A Nuclear War Has No Victor! U.S. Military Preparation is Underway

The Impending U.S. War and Impeachment

On May 30th, Peter Baker, the chief White House correspondent for The New York Times wrote: “Mueller Delivered a Message. Washington Couldn’t Agree on What It Was.”  In this article, he argues that the statement by “Robert S. Mueller III as special counsel proved as polarizing and unsatisfying as almost everything else”; “what President Trump heard” was “Case closed” and what “his adversaries heard” was “Time to impeach.” Historically, this is a classic case of a standoff between the irreconcilable sections of ruling elites; however, the public display of this conflict at this level is unprecedented in the history of the United States.

The Democratic Party establishment through its loyal “pundits” in the media and of course their 2020 candidates are propagating that “impeachment” is the solution to solve the current problems in the U.S. They proudly are advising Madam Speaker, that it is their “Congressional oversight duty” to investigate obstruction of justice by President Trump and his advisers and the time is now. On the other hand, the White House and Republican Party are playing their own counter “investigation” game and have made it crystal clear that no longer they would comply with any subpoena to testify about Robert Mueller’s Russia report. Politically, both parties have reached the end of a dead-end ally. Is the 2020 presidential election a way out of this quagmire? The short answer is no. Based on the deep animosity that has been displayed by the two dominant parties since the last presidential election; expecting a normal, democratic and civilized election process would be unrealistic.

However both parties regardless of their differences share two common challenges.

First, they are the fearful of the frustrated American people who have no interest in their family feud and are struggling with the day to day challenges of having a decent life with dignity.

Second, on the global scale, both parties understand that the U.S. weaken economy has undermined their imperialist power significantly. Therefore, in order to project a strong state of union and also gaining back the “glorious” era of the post WWII, the ruling elite have a mutual understanding that a confrontation on a national and international scale is unavoidable.

We already are witnessing that the democratic rights of the average working people in the U.S. are under attack. Even the elected representatives are chastised when they freely express their opinion on certain political issues.

The courageous Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange unlawfully are confined in harsh conditions under psychological torture for uncovering the truth. Their punishment is a clear message to all whistleblowers and independent journalists who dare to question or expose the corruptions and criminal operations which are conducted within the U.S. government or through big companies with the approval of the government authorities.

Today, in day light, the rightwing lawmakers are limiting the women’s rights as much as they can in hope to turn back time to the dark ages. Under these circumstances, one can imagine how these official hangmen would treat the defenseless immigrant women and children who have reached the U.S. and seek asylum.

On the international level, the U.S. government plays an even more dreadful role. According to the current U.S. foreign policy; China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and the major European countries are considered as adversary regimes that needs to be dealt with in one way or another. Both Democrats and Republicans believe that a major war gives them a chance to rally their national and international forces. Both parties see a major military conflict as a catalyzing factor to tilt the power for a fundamental change in their benefit. President Trump plays a unique role in flaming the trade and military wars. Since 2016, Mr. Trump’s contradictory positions on many issues have discredited his Administration and the role of the U.S. in the world.

As a conman, Mr. Trump promises a lot which cannot deliver, but he is relentless in delivering his fascistic polices in undermining the democratic foundation in the United States. His constant surprises throw the entire U.S. economy into chaos and his illogical warmongering and peace offering talks at the same time on Iran or North Korea makes the U.S. foreign policy look rather strange. His behavior against his political opponents violates all the norms which were sacred once to U.S. Presidents. When it comes to the question of war and peace, no one can take President Trump’s tweets too seriously. Maybe the best description so far was given by one of the President’s staunch supporter who enthusiastically commented on the Fox News – in regard to Mr. Trump recent press conference in Japan that “Sometime President Trump plays good cop and sometime he plays bad cop, but he is the top cop all the time!”

True peace activists know very well that imperialists’ wars do not happen by accident or by an ambitious leader of a country. On the contrary, igniting a major war is a calculated plan with considerable in advance military preparation. Prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, upon President Bush request in 2002, his Administration received the Congressional authorization to use of force against Iraq. At the same time, the Bush Administration worked hard propagating fake news and unsubstantiated lies/accusations, put pressure on the European allies and also the U.N. Security Council to get the UN approval for invasion of Iraq. Today, once again the U.S. government is preparing for another major war. However, time has changed. The Trump Administration does not think a Congressional authorization or U.N. approval is needed. This time the target is Iran and tactics have not changed. Mr. Trump advisors have been busy to propagate the similar unsubstantiated lies and accusations to justify a duplication of the same failed and dangerous military action in that region again. However, the next U.S. military “shock and awe” campaign would not be confined to a single country, rather it would ignite a global war. Certainly, Russia as one of the military powers involved in the Middle East affairs and close neighbor and ally of Iranian government which has “good military cooperation” with Iran -as Mr. Putin pointed out in Tehran – cannot afford to be neutral, when the U.S. military operation begins. That war would not look anything like U.S./Saudi war against Yemen, it certainly drags many countries to theater of war many of which have the nuclear power capabilities.

Regardless of the grim future of any armed conflict in the Persian Gulf, U.S. military preparation is underway. The U.S. has already sent an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the region and is determined and projects to be victorious in this war with the last drop of her young Americans. This unfortunate fact was reflected best in the Vice President Pence speech to the 2019 Graduates Class of the West Point Military Academy, when he promised: “It is a virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for America at some point in your life.”

Regarding the political preparation for war, Mr. Pompeo and Bolton are all over places. Mr. Pompeo with the carrot and stick diplomacy is trying to convince the European countries that “Maximum Pressure” on Iran via sanctions is working and there is no need for a military war, at the same time Mr. Pompeo warns that the U.S. would punish those who still looking to trade with Iran in any form and shape. According to the Associated Press; in Germany: the “U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo brought the Trump Administration’s campaign against Iran to Europe for the third time this month amid heightened Mideast tensions and a risk of open conflict that has unnerved American allies.” Meanwhile Mr. Bolton after profound statement that “Iran was almost certainly responsible for the recent attacks on oil tankers and pipelines in the Gulf” is encouraging Saudi Arabia and the UAE to stay strong since he will show the world the “evidence” soon.

The madness of warmongers is beyond belief. An international unity for peace by the working people around the world (independent of their governments) is the last chance to prevent another Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

A nuclear war has no victor!


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Massoud Nayeri is a graphic designer and an independent peace activist based in the United States. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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Ellen Brown, author of ‘Web of Debt’ and president of the Public Banking Institute   

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