Obama’s Health Plan and the Impoverishment of the Middle Class

Selected Articles

Western Civilization and the Economic Crisis: The Impoverishment of the Middle Class
When Empire Hits Home, Part 2
– by Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2010-03-30

VIDEO: Children of Gaza
– by Channel Four TV (U.K.) – 2010-03-29

Health Care Battle Ends; War on Social Security Begins
– by Shamus Cooke – 2010-03-29

VIDEO: NATO Tries to Silence a Truth-Teller in Afghanistan After Killing Pregnant Women
– by Derrick Crowe – 2010-03-29

War Games: Israel gets ready to Strike at Iran’s Nuclear Sites
– 2010-03-29

Chavez: Clinton thinks US owns ‘the continent’
– 2010-03-29

We Need to End Insurance Market-based Health Care
What Did We Get? Where Are We? And, Where Do We Go From Here?
– by Kevin Zeese – 2010-03-29

Beijing Challenges the US-NATO-Israel Military Agenda: China’s Stance Boosts Iran
– by Atul Aneja – 2010-03-29

The Plight of Mass Unemployment in America. What are the Causes?
Workhouse Nation: Part Two
– by Vi Ransel – 2010-03-29

Media Bias Directed against Palestinians
Research Suggests BBC Arabic Coverage Not Objective
– 2010-03-29

Memo to The Media: Forget your Focus on Politicians. How a Teen Summit, Broadway Show, Feature Who the Real Changemakers Are
– by Danny Schechter – 2010-03-29

Media Disinformation regarding America’s Afghan War
– by Prof. Marc Herold – 2010-03-28

The Pentagon is using Haiti as a Training Ground for Afghanistan
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2010-03-28

Haiti is being used as a military training ground for forces without in-theater combat experience

The CIA’s Strategy to Manipulate European Public Opinion on the Afghanistan War
Revelations of Leaked Document
– by Tom Burghardt – 2010-03-28

‘At war’ US justifies drone attacks in Pak as act of ‘self-defence’
– 2010-03-28

The Looming Water Disaster That Could Destroy California, and Enrich Its Billionaire Farmers
– by Yasha Levine – 2010-03-28

NATO Boss Pushes For More Europe Defense Spending
– 2010-03-28

Druglords and Politicians: Washington’s Drug War Strengthens Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel
– by Mike Whitney – 2010-03-28

Foreign control of large swathes of the Sinai Peninsula obtained through fraud and Israeli involvement
– 2010-03-28

CIA Paper Reveals Plans to Manipulate European Opinion on Afghanistan
– by Daniel Tencer – 2010-03-28

Deep Background – Assassinating Americans
– by Philip Giraldi – 2010-03-28

As Obama Talks Of Arms Control, Russians View U.S. As Global Aggressor
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-03-28

In Iran Visit, Lula Hopes to Prevent Iraq War ‘Mistake’
– 2010-03-27

US Must Take Precautions in Sending Guantanamo Inmates to Georgia – Moscow
– 2010-03-27

Financial Fraud on Wall Street
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-03-27

VIDEO: Alan Greenspan: The Financial Crisis was Caused by a “Once-in-a-Century” Event
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-03-27

Crude Oil Still Stuck at $80; Natural Gas Falls Below $4
– by Darrell Delamaide – 2010-03-27

Europe Dithers On ‘Tobin Tax’
– by Jaya Ramachandran – 2010-03-27

Citizens United Against Citizens United
– by David Swanson – 2010-03-27

Nuclear Weapons present a real and present Danger to Humanity and Life on Earth
– by David Krieger – 2010-03-27

Haiti death toll could reach 300,000: Preval
– by Mica Rosenberg – 2010-03-26

Child Obesity in America: “Mommy, Mommy! Why Am I Fat?”
– by David Kendall – 2010-03-26

Increasing the availability of healthier foods does not improve access unless Americans have the purchasing power necessary to make healthier choices.

Obama’s Health Plan: The Continuing Battle
– by Binoy Kampmark – 2010-03-26

Soldier of Conscience Granted Clemency
– by Dahr Jamail – 2010-03-26

Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem Does Not Belong to Jewish-Israelis
– by Juan Cole – 2010-03-26

God & His Demons: Taking on the Religious Right
Review of Michael Parenti’s book
– by Gregory Elich – 2010-03-26

Good-Bye: Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It
– by Paul Craig Roberts – 2010-03-26

Anti Coup Resistance a Target of Extrajudicial Killings: Honduran Professor Assassinated
– 2010-03-26

U.S. Plunges Central America Back To Era Of Coups And Death Squads
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-03-26

NATO Urges Missile Defense Pact, Cites Iran Threat
– by David Brunnstrom – 2010-03-26

VIDEO: Eight Million Africans Died in Wars Financed by US, UK
Statement by Law Professor Peter Erlinder of the ICTR
– by Ann Garrison – 2010-03-26

Fidel Castro: Thoughts on Obama and Health Reform in the United States
– by Fidel Castro Ruz – 2010-03-26

War Criminal Tony Blair Should Not Be Allowed on Malaysian Soil
– 2010-03-26

News from Venezuela
Orinoco Post English Edition. This Week’s Feature: Venezuela’s Internet Revolution
– 2010-03-26

UN Human Rights Council Adopts Five Resolutions Against Israel
– by Cem Ertür – 2010-03-26

US Keeps Meddling in Nicaragua Affairs
– 2010-03-26

China Seeks Russia Alliance to Counter US Dominance
– 2010-03-25

US Stands Alone in Human Rights Council Votes on Israel
– 2010-03-25

NATO Membership Sought in Serbia
– 2010-03-25

NATO-Israel Military Cooperation: Hungarian Military Aware of Israeli Jets, Says Defense Minister
– 2010-03-25

Militarizing Latin America
– by Noam Chomsky – 2010-03-25

Afghanistan Reflects US’ Self-Obsession
The US has to rethink its strategy toward Afghanistan
– by Sun Zhuangzhi – 2010-03-25

NATO Rejects Russia’s Demand to Destroy Afghan Poppy Fields
– 2010-03-25

Full Circle: NATO Completes Takeover Of Former Yugoslavia
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-03-25

The Balkans: 11 Years Since the Latest War in Europe
– 2010-03-25

Financial Fraud in America. Wall Street: The Next Big Fight
– by Danny Schechter – 2010-03-25

Israel’s Triumph to Disaster
Who will stop Israel in its relentless expropriation of Palestine
– by Bashir Abu-Manneh – 2010-03-25

NATO Toll to 134 This Year in Afghanistan
– 2010-03-25

Israel’s Provocation at al-Aqsa
Rabbi Plans ‘Miracle’ at the Western Wall
– by Jonathan Cook – 2010-03-25

Cuba: Human Rights Again?
– by Saul Landau – 2010-03-25

Have a Nice World War, Folks
– by John Pilger – 2010-03-25

Poll: 73% of Russians View the US as Aggressor
– 2010-03-25

Afghanistan, Energy Geopolitics and the TAPI Pipeline
– by John Foster – 2010-03-25

Coca-Cola Causes Serious Depletion of Water Resources in India
Liable for US$ 48 Million for Damages
– 2010-03-24

Selling South Africa: Poverty, Politics and the 2010 FIFA World Cup
– by Chris Webb – 2010-03-24

Obama the Cold Warrior? Hostile Relations with Russia and China
– by Sean Fenley – 2010-03-24

The Afghan Ant Hole: The New US-NATO Offensive will Run into Trouble
– by Eric Walberg – 2010-03-24

Iran: US ‘works on’ China to Isolate Iran
– by Finian Cunningham – 2010-03-24

U.S. Military Contractors Move into Africa
– by Noel Brinkerhoff – 2010-03-24

NATO’s Kosovo War, 11 Years Later
– by James Bissett – 2010-03-24

Creating A Multi-Polar World: Beijing, Moscow make case against Unilateralism
– by Robert Bridge – 2010-03-24

The US Mexican Border: Obama’s Bloody War in Juarez
– by Mike Whitney – 2010-03-24

Social Inequality in America: Widening Income Disparities.
– by Vi Ransel – 2010-03-24

The Blackmail of America: How the U.S. Is Still on the Wrong Side in Serbia
– by Julia Gorin – 2010-03-23

U.S. Interceptors Will Target Russian Nuclear Capability: Commander
Russia says no arms reduction deal without missile defense clause
– 2010-03-23

NAFTA Highway: Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor
– 2010-03-23

Journalist Attempts Citizen’s Arrest of Blair in EU Parliament
– by Leigh Phillips – 2010-03-23

Israel is Stealing Palestinian and Arab Water
– by Sawsan Ramahi – 2010-03-23

VIDEO: Gaza – The March for Freedom
– by Santiago Bertolino – 2010-03-23

Depleted Uranium: A War Crime Within a War Crime
Destroying Iraq’s Future, Its Children
– by William Bowles – 2010-03-23

Disinformation and the Capitalist Economic System: What Is To Be Done
– by Walter Crompton , Finian Cunningham – 2010-03-23

American Aid to Israel: Money for Insults
– by Ralph Nader – 2010-03-23

The Organization of American States (OAS) without the US. An Alternative
– by Nil Nikandrov – 2010-03-23

Destroying Educational Institutions or Using them for Military Purposes is a War Crime
– by Dirk Adriaensens – 2010-03-23

The Lies of America’s Corporate Media and the “Global War on Terrorism”
– by David Swanson – 2010-03-23

Arctic War Games: Canada, Denmark Team up for Military Exercise
– 2010-03-23

VIDEO: Cynthia McKinney: Citizen’s Arrest of George W. Bush
The Trial of Splitting the Sky
– by Cynthia McKinney – 2010-03-23

Iraqi Elections: A Crucial Step in the National Reconciliation Process
– by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East – 2010-03-23

How Sovereign is Europe? Washington has Murdered Privacy Rights at Home And Abroad
– by Paul Craig Roberts – 2010-03-22

Israel’s ‘No Renting to Arabs’ Policy
Jewish couple lose court battle to help Bedouin friends
– by Jonathan Cook – 2010-03-22

Defeat in Victory: the Democrats’ Health Care Bill
– by Shamus Cooke – 2010-03-22

Bailing out the Greeks: The Revolt in the Eurozone
– by Binoy Kampmark – 2010-03-22

War, Racism and the Empire of Poverty
When Empire Hits Home, Part 1
– by Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2010-03-22

The global political economy is a system that enriches the very few at the expense of the vast majority.

Japan Drops a Bomb by Suggesting US Nukes May be Permissible
– 2010-03-22

NATO Fighters’ Exercise Takes Place in Baltic Air Space
– 2010-03-22

Poland, Romania: U.S. Missile System From Baltic To Black Sea
– 2010-03-22

Chairs of 9/11 Commission & Joint Intelligence Inquiry into 9/11: Government Minders Obstructed 9/11 Investigation
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-03-22

Federal Reserve Must Disclose Bank Bailout Records
– by David Glovin, Bob Van Voris – 2010-03-22

United States Hypocrisy Knows No Rationale -Take it to the UN
– by Jim Miles – 2010-03-22

Greece: The Curse of Three Generations of Papandreous
– by James Petras – 2010-03-22

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