obama is hardly a president deserving of re-election. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is right urging Dumbocrats to challenge Obama in the primaries. Since his foreign policy is identical to that of his Republican critics and his domestic policies have largely flopped, there is no better time to consider Green or libertarian alternatives.

Under Mr. Obama’s tyranical stewardship, the U.S. empire expands abroad by force and violence as its policies pauperize Americans at home. Only yesterday, the New York Times reported more than one in three young families with children, 37 percent, are living in poverty. True unemployment is closer to 20 percent than 10 percent and there are four job-seekers for each opening while more than 40 million subsist in poverty and like numbers are dining on food stamps and nearly 100 million report housing problems. With a Congress made up primarily of the well-to-do, if not the millionaire class, and who are willing handmaidens of the corporate elite, USA is no longer a government of, by and for the people. The people wrote in 100 to one against a bailout and Congress ignored them.

In his Inaugural Address of 1937, President Franklin Roosevelt said, “I see one-third of a nation ill-housed,” a condition that seems likely to repeat itself today. “I see millions denied education, recreation, and the opportunity to better their lot and the lot of their children,” FDR added, and those words resonate again as school teachers are laid off by the tens of thousands, as libraries are shut down for lack of funds, as State and municipal services are abandoned in favor of feeding the Pentagon’s military machine, which is spending $500 billion just on the F-35 fighter. And so ends the American dream—not with a whimper but with a bang. #

Sherwood Ross who runs a public relations firm for worthy causes and writes on political and military topics. Reach him at [email protected]

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