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Behind the Syrian Network for Human Rights: How an Opposition Front Group Became Western Media’s Go-to monitor By Max Blumenthal, June 25 2019

Top media outlets turn to the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) for figures on deaths and detentions, never noting the group’s seamless connection to Syria’s opposition, the support it receives from states that waged war on the country, or

The Monkey’s Face. The Climate Crisis is Destroying “Real Environmentalism” By John Steppling, June 24 2019

“The more reified the world becomes, the thicker the veil cast upon nature, the more the thinking weaving that veil in its turn claims ideologically to be nature, primordial experience.” — Theodor Adorno (Critical Models)

“Nature contains, though often unnoticed,

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East By Israel Shahak and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, June 24 2019
When viewed in the current context, the war on Iraq, the 2006 war on Lebanon, the 2011 war on Libya, the ongoing wars on Syria and Iraq, the war on Yemen, must be understood in relation to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East
U.S. “Military Aid” to Al Qaeda, ISIS-Daesh By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, June 24 2019
The total shipment is of the order of 994 tons of “humanitarian” R2P light weapons for the “Moderates” in Syria. (in a single shipment out of Romania) among numerous comparable shipments by sea as well as by air...
HBO’s “Chernobyl”: A Cautionary Tale About Splitting Atoms, or Another Chapter of Anti-Russia Propaganda? By Dennis Riches, June 24 2019

I’ve always been kind of obsessed by things nuclear. From the time I learned about nuclear arsenals as a child, I wondered how masses of people could tolerate this Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads. A few years ago,

Trump “Rethinks”, Abruptly Calls Off Military Strike: US Credibility Dented in Iran Standoff. The Danger of Escalation Remains By M. K. Bhadrakumar, June 24 2019

The US President Donald Trump’s reported decision abruptly to call off military strike against Iran which he’d previously ordered, highlights the growing complexity of the US-Iranian entanglement. 

Indeed, it takes political courage to rationalise amidst such a dangerous situation …

Memo to the President: Is Pompeo’s Iran Agenda the Same as Yours? By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, June 24 2019

UPDATED: VIPS says its direct experience with Mike Pompeo leaves them with strong doubt regarding his trustworthiness on issues of consequence to the President and the nation.

DATE: June 21, 2019

MEMORANDUM FOR: The President.

FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for …

Lying by Omission Is Still Lying By Nino Pagliccia, June 24 2019

There is no doubt that lying in any form and for questionable reasons is not an accepted value. It can cause serious consequences on those who are the object of lies. It some cases it can cost lives. A person

‘Modified’: A Film About GMOs and the Corruption of “Food Supply for Profit” By Colin Todhunter, June 24 2019

Parts of the documentary Modified are spent at the kitchen table. But it’s not really a tale about wonderful recipes or the preparation of food. Ultimately, it’s a story of capitalism, money and power and how our most basic rights

Bolton Is in Israel Conferring with Netanyahu How to Provoke US Attack on Iran By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, June 24 2019

As I posted on June 22, the world still faces the danger of an attack on Iran by Washington acting as an agent of Netanyahu.  Israeli agent John Bolton is already in Israel conferring with Netanyahu.  It is a

Hundreds of 737 Max Pilots Sue Boeing over ‘Unprecedented Cover-Up” By Zero Hedge, June 24 2019

Over 400 pilots have joined a class-action lawsuit against Boeing, accusing the company of an “unprecedented cover-up” of “known design flaws” on the company’s top-selling 737 MAX, according to the Australian Broadcasting Company. 

The MAX, first put into service in …

As Conflict with Iran Escalates, Path to Peace Can be Found By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, June 24 2019

The recent escalation of conflict between the United States and Iran threatens another US military quagmire that would create crisis and chaos in Iran, the region and perhaps globally as well as costing the US trillions of dollars. The US

Trained to Lie: The Making of the Modern Politician By Julian Rose, June 24 2019
It would appear these days, that unless one can show that one is important or an expert in some way or other, one will not be taken seriously by those who only see life as a social climbing highway called ‘career making'.
Iran and the Dangers of Nuclear War. The Risk of a US Preemptive War By Stephen Lendman, June 24 2019

Pompeo, Bolton, and their hardline underlings seek coalition partners of the willing for confronting Iran militarily. More on this below.

Sunday on NBC News Meet the Press, Trump made a rare candid statement, saying “(i)f it was up to (John

“Theoretical Lies” of the World Bank. Developing Countries and the Hidden Agenda of the “Washington Consensus” By Eric Toussaint, June 24 2019

In 2019, the World Bank (WB) and the IMF will be 75 years old. These two international financial institutions (IFI), founded in 1944, are dominated by the USA and a few allied major powers who work to generalize policies that

Secret US-Russia-Israel National Security Summit in Jerusalem: What is the Hidden Agenda? By Andrew Korybko, June 24 2019

This week’s National Security Advisor summit in Jerusalem is an historic event because of the participation of the Russian, Israeli, and American representatives during this multi-day meeting from 24-26 June, but it’s also a juicy one too because of

The Mechanism of Economic Sanctions: Changing Perceptions and Euphemisms By Elias Davidsson, June 24 2019

“Economic sanctions”, a mode of coercion in international relations resuscitated in recent years, has prompted renewed and lively scholarly interest in the subject. Why have such measures become so popular?

One answer is that they “constitute a means of exerting

“Violent Voyeurism”: Surveillance, Spyware and Human Rights By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, June 24 2019

Surveillance is merely a variant of violent voyeurism, the human behind the camera or visual apparatus observing behaviour in a setting, often private.  Its premise is privacy’s violation; its working assumption is privacy’s irrelevance; officially tolerated such a concept is

Report Highlights Mistreatment of Refugee Children in US Internment Camps By Fred Mazelis, June 24 2019

A report this week by the Associated Press (AP) on conditions facing children at a Border Patrol station near El Paso, Texas, highlights the inhuman treatment of children under the Trump Administration’s savage anti-immigrant campaign.

The AP, in an account …

Be Thankful for Trump’s Iran Indecision… For Now By Kurt Nimmo, June 23 2019

We can for now be thankful Trump didn’t kill people and blow things up in Iran yesterday. Even so, the fact he went full-throttle, and then backed off is worrisome. 

It’s been obvious for some time now the president is

Trump Has a $259 Million Reason to Bomb Iran By Eli Clifton, June 23 2019

On Thursday, the United States came perilously close to a military confrontation with Iran after it downed a U.S. drone that may or may not have entered the country’s air space. President Donald Trump reportedly ordered a retaliatory military strike

Provoking Iran Could Start a War and Crash the World Economy By Federico Pieraccini, June 23 2019

Tensions in the Persian Gulf are reaching a point of no return. In recent weeks, six oil tankers have been subjected to Israeli sabotage disguised to look like Iranian attacks to induce the United States to take military action

War Propaganda and the US-NATO “War of Terror” Against Syria and Its People By Mark Taliano, June 23 2019

Washington-led NATO has always sought to destroy Syria as a functioning state. In order to achieve this goal, its air campaign and its terrorists have continuously targeted infrastructure. Schools, hospitals, and their employees have been targeted either for destruction or

US-China Economic Warfare: Chinese Enterprises Blacklisted by the US By Stephen Lendman, June 23 2019

The US considers China a strategic adversary. Waging war on the China by other means makes reconciling major bilateral differences all the harder.

According to a US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) document, 143 tech-related Chinese …

Germany vs. Iran – Has Germany Sold Out to the Devil? By Peter Koenig, June 23 2019
Madame Angela Merkel – the head of Europe’s strongest economy, of the leader of the European Union, said that there was strong evidence that Iran attacked the two tankers in the Gulf of Oman.
Trump Told Iran of Imminent Attack, Then Offered Talks By Jason Ditz, June 23 2019

Having signed off on an attack against Iran early Thursday, President Trump didn’t just tell the military and diplomats that he was on board. Trump also sent a message to the Iranian government, by way of Oman, telling them that

History of World War II: The D-Day Landing, The Red Army’s “Operation Bagration”, Summer of 1944 By Dr. Leon Tressell, June 23 2019

President Trump’s controversial visit to the UK finished with his departure to Normandy to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Trump gathered with other Western leaders for the usual photo op which did not include the leaders

Iran Had the Legal Right to Shoot Down US Spy Drone By Prof. Marjorie Cohn, June 23 2019

The New York Times is reporting that on June 20, President Trump ordered military strikes against Iran to retaliate for its shootdown of a U.S. drone, but then pulled back and didn’t launch them. Officials told the Times that

Aleppo: Where Hospitals Were Turned into Sharia Gaols By Gail Malone, June 23 2019

This article was originally published in March 2017.

In April [2017] as part of our fact finding mission, we travelled to Aleppo.  We visited a hospital there which MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctor’s Without Borders) has accused Assad and Russia of

Crazed US Government: As We Face “Armageddon” the Western World Is Leaderless By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, June 23 2019

According to news reports, the validity of which cannot be ascertained by the general public, a crazed US government came within ten minutes of igniting a general conflagation in the Middle East, the consequences of which could have been catastrophic

Ongoing Genocide and the Plight of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and Internationally By Michael Welch and John Schertow, June 23 2019

“Imagine that a group of bandits entered your house without permission and booted you and your family members out. Afterwards the bandits continue to occupy the house, but they graciously allow you and your family to stay in the cellar.

Video. US and Russian Armed Forces: Comparative Analysis of Organizational Structures By South Front, June 22 2019


Armed forces organization depends on several factors, from current and future threats and challenges (the nature of the projected theater of operations, or TO), to the country’s economic and technological capabilities. The doctrines of the two world superpowers of

Bill Clinton in Kosovo: Reminiscing KLA Terrorism and US-NATO Humanitarian Warfare By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, June 22 2019

“War in the name of morality provides as many reasons for historical shudders as war in the name of self-interest, for at least the latter may be easier to call off when self-interest calls for compromise.” — Lawrence Freedman, Review

How Close Was the Trump Regime to Waging War on Iran? By Stephen Lendman, June 22 2019

From Harry Truman’s aggression on North Korea to post-9/11 preemptive US wars, US ruling authorities acted with coalition of the willing partners — in lieu of going it alone.

World community opposition gives Washington pause about attacking another nation unilaterally, …

Video: The US Has Threatened Several Times to Stage an Attack and Blame It on Iran By The Corbett Report, June 22 2019

Transcript of the video below.


CLAWSON: I frankly think that crisis initiation is really tough and it’s very hard for me to see how the United States president can get us to war …

The American Way of War By Philip A Farruggio, June 22 2019

The infamous Herman Goering had this quote at the time of the Nuremberg Trials in the wake of World War II [1]:

“Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in

‘Lies, Slander’: Cuba Rejects US “Human Trafficking” Blacklist By Telesur, June 22 2019

Cuba denounced a decision by the United States to blacklist the island nation for allegedly contributing to human trafficking as based on “lies and slander.”

The U.S. State Department’s annual report on human trafficking released Thursday added Cuba and Saudi …

The Sorry State of Canadian Democracy By Jim Miles, June 22 2019

In spite of the “writ” not having been “dropped” Canada is already in full election mode.  Of course politicians are always electioneering as their main purpose once in power is to stay in power in order to reap its rewards

A Brief History of US Concentration Camps By Brett Wilkins, June 22 2019

Concentration camp (noun): a place in which large numbers of people, especially political prisoners or members of persecuted minorities, are deliberately imprisoned in a relatively small area with inadequate facilities, sometimes to provide forced labor or to await mass execution.

Has India Abandoned Palestine? By Askiah Adam, June 22 2019

India has recently voted in support of Israel at the United Nations (UN) for the first time in its post-independence history. At the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on June 6 she voted with Israel to deny a Palestinian

Britain and Oman: Will Their Growing Special Relationship Survive Succession? By Mark Curtis, June 22 2019

Sixty years ago, Britain won a long-forgotten war in Oman, setting the special relationship between the two countries that is still being boosted today. 

The anniversary falls as the head of the British army recently visited Oman, and as the …

Sorting Out Reality from Fiction About Venezuela By Nino Pagliccia, June 22 2019

Last April marked a special anniversary for Cuba but one that we should all reflect upon given the current events in Latin America, particularly in Venezuela. In mid-April 1961 three cities in Cuba were bombed at the same time from

Back from Iran War Brink: Trump Wants to Walk Back Iran Crisis that He Created with Severe US Sanctions By Juan Cole, June 22 2019

The warmongers on Trump’s national security team apparently convinced him to set in motion an aerial strike against Iran Thursday in retaliation for the downing of a US drone over waters claimed by Iran.

Then at the last minute, Michael

Shift in Military Alliances: America Declares War on Turkey? #NATOExit? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, June 21 2019
While Turkey is still "officially" a member of NATO, president Erdoğan has been developing “friendly relations” with two of America’s staunchest enemies, namely Iran and Russia. US -Turkey military cooperation dates back to the Cold War. Today Turkey is sleeping with the enemy. And Trump has "rhetorically" declared war on Turkey. We are ready for war, says President Erdogan.
US Joint Chiefs of Staff Official Nuclear Operations Doctrine Published, Taken Offline By Steven Aftergood, June 21 2019

The Joint Chiefs of Staff briefly published and then removed from public access a new edition of their official doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons. But a public copy was preserved. See Joint Publication 3-72, Nuclear Operations, June

Trump Threatens to Attack Iran, Then Pulls Back By Stephen Lendman, June 21 2019

Days after calling last week’s Gulf of Oman incident “very minor,” stepping back from possible war on Iran, Trump called its downing of a US spy drone (in its own airspace he failed to explain) “a very big mistake.” 

Responding …

Should Measles Vaccination be Compulsory? By John Stone, June 21 2019

Supplementary to my earlier letter [1] it strikes me that public criticism of vaccine products may come a poor third in the spread of measles in comparison with failure of outreach and failure of the vaccine technology itself. In addition

Bias, Lies and Videotape: Doubts Dog ‘Confirmed’ Syria Chemical Attacks By Scott Ritter, June 21 2019

Thanks to an explosive internal memo, there is no reason to believe the claims put forward by the Syrian opposition that President Bashar al-Assad’s government used chemical weapons against innocent civilians in Douma back in April. This is a scenario

Iran and US Officials Attend a Russian Security Forum but Nobody Is Talking About It By Federico Pieraccini, June 21 2019

The tenth international meeting on security has just concluded in the Russian the city of Ufa. The forum has been under-reported, but it represents one of the few global examples of multilateral meetings between high-level representatives of countries that are

The Broader View Reveals the Ugliest of Prospects By Craig Murray, June 21 2019

Standing back a little and surveying the events of the last couple of weeks, gives a bleak view of the current state of western democracy.

We have seen what appears to be the most unconvincing of false flags in the …

U.S. Steel Plants Are Going Idle, but the Fed Continues to Perpetuate the Myth that the “Economy is in Good Shape” By Michael Snyder, June 21 2019

Even though there is a tremendous amount of evidence to the contrary, the Federal Reserve continues to insist that the U.S. economy is in good shape.  On Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told the nation that “the economy

Escalating Color Revolution: The “Georgian Dream” Might Turn into an American Nightmare By Andrew Korybko, June 21 2019

The ruling “Georgian Dream” party of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is at risk of falling in the face of an ever-escalating Color Revolution that was preplanned to coincide with the symbolic visit of a Russian parliamentarian during the

US Exceptionalism: Exploiting Certain Syrians, Ignoring Others By Eva Bartlett, June 21 2019

Syria and Russia have been evacuating civilians from yet another region starved by its Western-backed terrorists. But Western corporate media ignore this and instead continue spinning nightmarish war propaganda on Syria.

Predictably, copy-paste Syrian reports emanate from Western governments and

MH17: Charging Individuals on the Basis of a Deeply Flawed Investigation. Placing the Blame on Russia By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar and Tan Sri Norian Mai, June 21 2019
We share Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s skepticism about Russia’s alleged culpability. the Dutch-led joint investigation team (JIT) has not produced any solid evidence to show that the 4 suspects it has named are guilty of the crime.
On Global Capitalist Crises: Resisting US Financial Imperialism in Venezuela By Dr. Jack Rasmus and Mohsen Abdelmoumen, June 21 2019
Malaysian Airlines MH17: Prime Minister Mahathir Calls It a Political Plot Against Russia By Mazwin Nik Anis and Joseph Kaos Jr, June 21 2019

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has described the decision to charge three Russians and one Ukranian with murder over flight MH17 as a political plot against Russia.

“We are very unhappy. From the very beginning, it became a political

Video: Gulf Conflict: Iran Shot Down US Global Hawk. Houthis Struck Saudi Power Plant with Cruise Missile By South Front, June 21 2019

Late on June 19, Ansar Allah (also known as the Houthis) carried out a new one “cruise missile” strike on Saudi Arabia. The missile strike targeted a major power plant in the area of al-Shuqaiq in the Kingdom’s southern province

Iran Goes for “Maximum Counter-pressure”. Is Closing the Strait of Hormuz an Option? By Pepe Escobar, June 21 2019

Sooner or later the US “maximum pressure” on Iran would inevitably be met by “maximum counter-pressure”. Sparks are ominously bound to fly.

For the past few days, intelligence circles across Eurasia had been prodding Tehran to consider a quite straightforward …

America’s New Strategic Ally: India’s Naval Deployment to the Persian Gulf. Directed against Iran? By Andrew Korybko, June 21 2019

India’s dispatch of naval and air assets to the Gulf in response to the latest US-provoked crisis there is anti-Iranian to the core and intended to serve as an exercise for improving the South Asian state’s interoperability with its new

America’s Medical Apartheid By Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null, June 21 2019

Introduction by Dr. Gary Null

About a decade ago, my late colleague Dr. Martin Feldman and I were invited to be keynote speakers at a conference on anti-aging and alternative medicine in Chicago.

The hall was packed with several thousand

38th Annual Walk for Peace: Urge Politicians to Pursue “Peaceful Options” and Support Nuclear Disarmament By Global Research News, June 21 2019

This Saturday, Winnipeggers will hold the city’s 38th annual Walk for Peace. The theme of this year’s march is to call for Canada to adopt a foreign policy that focuses on international peace, development and co-operation. The event is sponsored

The USS Liberty Revisited By Elias Davidsson, June 20 2019

As readers may recall, the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel during the six-day war in 1967, as it sailed at 5 knots in international waters off the Sinai coast. Of 294 crew members, 34 were killed and 171 wounded

Video: ISIS Command and Control Center Raided by Syrian Forces By Arabi Souri, June 20 2019

ISIS remnants, with the help of their US sponsors, are trying to create new posts for their terrorist operations close to the towns and villages secured earlier by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, especially in the eastern deserts

America’s Suicide Epidemic: The Economics of Stress. It’s Hitting Trump’s Base Hard By Prof. Rajan Menon, June 20 2019

We hear a lot about suicide when celebrities like Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade die by their own hand. Otherwise, it seldom makes the headlines. That’s odd given the magnitude of the problem.

In 2017, 47,173 Americans killed themselves. In …

Sanctions Are “Genocidal”, and They Are America’s “Favorite Weapon” By Justin Podur, June 20 2019

After withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Iran last year and resuming sanctions last November, the White House in April announced that its goal was to “drive Iranian exports to zero.” To make this drive happen, the White House stopped

Drone Crash Database By Drone Wars UK, June 20 2019

Drone Wars UK began compiling details of military drone crashes in 2010. Our database cover crashes of large (Class II and III) military drones since 01 Jan 2007. It has been compiled from USAF Accident Investigation Board (AIB)

Media Black-Out on Arab Journalists and Civilians Beheaded in Syria by Western-Backed Mercenaries By Eva Bartlett, June 20 2019

In April 2017 in Damascus, BSNews co-ed Alison Banville filmed the wall (above), commemorating the Syrian journalists killed while reporting on the conflict.

Mike Raddie (co-editor) was being interviewed on Syrian national television that day and we both took the

US-China Trade War, Negotiations to Resume? Xi and Trump to Meet on Sidelines of G20 By Stephen Lendman, June 20 2019

Talks broke down in early May over unacceptable US demands. Eleven rounds of talks since  China’s Xi Jinping met with Trump at his Mar a Lago, Florida estate in April 2017 failed to resolve major structural issues.

Blacklisting Chinese tech …

UK Court of Appeal Finds Government Broke Law over Saudi Arabia Arms Sales By CAAT - Campaign Against Arms Trade, June 20 2019

Campaigners have welcomed a Court of Appeal decision to overturn a 2017 High Court judgment which allowed the UK government to continue licensing the export of arms to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen. The appeal hearing took place in

Jair Bolsonaro
Brazil under Bolsonaro: A Different Form of “Hybrid War” By Andrew Korybko, June 20 2019

Brazil’s long-running Hybrid War crisis never really went away, it just took a few months for it to change form and turn against its original initiators after they failed to close the Pandora’s Box of regime change protest potential that

Exposed: The Pentagon’s Cyberwar Against Russia By Brian Becker, June 20 2019

Five years before Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel to investigate the allegation that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and had conspired with the Trump campaign, the Pentagon had been waging secret cyberattacks against Russia’s electrical grid. The cyberwar

Forget Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’. Israel Was Always on Course to Annexation By Jonathan Cook, June 20 2019

When Israeli prime ministers are in trouble, facing difficult elections or a corruption scandal, the temptation has typically been for them to unleash a military operation to bolster their standing. In recent years, Gaza has served as a favourite punching

Daesh-like “Scorched Earth” Terror Policy Sets Syrian and Iraqi Agricultural Land Ablaze. By Sarah Abed, June 20 2019

After years of deprivation and financial turmoil farmers across the most fertile parts of Syria and Iraq were looking forward to a much-needed return on their investment. Unfortunately, before that could happen, their hard work went up in flames, literally.

Russian Nationals Falsely Charged with Downing MH17 By Stephen Lendman, June 20 2019

Not a shred of credible evidence suggests Russia or its nationals had anything to do with downing Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) on July 17, 2014 in eastern Ukraine airspace, all passengers and crew members perishing at the time.

So-called …

Iran Downs Hostile US Spy Drone in Its Airspace By Stephen Lendman, June 20 2019

On Thursday, Iran’s official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) said “the IRGC air force shot down an American spy drone, identified as RQ-4 Global Hawk, that had violated Iranian airspace in the Kuh Mubarak region located at Hormozgan province, south

A Slow Death: The Ills of the Casual Academic By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, June 20 2019

Any sentient being should be offended.  Eventually, the casualisation of the academic workforce was bound to find lazy enthusiasts who neither teach, nor understand the value of a tenured position dedicated to that musty, soon-to-be-forgotten vocation of the pedagogue.  It

Trump Against War on Iran? By Stephen Lendman, June 20 2019

Trump’s geopolitical record shows he yielded to regime hawks Pompeo, Bolton, and in the war department on escalating aggression in multiple theaters.

Bolton pushed for war on Iran long before he became Trump’s national security advisor. Pompeo largely favors war …

Juneteenth 2019: The US Must Repair Historic and Current Racism By Howie Hawkins, June 20 2019

On this Juneteenth, we must confront the impacts of racism dating back to the founding of the United States with the slave trade of Black people brought from Africa, Jim Crow segregation, and policies that continue to this day that

Egypt’s El-Sisi Regime Let Mohamed Morsi Die from Medical Neglect By Stephen Lendman, June 20 2019

Morsi was Egypt’s only democratically elected president, serving from June 30, 2012 until the Obama regime orchestrated his ouster on July 3, 2013 — because he wasn’t subservient enough to US interests, wanting a ruler it controls.

His toppling was …

Video: New Al Qaeda Militant Attack in Hama Ends in Disaster By South Front, June 20 2019

On June 18, the joint forces of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and Turkish-backed militant groups launched an assault on several positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in northern Hama.

The so-called “moderate opposition” reportedly used at least two suicide vehicle …