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Video: Mutant Viruses. Makes Me Nervous with All that Weird Stuff Floating Around By Global Research News, April 08 2020

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‘Collateral Murder’ and the My Lai Massacre By Joe Lauria, April 08 2020

To gauge the transformation in the response by the U.S. military, the mainstream media and the public to a U.S. war crime, one need only compare the reactions to two of the most heinous American crimes:  the 1968 My Lai

Bureaucrat: Stay Home and Starve By Kurt Nimmo, April 08 2020

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House “coronavirus response coordinator,” said on Saturday all plebs must stay out of grocery stores. She didn’t offer an alternative. Instead, she repeated the hand washing and 6-foot “social distancing” mantra.

“This is the

End the Shutdown; It’s Time for Resurrection! By Rep. Ron Paul, April 08 2020

For many millions of Christians, Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Others may celebrate the arrival of spring and the promise of new life. Whatever one’s beliefs, after several weeks of mandatory “stay at home”

Life in Gaza: Dispatches From Palestine on COVID-19 By Asmaa Tayeh, Prof. Weeam Hammoudeh, and Aaron Lakoff, April 08 2020

Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) is releasing a series of dispatches from Palestinians and Palestine solidarity activists reflecting on life in Gaza and the West Bank under the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world grapples with the outbreak, and as we organize

Putin Believes that the Situation in Russia with the Coronavirus Is “Complicated but Not Hopeless” By Archyde, April 08 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin tried yesterday to inspire his fellow citizens by ensuring that the situation with the spread of Covid-19 in the country “is complicated, but not hopeless.” Putin held a new meeting by videoconference with members of the

As Washington Privatized Pandemic Preparation, the National Security State Left Americans Defenseless Against Coronavirus By Gareth Porter, April 08 2020

Responsibility for pandemic preparation was privatized under the Obama and Trump administrations. It’s time to face down the national security state that wasted trillions on imperial wars and abandoned Americans to fight coronavirus alone.


Donald Trump’s failure to …

More People Died of Suicide Last Week in Tennessee Than COVID-19 By Mac Slavo, April 08 2020

As we previously warned, this pandemic will bankrupt and kill more people from suicide than the virus will. When you sacrifice people’s livelihoods, you create a difficult situation of desperation for many who will see no other way out.

We …

Latin America
Corporate Buybacks Artificially Inflated Stock Prices to Bubble Levels By Stephen Lendman, April 08 2020

For many years on Wall Street, stock prices and true valuations diverged sharply — according to a Sanford Bernstein report.

When companies spend billions of dollars on earlier issued stock, their valuations are artificially inflated.

It’s one of the performance …

UK- Australia COVID-19 Deaths, Deprivation Deaths in Developing Countries, Indigenous Avoidable Deaths By Gideon Polya, April 08 2020

We are all shocked by the Covid-19-related carnage in Western Europe and the US in particular and fervently hope for an early end to the disaster. However it is timely to note huge avoidable deaths from deprivation in the Developing

Prisons: Breeding Grounds for Disease. Julian Assange’s Life in Danger By Stephen Lendman, April 08 2020

The US gulag prison system is the world’s largest by far, the largely unreported in the mainstream shame of the nation. 

Official numbers significantly understate the true number of incarcerated inmates annually.

According to a Prison Policy Initiative analysis, nearly …

Neoliberalism, Climate Change and the Future of Architecture By Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin, April 08 2020


What is the future for architecture in these times of climate change and economic crises? Should sustainability and affordability be a major factor in the design and development of future buildings? What about aesthetics? There are many individual examples

Video: Infighting Among Turkish Proxies Erupts in Syria. Rocket Strike Hits US-operated Oil Facility in Iraq By South Front, April 08 2020

Infighting among Turkish-backed groups has erupted near the town of Ras al-Ayn. According to local sources, conflicts over the captured houses and looted properties became the main reason of the conflict between members of the Sultan Murad armed group which

Julian Assange and Lockdown Injustice By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, April 08 2020

Scribes covering the Julian Assange case must surely gawk with a sense of horrified wonder at each proceeding unfolding at the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London.  Assange is in a battle that can only be described as titanic, seeking to

Open Letter to Condemn Trump Administration’s Hypocritical Indictment on Drug Charges of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and High-Ranking Venezuelan Officials By Alliance for Global Justice and Code Pink, April 08 2020

We, the undersigned organizations and prominent individuals, condemn the false claims of criminal charges by the US government against the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and other high-ranking officials with the pretext of their alleged involvement in international

COVID-19 in Democratic Republic of the Congo (CRC): Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst By Dr. Jean-Claude Maswana and Ann Garrison, April 08 2020

This week I spoke to Congolese native Jean-Claude Maswana, economics professor at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, about COVID-19 in DRC.

ANN GARRISON: Jean-Claude, reporting on your homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is always daunting. It’s not …

The U.S. Should Fight COVID, Not Venezuela. The Danger of Military Action By Leonardo Flores, April 08 2020

On April 1, the Trump administration hijacked a COVID-19 press conference to announce the deployment of U.S. Navy vessels and other military assets towards Venezuela. According to Defense Secretary Mark Esper, “included in this force package are Navy destroyers

Video: How COVID-19 Death Certificates Are Being Manipulated. Montana Physician Dr. Annie Bukacek By Dr. Annie Bukacek, April 08 2020

Dr. Annie Bukacek is a longtime Montana physician with over 30 years experience practicing medicine. Signing death certificates is a routine part of her job.

In this brief video, Dr. Bukacek blows the whistle on the way the CDC is

“The Lancet” on Nicaragua – Cynical Disinformation Posing as Concern By Stephen Sefton, April 08 2020

Coverage of the COVID-19 epidemic in Nicaragua has become yet one more psy-warfare  battleground between supporters of the US government supported right-wing opposition and the country’s Sandinista government.

In the UK, “the Lancet” has long been a leading propaganda outlet …

Coronavirus Disease 2019 vs. the Flu By Lisa Lockerd Maragakis, M.D., M.P.H., April 08 2020

This comparative analysis by a prominent physician and scholar should reassure people. The media fear campaign tends to describe COV-19 as a dangerous and life threatening infection.


Influenza (the flu) and COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus

They Told Us So. “This Was Not a Strike out of the Blue”. Towards A New World Order… By Jim Miles, April 08 2020

I cannot say “I told you so” because I did not.  But I can say “They told us so” because they did.  “They” being the alternate media that provided news and views that the mainstream media (MSM) would not touch

Coronavirus: The Great Geopolitical Leveller By Johanna Ross, April 08 2020

Coronavirus is indiscriminate. We have seen young and old affected, rich and poor. In the UK alone, we have seen the Prime Minister himself succumb to it and even Prince Charles. But this pandemic has repercussions beyond our nation states

The COVID-19 Catastrophe: A Global Platform to Take Legal Action against the WHO and Corrupt Governments By Jose Francisco Fernández-Bullón, April 08 2020

Although there seems to be a passive acceptance by citizens of the measures imposed due to the fake coronavirus epidemic, this resignation is largely the consequence of the absence of leaders leading an effective resistance against the disguised coup d’état.

Video: US Confirms Deployment of Patriot Missiles in Iraq. Iran Prepares for Conflict in Strait of Hormuz By South Front, April 08 2020

On April 5, a series of large explosions rocked the village of al-Kastan in southwestern Idlib injuring 8 people, including 3 members of the so-called White Helmets. According to local sources, an ammunition depot located in the civilian area inside

After the Lockdown: A Global Coronavirus Vaccination Program… By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, April 08 2020
The tendency is towards a Worldwide lockdown spearheaded by fear and media disinformation. Currently, hundreds of millions of people Worldwide are under lockdown. What is the next step in the evolution of the COV-19 Crisis? A multibillion dollar coronavirus vaccination program to be implemented in the wake of the Lockdown.
COVID-19 Coronavirus “Fake” Pandemic: Timeline and Analysis By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, April 08 2020
On January 30, a far-reaching decision was taken by the WHO without the support of expert opinion at a time when the coronavirus outbreak was limited to Mainland China. 150 confirmed cases outside China, when the decision was taken, 6 in the US, 3 in Canada, 2 in the UK, etc. In early March, 430 cases in the US.
Quercetin: A Made-in-Canada Solution to the Coronavirus Outbreak? By Nick Taylor-Vaisey, April 07 2020

Below are excerpts from an important article published by Maclean’s

Fifteen years ago, a medical researcher named Michel Chrétien and his longtime collaborator Majambu Mbikay, a Congolese scientist, unhatched a theory in their Montreal laboratory. In the aftermath of

The COVID-19 Crisis: The Homeless and the Poor. How Can We Help Those under Duress By Hassanal Noor Rashid, April 07 2020

Global inequality and injustice have been heated topics and of deep social concern throughout human history.

In January 2020, OXFAM (Oxford Committee for Famine Relief), a reputable confederation of charitable organisations, declared in a widely circulated report “2,153 billionaires have

Video: Collateral Murder 10 Years On By Kristinn Hrafnsson, April 07 2020

Today April 05, 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the WikiLeaks publication of the Collateral Murder video.

The video shows how two Apache helicopters murdered 11 Iraqi people including two Reuters journalists.

This is one of the publications Julian Assange

Video: New York Medical Doctor: Is COVID-19 Really ARDS? Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome? It’s Not Pneumonia? By Cameron Kyle-Sidell, April 07 2020

An interesting analysis by Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, emergency medicine physician based in Brooklyn,  New York, affiliated with the Maimonides Medical Center.

According to Dr. Kyle Sidell, COVID-19  is an “Oxygen Deprivation Disease” dissimilar from Pneumonia

“I am a physician

Trump and the COV-19 Hydroxychloroquine Cure By Andrew Korybko, April 07 2020

The intense politicization over the topic of experimenting with the promising drug hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients strongly suggests that the “deep state” has intensified its Hybrid War on Trump’s America at its most vulnerable moment in modern history, all

Letter from President Nicolás Maduro to the People of the United States By Nicolas Maduro, April 07 2020

In greeting you, with affection, I take the liberty of addressing you on the occasion of denouncing the severe events taking place against the peace and stability of Venezuela, at a time when the concern of the States and Governments

‘It Is Disease that Makes Health Sweet and Good’ By Pepe Escobar, April 07 2020

He was known as “the Riddler.” Even “the Dark.”  Heraclitus of Ephesus was one of a kind. 

In his heart of hearts a contemptuous aristocrat, this master of paradox despised all so-called wise men and the mobs that adored them.

COVID-19’s Challenge to the Christian Church: What Would Jesus Do? By John W. Whitehead, April 07 2020

“The church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state. It must be the guide and the critic of the state, and never its tool. If

COVID-19: A Pretext for World Government and Totalitarianism By Kurt Nimmo, April 07 2020

The crazy thing about the COVID-19 “crisis” is how easy it is for the state and its media to frighten the public and manipulate ill-informed citizens into embracing economic and social decapitation. 

Blinded by scary headlines based on irrational speculation—subsequently …

Greece and Turkey Clash in NATO Teleconference Waging Mini War of Words By Paul Antonopoulos, April 07 2020

A NATO teleconference last week saw Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu engage in a mini war of words, with accusations made by both sides against each other. Çavuşoğlu took the Council of Foreign Ministers

Britain on the Brink: Boris Johnson Moved to Intensive Care By Johanna Ross, April 07 2020

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to an intensive care unit at St. Thomas’ hospital in London, it was revealed last night. The PM had been suffering from coronavirus and had self-isolated for over a week, before being admitted

Targeting Iran While America Locks Down By Philip Giraldi, April 07 2020

The United States has just declared war against the coronavirus, with President Donald Trump self-proclaiming that he is now a “wartime president.” Whether one believes that the virus must be confronted with maximum aggression by effectively shutting down the country

Nicaragua and COVID-19 – Western Media’s Best Kept Secret By Jorge Capelan, April 07 2020

One of the best hidden secrets amidst the cacophony of panic and media terrorism caused by the current COVID-2019 pandemic has been how successfully Nicaragua, a small, impoverished country in one of the most climate change-prone regions on the planet,

COVID19 Distance-Learning Rules Help Big Tech Shut Down Brick-and-Mortar Public Schools, Replace Human Teachers with Artificial Intelligence (AI) By John Klyczek, April 07 2020

The DeVos Department of Education’s new “Proposed Rules” for federal regulations of “Distance Education and Innovation” (85 FR 18638) will effectively open the floodgates for online education corporations to put public brick-and-mortar schools out of business by streamlining

Coronavirus: Sanctions and Suffering By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, April 07 2020

In the midst of the most horrendous crisis to confront the entire human family in recent decades, the United States elite, it appears, is hell-bent on perpetuating massive sanctions against certain states and affecting regime change in some of them.

Ecuadorian Humanitarian Catastrophe Amidst Pandemic By Lucas Leiroz de Almeida, April 07 2020

Among the countries affected by the global pandemic, it is undeniable that there is a certain imbalance in media coverage, with some very affected countries being scarcely followed by the news, while in other locations the situation is overestimated. An

A Tale of Two Stockpiles: Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Anniversary of His Murder in a Pandemic Year By Brian Terrell, April 07 2020

The United States Strategic National Stockpile of essential medical supplies maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, seems unable to respond to the present COVID-19 crisis.  There is much discussion in today’s news about who is

Venezuelan Leader Pens Open Letter to US Public By Telesur, April 07 2020

In a letter issued on Sunday, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro warned the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump against making any unwise military decisions against the Bolivarian Republic. 

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza read a letter on Sunday that Venezuelan …

Coronavirus Being Used to Scare You Away from Using Cash By Nick Hankoff, April 07 2020

Cash has been the target of the banking and financial elites for years. Now, the coronavirus pandemic is being used to frighten the masses into accepting a cashless society. That would mean the death of what’s left of our free

Bread Lines in the US By Stephen Lendman, April 07 2020

It happened in the US before. It’s happening again in various ways at a time when perhaps harder than ever hard times may be just beginning.

First some background and related thoughts. 

The Great Depression of the 1930s in the …

“Orders to Kill” Dr. Martin Luther King: The Government that Honors MLK with a National Holiday Killed Him By Edward Curtin, April 07 2020
Few people, in a massive act of self-deception, have chosen to question the official explanation, choosing, rather, to embrace a mythic fabrication intended to sugarcoat the bitter fruit that has resulted from the murder of the one man capable of leading a mass movement for revolutionary change in the US.
COVID19 – Can Britain Avert the Coming Catastrophe By True Publica, April 07 2020

The Boris Johnson government have clearly demonstrated they are not the people to run the country in a crisis. Their refusal to partake in an EU procurement programme for desperately needed life-saving medical equipment is a last-gasp expression of their

Global Research Strives for Peace By The Global Research Team, April 06 2020

Dear Readers,

Global Research strives for peace. We act as a global platform for much needed debate and dialogue within the context of a very complex crisis. We need to stand together to find our way amid misled politicians, media …

Washington Slams Cuba’s Doctors as US Embargo Blocks Coronavirus Aid By Dave DeCamp, April 06 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is exposing the cruelty of US imperialism to the world as Washington’s crippling economic sanctions remain in full effect. The decades-old US embargo on Cuba blocked a coronavirus aid shipment from a Chinese entrepreneur last month, another

Ten Years Since WikiLeaks Published the “Collateral Murder” Video By Oscar Grenfell, April 06 2020

Yesterday marked 10 years since WikiLeaks published the Collateral Murder video, showing US soldiers in an Apache helicopter indiscriminately firing upon unarmed civilians and journalists in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The footage, filmed by the US military on July …

Who Is “Winning” and Who Is “Losing”.The “Transnational Corona Crisis” is Fabricated on a Bedrock of Unreliable Evidence. By Mark Taliano, April 06 2020

The “Corona crisis” is a transnational crisis fabricated on a bedrock of unreliable evidence.

People and institutions are making decisions in crisis based on unreliable data. People and institutions have been hoarding medical supplies, in panic, thus creating shortages elsewhere.

Assange Extradition: Assange Won’t be Released Amid Virus Crisis, Australian Newswire Reports By Consortiumnews, April 06 2020

The British Ministry of Justice has told the Australian Associated Press that Julian Assange is not eligible for early release from prison in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.


Imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange is not eligible for an …

Iran’s Call for Sanctions Removal Rejected Due to US’ Bullying: MFA By Mehrnews, April 06 2020

He made the remark during a press conference on Monday that was held online due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

To a question about the remarks by some American officials, including Donald Trump, about contacting Iran for suspension of

“The Coronavirus pandemic is Magnifying the Cruelty of US Foreign Policy”: The Decade of Transformation: Remaking International Relations By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, April 06 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is magnifying the cruelty of US foreign policy. The economic collapse is showing the failure of neoliberalism and how the empire-economy is not working for the people of the world, including the United States.

The US is …

Doomsday Thinking: Imagining End Times By Greg Guma, April 06 2020

On Halloween Eve in 1938, a flood of terror swept the United States. Some people, believing that the world was coming to an end, tried flight or suicide, or just cringed in their homes as “aliens” from Mars attacked New

Henry Kissinger Calls for a New Post-Covid World Order By Mike Whitney, April 06 2020

Henry Kissinger thinks the Coronavirus is a threat to his precious New World Order, so he wants President Trump to do whatever he can to protect the system. In an opinion piece that was published in the Wall Street Journal

COVID-19 a Diabolical Totalitarian Plot? By Stephen Lendman, April 06 2020

Seasonal flu most often getting scant attention is what a real pandemic is all about.

During the 2018-19 flu season in the US alone, running from October to May, there were more than 35.5 million flu illnesses, over 16.5 million

The Troubled Middle East: An Endless Cauldron of Violence By Stephen Lendman, April 06 2020

The region suffered hugely from early 20th century power plays by dominant Western countries, aiming to carve out spheres of influence, notably post-WW I. 

America’s turn came later, following the second world war to end all wars, the region punished …

The Revival Of OPEC+ Is the Next Step in the New Detente By Andrew Korybko, April 06 2020

The emergency OPEC+ talks that are scheduled for 9 April are the next step in the “New Detente” between the US and Russia even though America won’t formally be represented at that meeting seeing as how Moscow is making moves

Corona Pandemic: The Perfect Scapegoat for the Financial and ‘Everything Bubble’ Market Crash: The Great Depression 2.0 By Sianny Rooney, April 06 2020

Corona virus with its mysterious origin is the perfect cover up for the financial crash and the fall of Dollar as the world reserve currency. At the core of it, it is about United States’ last kick to stay as

Turn Self Isolation Into Self Liberation! Covid-19 and the “Law of Unintended Consequences” By Julian Rose, April 06 2020

One of the most famous paradoxes of this blessed experience called Life, is known as ‘the law of unintended consequences‘; and we are at this very moment of time, in the midst of a manifestation of cosmic Lila which

Henry Kissinger: “The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order”. Depopulation is on the Agenda By Stephen Lendman, April 06 2020

What a post-COVID-19 world will look like will best be known in hindsight. Some clues:

The manufactured 2008-09 financial crisis enabled powerful interests to consolidate to greater size and influence.

It facilitated an enormous transfer of wealth from ordinary people …

People, Profit and Planned Economy By Massoud Nayeri, April 06 2020

The concept of an economic system that puts Profit over People has been explained and discussed many times and in many ways. It just took a tiny virus (COVID-19) to display the contradiction between People and Profit as an urgent

A Globalized World Economy, COVID-19 and China’s “Health Silk Road” By Sara Flounders, April 06 2020

The global COVID-19 viral pandemic has exposed in the sharpest light the contradiction between a globalized world economy and a still existing but archaic capitalist system based on the private expropriation of wealth and resources.

The relentless drive to reap …

A Swiss Doctor on Covid-19 By Swiss Propaganda Research, April 06 2020

A Swiss medical doctor provided the following information on the current situation in order to enable our readers to make a realistic risk assessment. (Daily updates below)


According to the latest data of the Italian National Health Institute ISS, …

University Bailouts, Funding and Coronavirus By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, April 06 2020

In a set of stable circumstances, funding higher education should be a matter of automatic persuasion.  If you want an educated populace, the tax payer should muck in. In some countries, however, this venture is uneven.  In the United Kingdom,

Internal Documents: Monsanto Knew for Years Their Products Damaged Farms By Mac Slavo, April 06 2020

According to internal documents, Monsanto and Germany’s BASF knew their products would destroy farms in the United States. The firms disregarded the risks even while they planned on how to profit off farmers who would buy Monsanto’s new seeds just

The Italian Quarantine By Baret Magarian, April 06 2020

A novelist living in quarantine in Florence looks back at Italy’s cultural history and then forward, considering whether something positive might rise from the ruins that the virus will leave in its wake.

Last week I ventured out of …

COVID-19 Reveals Why Medicare for All Is an Idea Whose Time Has Come By Stephen Lendman, April 06 2020

The world’s richest country USA is the only developed one without some form of universal healthcare.

Americans get marketplace medicine instead, an inequitable system for a fundamental human right. 

It prioritizes profits over human health, leaving growing millions in the …

Was the Federal Reserve Just Nationalized? By Ellen Brown, April 06 2020

Did Congress just nationalize the Fed? No. But the door to that result has been cracked open.

Mainstream politicians have long insisted that Medicare for all, a universal basic income, student debt relief and a slew of other much-needed public …

Fake Coronavirus Data, Fear Campaign. Spread of the COVID-19 Infection By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, April 05 2020
Do not let yourself be misled by the fear campaign, pointing to a Worldwide coronavirus calamity with repeated "predictions" that hundreds of thousands of people are going to die. According to the WHO, the death rate pertaining to Seasonal Influenza globally is between 6 to 12 times higher than COVID-19.
Video: Syrian Soldiers Killed in Turkish Strikes in Idlib. Kurdish Rebels Attack Turkish Proxies in Afrin By South Front, April 05 2020

The Afrin Liberation Forces carried out a series of attacks on Turkish-backed militants in northern Aleppo. According to the group, its fighters stormed positions of Turkish proxies near Omra killing three of them on March 26. On April 1, the

COVID-19 Depression: Trump Needs a War By Kurt Nimmo, April 05 2020

It is seriously astounding how fast the economy is crumbling. No infusion of funny money will save the American people from the historically severe depression now evolving.

State and federal governments are becoming more authoritarian in response to serious influenza …

Boastful Pay Cuts: The Coronavirus Incentive By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, April 05 2020

It has become a source of pride.  Highly salaried executives – often, it should be said, receiving pay very much disconnected from the value of their work – making voluntary pay cuts and telling everybody else about it.  In sport,

Switching Focus: From the Coronavirus Crisis to the Cuban Missile Crisis By Shane Quinn, April 05 2020

With the world’s attention directed towards the coronavirus it may be worth changing focus, and analysing another international incident, the Cuban Missile Crisis. This hugely significant event occurred almost 60 years ago, officially from the 16th to the 28th of

Big Brother in the Age of Coronavirus: 100+ Groups Warn Against Exploiting Pandemic to Permanently Expand Surveillance State By Jessica Corbett, April 05 2020

As the number of COVID-19 cases climbed toward a million worldwide on April 2, over 100 human rights groups issued a joint statement warning that governments’ response to the coronavirus pandemic “must not be used as a cover to usher

Coronavirus in Albania and the Presence of Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) in Tirana. By Robert Fantina, April 05 2020

Following the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy, more than 120,000 Albanians residing in Italy returned to their country. Albania, with a population under 3,000,000, has, as of this writing, 243 cases of coronavirus. That is 84 cases per 1,000,000 people.

Coronavirus Pandemic Will Inevitably Cause Food Crisis By Lucas Leiroz de Almeida, April 05 2020

The coronavirus crisis will not end anytime soon. Day after day, news about the catastrophe becomes increasingly frightening and alarming. The numbers do not indicate any sign of a truce and we cannot see improvements in the world scenario in

A Simple “Democratic Transition” Framework for Venezuela: End All “Sanctions” By Nino Pagliccia, April 05 2020

On March 31 the US Secretary of State issued a press statement proposing a “pathway” by which all Venezuelans would live happily ever after. At least that is what Mike Pompeo seems to wish. He “call[s] on all Venezuelans, whether