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It is more than a coincidence that as the coronavirus (Covid 19) continues to peak and then peak again, millions of Americans remain In Shelter; thereby out-of-the-loop about the most significant political corruption crisis in American history; especially as on-going revelations born out of Russiagate have now found its way into the Obama Oval Office.

Even prior to the election, Donald Trump offended  Democratic sensibility with his garbled syntax, a less articulate vocabulary mixed with flamboyant expressions especially as compared to the more erudite Barack Obama who started war in four countries living in peace in 2008 and institutionalized a Tuesday morning “kill” list.

Since Trump’s election, the Dems have revealed a sense of desperation as they have proven  a willingness to destroy the American republic. They have played the psy op card to perfection with a coordinated campaign of orchestrated chaos in order to manipulate their own  rank n file to spew hate and division.  Using treachery, deceit and Agent provocateurs, the party establishment have created an unprecedented national political  (and health) crisis that is now threatening to boomerang onto one of their own favorite sons.

We  now know that the crisis was  more deeply conceived and coordinated than  any average American could have ever imagined as the FBI and Department of Justice hierarchy, both controlled by embedded Democratic loyalists, pulled out all the stops to bring down a duly elected President.

Some months after the fact, NBC News, reported that three anonymous Obama officials, confirmed that a mere 48 hours after the November 8th election, Obama and Trump met for 90 minutes in the Oval Office. To conduct such a high level meeting so soon, as absentee ballots were still being counted in some states, seems highly unusual.

Clearly, there was  more than just a passing interest in meeting with a  necessary timeliness that conveyed a level of immediacy, if not urgency.  Sources confirmed that it was Obama who broached  the subject and  warned Trump against hiring Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as being not ‘suitable’ for such a sensitive post.

Having campaigned on normalizing relations with Russia and President Vladimir Putin, Trump appointed Flynn as Director of National Intelligence on November 16.  Given the timeline, Trump had obviously not accepted Obama’s advice and, in fact, appears to have not given the suggestion any serious consideration.   Flynn, who also believed Putin to be more of a potential ally than China, had been Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency from  2012 until  2014. He was fired by Obama for ‘mismanagement’ while publicly disagreeing with Obama policy in the Middle East and had a reputation for being critical of the Iraq War.  Clearly, Obama and Flynn have, as yet, an unexamined history.

Since Obama was obviously aware of Flynn’s stature in the Trump campaign, why did he feel the need to malign his appointment?  Knowing how Obama felt about Trump and about Flynn, it is curious that Obama would not have seen an opportunity for Flynn to do damage to Trump’s foreign policy objectives.  Unless, Flynn might have revealed an iota of a personal or political nature about Obama OR more importantly, at what point in the course of his duties as National Security Adviser,  would Flynn have discovered the truth of the Obama Administration’s scurrilous seditious role to undermine and remove Trump as President?

On January 4, 2017, the FBI’s Washington Field Office issued a “Closing Communication” in deciding to close its investigation of Flynn since no evidence of collusion with Russia had been found.   By late January,  the now disgraced Agent Peter Strzok argued against the dismissal.  The necessary paperwork was never filed and the Flynn file remained open.

On January 5, 2017, a key strategic meeting was held in the Oval Office just prior to the Inauguration with President Barack Obama presiding.  Attendees included CIA Director John Brennan, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Deputy AG Sally Yates, FBI Director Jim Comey, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Vice President Joe Biden.

While it appears that the Dossier and Flynn’s  December 29th conversation with Russian Ambassador Kislyak was  a main topic of interest, there are areas of disagreement and unknowns.  After discussion, Obama dismissed those staffers not part of the incoming Trump Administration with only Yates and Comey remaining.

A recently declassified House Intel Committee testimony quotes Comey as asserting  that it was Obama who raised the issue of Flynn while Yates, according to declassified testimony to the Mueller investigation, also asserted that Obama raised the Flynn matter during their after-meeting and that, for the first time,  Obama informed her of his concerns about Flynn.

In a recently declassified email dated January 20, 2017, Susan Rice added a different version of the event asserting that she and Biden also remained  for the after-meeting and that it was Comey who raised the issue of Flynn, not the President.

An educated guess might be that  the January 5 meeting provided the stark realization that Flynn represented a devastating threat to the Obama Administration’s disinformation campaign and that his presence must be removed from  the Trump White House Soon after the meeting, allegations against Flynn escalated dramatically with an orchestrated attack to massively disrupt Trump’s ability to govern at all levels.  To advance the narrative, such a campaign required the active participation of every layer of the DNC the Democratic Mockingbird media, the intelligence community and the Silicon Valley establishment.

Examples of that  escalation:

  • On January 10th the Steele Dossier was leaked and published by BuzzFeed claiming Trump’s “deep ties’ with Russia as it acknowledged the document was unverified and contained errors.
  • On January 12th the Washington Post published an article revealing the Flynn/Kislyak conversation and introduced the Russian hack/collusion conspiracy into the American political dialogue.

Both were examples of the level of irresponsible journalism that was to come; each explosive and  inflammatory as they set the stage for a never-ending drum beat of manufactured news for the next three years.

  • Also on January 12,  VP Joe Biden requested the unmasking of Gen Flynn joining an unprecedented 29 other Democratic officials who had previously requested Flynn’s unmasking.

Written as a prelude to the January 24th “ambush” interview and recently declassified were scribbled notes by former counter intelligence head Bill Priestap that questioned the criminal entrapment of  Flynn:

         “what is our goal? ..truth/admission or get him to lie so we can prosecute    him or get him fired?”

Unanswered Questions

  • On May 7. 2020, the DOJ dismissed charges against Flynn acknowledging that the FBI had ‘no basis’ to conduct the January 24,  interview and given the FBI’s proposed dismissal of Flynn’s case on January 4, what was Comey’s reasoning and when did he decide to initiate the interview?  Why did assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe assure Flynn there was no need for legal counsel to be present?
  • Why did Strzok argue against closing the Flynn file since he conducted the January 24thinterview and later reported to Comeythat there was no evidence that Flynn was lying?  Did the strategy shift as a result of the January 5thmeeting without Strzok having been been informed?
  • Why did Susan Rice have a distinctly different recollection of who attended the January 5thafter-meeting?  How could three participants fundamentally disagree about what should be an easily obvious fact of who attended?
  • What are the specific details of Obama’s participation during the entire January 5thmeeting?   Why was there an after-meeting  and who attended? Did Obama initiate or approve any further action with regard to Gen. Flynn, President Trump  or the Trump Administration?
  • One last question:  What is the status of the official record of the January 5thmeeting (the audio and the official minutes)?   When will it be declassified and publicly available?


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Renee Parsons  has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and President of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth and staff member in the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC. Renee is a student of the Quantum Field.  She may be reached at [email protected]

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