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Child Kidnapping in Iraq: Another Legacy of US Military Occupation By Dirk Adriaensens, November 29 2012
These kidnappings have different aims. Some are meant to finance terrorist groups. But Iraqi children are also abducted for the very lucrative trafficking of human organs.
Syria: The “Liberated Zone” of Aleppo: Religious Dictatorship Supported by France By Thierry Meyssan, November 29 2012

Thanks to logistical support from France, the new authorities of the “liberated zone” of Aleppo are currently setting up a religious dictatorship inspired by the Saudi model. The reality is very different from the soothing declarations of Presidents Sarkozy and

Obama II Foreign Policy. The Purge And The Pact By Thierry Meyssan, November 29 2012

Enjoying a legitimacy reinforced by his re-election, President Barack Obama is preparing to launch a new foreign policy – drawing the conclusions from the relative economic weakening of the United States, he has renounced the idea of governing the world …

Six Reasons the “Fiscal Cliff” is a Scam: A Mechanism for Rolling Back Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. By Prof. James K Galbraith, November 29 2012

The so-called “fiscal cliff” is a mechanism for rolling back Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Stripped to essentials, the fiscal cliff is a device constructed to force a rollback of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, as the price of avoiding …

Israeli Crimes against Humanity: Targeting Palestinian Children with “Pinpoint Accuracy” By Felicity Arbuthnot, November 28 2012

“We saw the faces of those who’ll throw our children

Out of the window of this last space …

We will die here, here in the last passage.

Here and here our blood will plant its olive tree.”(Mahmud Darwish, …

Al Qaeda “Virtue Police” Show up Along NATO Protected Turkish-Syrian Border By Tony Cartalucci, November 28 2012

NATO-backed terrorists along Turkish-Syrian border establish Al Qaeda-style “Virtue & Vice Police,” heralding the West’s true designs for Syria.

An obscure, unreported pair of Getty images created on November 21, 2012 depict masked, armed terrorists atop a building with the …

“Austerity”: The 1%’s Global Battle Cry By Mark Vorpahl, November 28 2012

Whether we are left with the Fiscal Cliff or a Grand Bargain, workers in the U.S. face massive cuts to programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, unemployment insurance, Food Stamp assistance and other needed social safety nets. This is

Does Israel’s Zionist Project require the Destruction of Palestine? By Kourosh Ziabari, November 28 2012

American journalist and scholar Gregory Harms believes that the recent 8-day Israeli war on the Gaza Strip might have been waged to distract public attention from the internal socioeconomic crises and problems the Israeli regime faces, especially ahead of the

Iraqi Prisons: Women, Men and Children Routinely Tortured and Raped. The Perpetrators Walk Free By Dirk Adriaensens, November 28 2012

Hamid Al-Mutlaq, Deputy Prime Minister and Member of the Defense and Security Committee alerted both Nouri Al-Maliki, Chief Commander of the Armed Forces, and Sadoon Al-Dulaimi, Defense Minister, about the torture in Iraqi prisons, and said that female prisoners are

Israeli Terror: The “Final Solution” to the Palestine Question By Prof. James Petras, November 28 2012


            For the past forty-five years the state of Israel has been dispossessing millions of Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories, confiscating their lands, destroying homes, bulldozing orchards and setting-up ‘Jews-only’ colonial settlements serviced by highways, electrical systems and water

Palestine UN Vote Expected Thursday; Hamas Endorses Plan By Jason Ditz, November 27 2012

The long-discussed UN draft resolution on upgrading Palestine’s status to “non-member observer state” is expected to come to a vote on Thursday, and is receiving a last-minute shot in the arm with an endorsement from Hamas.

Hamas had previously …

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood Challenged in Egypt By Tony Cartalucci, November 27 2012

Protesters ransack Muslim Brotherhood offices across the country as “Arab Spring” facade is further exposed. 

Riding upon a wave of Palestinian blood, Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi has opportunistically used the afterglow of an alleged “ceasefire” he claims to have brokered

US-Created “Syrian Opposition” Led by Big Oil By Tony Cartalucci, November 27 2012

As in Libya, Syrian “opposition” is led by long-time servants of Western corporate-financiers.

 A year ago, it was reported that Libya’s new NATO-installed prime minister, Abdurrahim el-Keib, was in fact a long-time US resident, having taught at the University of …
“Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes”: Obama “Legalizes the Illegal”, Targets The Innocent By Dr. Ismail Salami, November 27 2012

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was bitterly right when he said US president Barack Obama “seems to be a nice man, and that is precisely the problem” and aptly described him as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

Under the pretext of …

Arrests and Torture of Journalists by Iraqi Regime By Dirk Adriaensens, November 27 2012

On 25 November 2012 The Iraqi News Network published an urgent statement of the Iraqi NGO Journalism Freedoms Observatory(JFO). This Journalist Advocacy group asks Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki to immediately interfere and investigate the circumstances behind the arrest of Sabah

Humanitarian Coverup: Why is Obama Silent Over the New Congo War? By Shamus Cooke, November 26 2012
The last Congo war that ended in 2003 killed 5.4 million people, the worst humanitarian disaster since World War II. The killing was directly enabled by international silence over the issue; the war was ignored and the causes obscured because
Globalization in India: Social Reality Bites, Hard Labour In Chennai By Colin Todhunter, November 26 2012

Slap, bang, wallop. It’s a full-force smack in the face. It’s the wall of heat that hits on exiting Chennai’s Central Railway Station. Turn left then left again and it’s not long before the road narrows and things gets even

Egypt’s Morsi: Biting the bullet By Eric Walberg, November 25 2012

At last Egyptian politics is moving. President Mohamed Morsi is slowly building on his summer ‘coup’, when he stared down Egypt’s generals and put his men in the top army and defence positions, following terrorist attacks in Sinai which the …

Turkey-Syria Standoff: NATO Missiles Readied, Kurdish Fighters On Border By RT, November 25 2012

Syria has lashed out at Turkey’s “provocative” request to deploy NATO surface-to-air missiles on the countries’ shared border. The batteries may be installed in a matter of weeks, in a buildup that could further flare tensions in the turbulent zone.…

NATO Missile Deployment Means “No-Fly Zone” For Syria By Global Research News, November 25 2012

The planned deployment by NATO countries of Patriot air defence systems on Turkey’s Syria border will actually amount to the imposition of a no-fly zone for Syrian aircraft in circumvention of the UN Security Council.

The opinion has been voiced …

Gaza Ceasefire: An Early Assessment By Richard Falk, November 25 2012

The Gaza Ceasefire, unlike a similar ceasefire achieved after Operation Cast Lead four years ago, is an event that has a likely significance far beyond ending the violence after eight days of murderous attacks. It is just possible that it …

Israeli forces break Gaza ceasefire as Netanyahu outlines his political calculations By Jean Shaoul and Chris Marsden, November 25 2012

The ceasefire that brought to an end Israel’s eight-day blitzkrieg against Gaza is already under strain, after Israeli forces killed a Palestinian man on the border.

Anwar Qdeih, 23, was shot through the head as he tried to place a …

The Social Crisis in the US. The Figures are Staggering By Andre Damon, November 24 2012

As President Barack Obama and Congress prepare to slash trillions of dollars from social programs that keep vast numbers of people out of destitution, the prevalence of hunger and poverty in the United States has reached rates unseen in decades.

Israel Working to Silence the International Press in Gaza By Global Research News, November 24 2012

A Palestinian journalists rights group accused Israel on Sunday of targeting journalists in the Gaza Strip, after Israeli warplanes bombed two media buildings.

Mada says Israel is “trying to silence the press in Gaza and its crimes against journalists must …

TARGET: GAZA By Allison Deger, Stephen Lendman, and Michael Welch, November 24 2012

The Middle East, and much of the globe have been caught up over the period from November 14 to November 21 in the violent exchanges between Gaza and Israel. The lion’s share of the civilian casualties have been within Gaza. …

‘We stand with Gaza!’ – Pan-Canadian weekend of action: November 23, 24, 25 By Michael Welch, November 24 2012

Source: Canadian Peace Alliance

‘We stand with Gaza!’
Ceasefire or not – We Demand Justice for Palestine!
Join the Pan-Canadian weekend of action: November 23, 24, 25

While the recently-brokered ceasefire is certainly welcome news, it still does not end …

When Propaganda Masquarades as News By James F. Tracy, November 24 2012
The use of such propaganda fits within a broader campaign of media disinformation that subdues potential outrage over Israel’s overwhelming use of force against an oppressed and vulnerable people.
America’s New Proxy, The Syrian National Coalition: The Many Faces of its Leader, Sheikh Ahmad Moaz Al-Khatib By Thierry Meyssan, November 24 2012

Completely unkown to the international public only a week ago, Sheikh Moaz al-Khatib has been catapulted to the presidency of the Syrian National Coalition, which represents pro-Western opposition in the Damascus government. Portrayed by an intense public relations campaign as …

Africa’s “Resource Wars” Assume Epidemic Proportions By Ilya Kharlamov, November 24 2012

A civil war in Congo may cause big problems for millions of cell phone and computer users across the globe.

Congo is the world’s third largest producer of tantalum used in high-tech electronics. Even a temporary supply shortage may deal …

Gaza Coastline: Russian Warships Deployed To Eastern Mediterranean By Global Research News, November 24 2012

Warships of Russian Black Sea Fleet are ordered to stay in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea

Fulfilling orders, a convoy of warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet arrived in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea for …

Netanyahu Agreed to Ceasefire after Obama Promised US troops in Sinai Next Week? By RT, November 24 2012

Israel and Palestine are momentarily at a ceasefire, but the potential reasoning behind the recess could have some real international implications. Israel’s Debka reports that the pause in fighting comes after the US promised to send troops to Sinai.

According …

Hamas Acknowledges Iran’s Support By Global Research News, November 24 2012

Emerging after eight days of conflict with Israel, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh thanked Egypt and Iran on Thursday for their support in helping make “Israel scream with pain.”

Haniyeh, who heads Hamas in Gaza, hailed the previous night’s ceasefire as …

Changing Equation: Palestinian Resistance in Gaza Victorious By Global Research News, November 24 2012

During a press conference for the military branch of Islamic Jihad movement, Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Brigades said that this victory is a victory of martyrs and crowds who stood in front the resistance and supported the fighters.

“The martyrs are who …

Gaza Achieves Historic Victory, Israel in Denial By Norman Finkelstein, November 24 2012

The Israeli notion of “deterrence capacity” is manifestly subjective.

It denotes not to how many buildings you destroyed or how many people you killed—however much fun this might be–but whether you have instilled in the enemy sufficient fear that they

New Russian Arctic Route to connect Europe to Asia-Pacific? By Global Research News, November 24 2012

The Arctic sea route plan opens up a world of possibilities

As the melting of Arctic sea ice broke records this summer, Russia’s arctic revival plan moved a step forward. Last month Russia set up its new floating research station, …

Russia Warns against moving NATO’s Patriot Missiles to the Syrian border By Ria Novosti, November 24 2012

Russia’s Foreign Ministry cautioned Thursday against Turkey’s intention to deploy NATO Patriot missiles on its border with Syria.

“The militarization of the Turkish-Syrian border would be an alarming signal,” said ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich. “It would do nothing to foster …

America’s Labor Movement in “Terminal Crisis” By Shamus Cooke, November 24 2012

The labor movement is in terminal crisis. After decades of declining membership the union movement has been targeted for destruction: private sector union membership is near eradication, and now the corporations are on a public-sector mopping up mission, using the 

Netanyahu: Israel Prepared to Resume Gaza War By Jason Ditz, November 23 2012

In a speech at Police National Headquarters to tout the war, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted the war dealt a decisive blow to factions in the Gaza Strip, while insisting Israel is “prepared” to start a new attack at …

Product Endorsement And The Hegemons of Capitalism By Colin Todhunter, November 23 2012

The endorsement of products by famous figures is a great way to sell a brand. From David Beckham to Penelope Cruz, the faces of the famous have sold a little of their time and a maybe a bit of their …

Gaza Ceasefire: Palestine Holds Strong in the Face of U.S.-Backed Israeli Terror By Richard Becker, November 23 2012

A ceasefire agreement between the Hamas-led Palestinian government in Gaza and Israel was announced today, Nov. 21, in Cairo by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Kamel Amr.

Clinton made an emergency trip to the

Elite Intrigues and Military Purges: It’s Not About Sex, Stupid! By Prof. James Petras, November 22 2012
The headline stories claim that CIA Director General David Petraeus resigned as head of the CIA because of an adulterous relation with his young biographer. Nothing could be more far-fetched simply on prima facie evidence.
IAEA Data on Sensitive Iranian Stockpile Mislead News Media By Gareth Porter, November 22 2012

News stories on the latest International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report suggested new reasons to fear that Iran is closer to a “breakout” capability than ever before, citing a nearly 50-percent increase in its stockpile of 20-percent enriched uranium and

California Gets Face Scanners To Spy On Everyone At Once By RT, November 22 2012

 In a single second, law enforcement agents can match a suspect against millions upon millions of profiles in vast detailed databases stored on the cloud. It’s all done using facial recognition, and in Southern California it’s already occurring.

Imagine the …

Israel, Hamas Agree to Ceasefire By John Glaser, November 21 2012

A cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas has been reached, according to Egypt’s foreign minister announced Wednesday at a news conference.

The cease-fire is scheduled to take effect at 9:00PM local time (2:00PM ET), Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr said.…

Judge Hits Out at ‘Confusing, Extremely Problematic’ Acquittal of Croatian Generals By Karl Stagno-Navarra, November 21 2012

Maltese Judge Carmel Agius has distanced himself from the appeals judgement which acquitted two Croatian generals from their convictions on war crimes during the Croatia-Yugoslavia conflict in the 1990s.

Mr. Justice Carmel Agius’s dissenting opinion was hard-hitting to the extent …

The US Congress’ Shameful Support for Israeli Bombing By Matthew Rothschild, November 21 2012

The Here’s a two-part quiz for you.

Late last week, Congress weighed in on Israel’s bombing of Gaza.

Question Number One: How many House members voted to condemn that bombing?

Question Number two: How many members of the Senate voted

UK Defence Select Committee to investigate use of armed drones By Drone Wars UK, November 21 2012

The Times is today reporting that the UK Defence Select Committee is to hold an inquiry into the use of armed drones:

Members of the Commons Defence Select Committee are to investigate the deployment of armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

The Limits of Israel’s “Muscularity” in Gaza. The Achievements of the Palestinian Resistance By Dina Jadallah, November 21 2012

The war on Gaza combines the characteristic drastic brutality towards Palestinians and Arabs that Israel periodically demonstrates with the lack of effectiveness in achieving its stated goals that those who follow and support the resistance have come to expect

The U.S. Role in Israel’s Attack on Gaza By Shamus Cooke, November 21 2012

As Obama tours Southeast Asia to strengthen his alliances against China, Gazans are being killed and maimed by the hundreds, with the possibility of an incredibly bloody Israeli invasion. The United States still wields tremendous power internationally; its actions and …

Council of Canadians Demands an End to Impunity for Mining Corporations in Mexico By Meera Karunananthan, November 21 2012
National Syrian Dialogue Meeting concludes in Tehran By Xinhua, November 21 2012

The two-day meeting on Syria with the slogan of “Violence No, Democracy Yes” concluded in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Monday with the participants calling for a ceasefire and an end to the armed conflicts in the crisis- ridden …

The Palestinian Resistance reaches further than Tel Aviv, hits Israeli Warship By Al Manar, November 21 2012

Shortly after the Palestinian resistance in Gaza hit an Israeli warship, fighters fired on Sunday rockets which reached further than Tel Aviv for the first time since the offensive started last Wednesday.

Herzliya, 85 km far from Gaza, was hit …

Israel Metaphorically Defeated in Gaza By Dr. Ismail Salami, November 20 2012

At a time when the beleaguered Gaza became haunted by Israeli bombs and the innocent women and children were brutally killed by Israelis, US President Barrack Obama together with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a journey to a number

Challenging Israel’s Myths By Prof. Lawrence Davidson, November 20 2012

A carefully cultivated mythology sustains Israel’s territorial claims to Palestine and rationalizes Israel’s ethnic cleansing of millions of Palestinians from the land. Challenges to those myths are typically met with fierce counterattacks.

Soon after my Nov. 4 analysis, “In Defense

Canada – China Agreement Abrogates Rights of Indigenous People By Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, November 20 2012

Open Letter: Canada – China Agreement Abrogates Rights of Indigenous People

October 30, 2012

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Office of the Prime Minister

80 Wellington Street

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A2


Sent Via FAX: (613) 941-6900


Prime Minister Harper:…

The US-Israeli Attack on Gaza By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, November 20 2012
The central issue does not pertain to Washington's support but rather to the direct involvement of the US government and military in the planning and implementation of the attack on Gaza.
Why a new war on Gaza? By Thierry Meyssan, November 20 2012

Once again Israël attacks Gaza, and the international media relays the images of desolation. But the outrage provoked by these daily horrors must not prevent us from analysing the situation and understanding its aims.

On the 14th November 2012, Israeli

Puppet State America By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, November 19 2012

The United States government and its subject peoples think of the US as “the world’s only superpower.”  But how is a country a superpower when its entire government and a majority of the subjects, especially those members of evangelical churches,

Israeli Strikes Kill 31, Gaza Toll Now Over 96 Since War Began By Jason Ditz, November 19 2012

Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip killed another 31 people today, with the overwhelming majority already confirmed as civilians. The attacks bring the overall toll since the Israeli offensive began to over 96 slain.

The single largest incident took …

Israel targets journalists in Gaza By Global Research News, November 19 2012
by Allison Deger
*       *      *
Early this morning, just after dawn, the Israeli military targeted two media buildings in the Gaza Strip, injuring six journalists with one losing his leg in an amputation after the bombing. “We obviously know
Silencing the Media: Press TV Station in Gaza attacked twice by Israel By Press TV, November 18 2012
The office building of Iran’s English-language 24-hour news channel, Press TV, in Gaza has been hit twice in the Israeli regime’s fresh airstrikes.

During the bombings, a Press TV cameraman has been injured.

Israel launched fresh air raids on two …

A Timeline: How Israel shattered the Gaza Truce By Global Research News, November 18 2012

by Electronic Intifada

Today, 3 Israelis were killed as a result of rocket fire from Gaza.

This came after Israel had killed 13 Palestinians, including 3 children and a woman, and injured 115, including 26 children and 25 women …

Iran Condemns International Silence over Israel’s attacks on Gaza By Ria Novosti, November 18 2012

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi condemned the international community’s indifference to “the Israeli regime’s aggression against the Gaza Strip,” Press TV reported on Sunday.

The Iranian foreign minister made his remarks at an opening address to Syria’s National Dialog …

Qatar helped locate Palestinian leaders to be killed by Israel By Global Research News, November 18 2012

The residence and offices of a number of Hamas leaders were identified during the recent visit to the Gaza Strip by Qatar’s King Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and later targeted by Israeli missile and bomb attacks, informed sources

Arab Divide: Lebanon, Algeria, Sudan, Mauritania support Gaza while Arab Monarchs support Israel By Global Research News, November 18 2012

The Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki renounced the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

The remarks came in a speech on Saturday during the emergency meeting of the Arab foreign ministers in Cairo to discuss the Israeli

Silencing the Truth: Media Center in Gaza targeted by Israel By RT, November 18 2012

An Israeli airstrike on a media compound has injured at least six journalists, Palestinian medical authorities say. Among the outlets damaged are local, Italian, German, Lebanese and Kuwaiti channels. RT’s office in Gaza was affected too.

The journalists received minor …

Russia, Iran, China Condemn Israel’s Attack on Gaza By Global Research News, November 18 2012

Russia Asks for Attacks to Halt

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called for immediate halt of the shooting , shelling or any other type of violence in the Gaza Strip.

“What has happened on the Palestinian territories arouses serious concern,

Hamas and Sudan vow mutual support against Israel By Global Research News, November 18 2012

Sudan and the Palestinian group Hamas have pledged to support each other after an alleged Israeli attack on a military factory in Khartoum.

The attack on Yarmouk ammunition factory on 24 October raised tension between Khartoum and Tel Aviv. The …

Gaza Attack: Iraq calls for use of oil to pressure the US, Israel By Global Research News, November 18 2012

Iraq’s permanent representative to the League of Arab States, Qais Al Azzawi, has today called for the use of oil as a weapon to pressure the United States and other countries to end the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.…

US-Israel Alliance: Obama’s “Green Light” to Israel Attack on Gaza By Jonathan Cook, November 18 2012

A short interview broadcast by CNN late last week featuring two participants – a Palestinian in Gaza and an Israeli within range of the rocket attacks – did not follow the usual script.

For once, a media outlet dropped its

Top Economic Advisers Forecast World War By Washington's Blog, November 18 2012

Kyle Bass, Larry Edelson, Jim Rogers and Marc Faber Predict Widespread War

Kyle Bass writes:

Trillions of dollars of debts will be restructured and millions of financially prudent savers will lose large percentages of their real purchasing power at

Targeting Civilians: Israel’s Specialty By Stephen Lendman, November 18 2012

Bullies choose easy adversaries to pummel. Equal fights are shunned. It’s the same in schoolyards or battlefields.

America and Israel operate this way. They avoid foes able to give as much as they take. Rogue governments never say they’re sorry.

Dissecting Israeli Military Propaganda: The Numbers behind the Rocket Attacks By Global Research News, November 18 2012
by Phan Nguyen

*      *     *

In this brief study, I examine the many numbers cited by the Israeli military relating to Gaza rocket attacks into Israel.

To begin, Israeli spokespeople frequently remind the world that a million Israeli citizens

Human Rights: the People vs the UN By Eric Walberg, November 18 2012

As the US government is re-elected to the UN Human Rights Council, the UN Committee Against Torture hears a complaint against Bush. 

The recent death of Iranian dissident blogger Sattar Beheshti in police custody was a sad event. All human …

Towards a Full Scale War on Gaza: The Red Line Israel Brazenly Crossed By Dr. Ismail Salami, November 17 2012

Reports indicate that Israel is reportedly setting the stage for a full-scale war on Gaza. According to Israeli media, 16,000 reservists are being briefed on a full-scale war on the Gaza Strip while Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has ordered

U.S. Building Military Presence Along China’s Soft Underbelly By Boris Volkhonsky, November 17 2012

This weekend and the beginning of the next week will witness an unprecedented rise in US diplomatic activity in a region which until lately was a “black hole” in Washington’s foreign policy but has acquired new importance after the administration …

The Greek Left and the Rise of Neo-Fascism By Panagiotis Sotiris, November 17 2012

For the past months there has been an intense debate both in Greece but also in international media regarding the rise of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn in Greece. The reason is obvious: for the first time in a European Union

Israeli Military Assault on Gaza – “Operation Pillar of Defence” – Not “defence” but murder of unarmed civilians…. By Mairead Maguire, November 17 2012


It is with the greatest sadness, mixed with frustration, and a sense of helplessness, that many people around the world, myself included, watched on television the horrific scenes of death and destruction perpetrated, …

Gaza and the Politics of “Greater Israel” By Nile Bowie, November 17 2012
The ongoing war on Gaza is a premeditated component of Israeli expansionism with a view to destroying the Palestinian State project.
War In Gaza: Why Now? Election Politics? By Washington's Blog, November 16 2012

It was widely reported that Israel agreed to delay any war against Iran until after U.S. elections.

A little over a week after the election, Israel launched a “targeted assassination” against the leader of Hamas.  That is what started the …