No One Mentions the F Word, Fukushima: The Die-Off of Marine and Animal Life in the North Pacific Ocean. Scientists Refuse to Admit it
By Kelly Ann Thomas
Global Research, September 07, 2015
ENE News
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What the articles below show is that no scientist has an excuse, as the information has been there from the beginning of this catastrophe.

It’s incredulous that they wouldn’t have found these articles just doing their own research into the mass deaths of whales, dolphins, seals, starfish, birds…. That they didn’t shows they knew the truth all along. No competent scientist could have missed this one. 

Scientists are “baffled”, “befuddled”, concerned”, and “curious” about the die-off of the Pacific Ocean.

Almost no one mentions the F word, Fukushima.

I put together a list of links from that show a direct correlation between the Fukushima and the die-off, even if scientists refuse to admit it.

Every story comes from a major publication. These stories have been out since the beginning of the meltdowns.

There is not one scientist studying this who does not have access to this information. Either they chose to look the other way or they are incompetent researchers who don’t really want to know the truth.

There are a thousand links here, all in chronological order. If you are pressed for time, skip to the back and read backwards to see how bad it really is. I put this file together so that when someone says prove it, at least there are 50 plus pages [actually 61 pages] of links that prove that Fukushima is killing the North Pacific Ocean.

Humans are next?

There are a thousand links here, all in chronological order.

To access the full pdf document with the url links, click here

Below are the initial titles in chronological order starting in March 2011

Radiation levels increase 400 times in quake-hit province – March 13, 2011

Radiation around Fukushima nearing levels where “humans vomit uncontrollably” and “hair can be stripped from the body– March 14th, 2011

US Navy detects “radioactive plume” 100 miles from Fukushima – March 14th, 2011

Radioactive cloud hits U.S. aircraft carrier sailing in Pacific — Helicopters coated with radiation – March 14th, 2011

Radioactivity is being “released directly into the atmosphere”– IAEA at 12:15 am EST – March 15th, 2011

US Officials fear Fukushima to be “deadly for decades” – “It would be hard to describe how alarming this is right now” – March 16th, 2011

Off the Scale: Geiger counter goes wild 60-70 km WEST of Fukushima – March 17th, 2011

Feds admit radioactive xenon-133 from Fukushima detected TWO days ago in Washington State – March 18th

Exposed: Radiation “streaming into atmosphere” after No.4 pool boiled dry in fire – UK Paper – March 18th, 2011

Radioactive fallout has now reached Southern California: Diplomat -AP – March 18th, 2011

Radiation “skyrockets” 20 km from Fukushima — 1,600 times higher than normal — March 21st, 2011

Spike in radiation levels for West Coast? “Abnormal” readings on 8 of 18 EPA monitors for California, Oregon, Washington — Devices now “undergoing quality review” – March 22, 2011

Black smoke billows from No. 3 containing plutonium — “We don’t know the reason”March 23rd, 2011

“Yellow rain” recently reported in Tokyo also happened after Chernobyl — Government assured residents it was pollen – March 24th, 2011

To access the full pdf document with the url links to a thousand articles, click here

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