Nobel Peace Prize: The Demilitarization of International Relations, “Lay Down Your Arms”
By Fredrik S. Heffermehl
Global Research, December 11, 2018
nyhetsdatabasen 10 December 2018
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Today, the world heard the very moving award speeches of Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad, who shared the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. The two condemned sexual violence as a weapon in war, but also spoke forcefully against injustice, corruption, and arms as roots of war. Not only condemning crimes and atrocities, and certain weapons in wars, but appealing for disarmament and end to war itself they really did honour to the actual purpose of Nobel when he established his prize for “the champions of peace”, says Tomas Magnusson a leader of the Swedish and international peace work.

In an article in the main newspaper of Sweden, Dagens Nyheter, Magnusson appealed for respect for the original intention of Alfred Nobel. Nobel, a demilitarization of international relations. – “Lay down your arms” – would have enormous potential to improve the lot of women, respect for law and human rights, improve health, save precious resources, limit polluting emissions etc.

However, in a recent debate in the Parliament of Norway 167 delegates voted no to considering the intention of Nobel a necessary qualification for being eligible to the Norwegian Nobel Committee that awards the annual peace prize.

Only two parliamentarians favored the proposed qualification for being eligible to the five-member committee. The Nobel Foundation that has the overall responsibility for the implementation of Nobel´s will cannot be assisted by bodies that are unwilling to respect the will of Nobel, said Tomas Magnusson, a leader in Swedish and international peace work, who wrote the article as spokesperson for Nobel Peace Prize Watch (

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Fredrik S. Heffermehl is a famous Norwegian jurist, writer and peace activist.

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