New York Times Perpetuates the Myth About US Fighting ISIS
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, October 20, 2015

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Times articles, commentaries and editorials feature all propaganda all the time, managed news misinformation and Big Lies, suppressing hard truths on issues mattering most – especially on war and peace.

It notoriously supports US imperial lawlessness, in lockstep with every war of aggression Washington wages, perpetuating the myth about humanitarian intervention – in Syria and Iraq claiming its air campaign aims to defeat ISIS and other terrorist elements.

Its latest article headlines “US and Iraqi Forces Take Offensive Against ISIS on Several Fronts,” saying “increased American air power” is aiding Iraqi forces put “pressure on the jihadists on multiple fronts.”

The usual unnamed source is one or more US officials, devoid of credibility. Since US warplanes began bombing Iraq in June 2014, then Syria in September last year, allegedly targeting ISIS, their forces made extensive gains in both countries, controlling more territory with greater numbers of heavily armed fighters.

In three weeks of Russia’s Syrian campaign, ISIS elements are being systematically routed, their weapons, munitions, above-and-below-ground facilities, command and control centers, and will to fight significantly degraded and destroyed.

How is this possible? Are US pilots inept? Are they poorly trained? Is US technology deficient? Is the Pentagon unable to locate ISIS targets to destroy them – what Russia’s campaign does effectively!

Putin’s righteous mission is defeating terrorism. He says what me means and means what he says, explaining ISIS and likeminded elements are “recruiting militants and continue doing so in many countries, unfortunately including Russia and CIS countries.”

He knows Washington’s dirty hands are involved, using imported death squads earlier in Libya, currently in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, intending to send them to Russia and Central Asia – to instigate violence, instability and turmoil like in all US direct and proxy war theaters.

Putin wisely intends defeating the threat at its source – quashing US plans, undermining its imperial agenda, challenging Washington for the first time in memory, making it very clear he won’t tolerate doing to Russia and CIS allies what it’s done throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and  elsewhere.

He changed the dynamic decisively – in full compliance with international law, unlike illegal US operations. “Russia is ready to adequately and effectively respond to the terrorist threat and any other challenges,” wherever they threaten its national security, he said.

“It is crucially important to bring to light the links of the Russian-based militants with the international terror groups and their patrons” – meaning, of course, Washington and its rogue allies.

Russian operations in Syria since September destroyed over 500 ISIS targets, severely hampering their ability to fight, enabling Syrian ground forces to achieve significant gains, liberating one village after another.

US airstrikes in Syria and Iraq (after over a year of operations in both countries) destroyed zero ISIS targets. Again, it deserves asking: How is this possible?

Because US warplanes target Syrian and Iraqi infrastructure, not ISIS, supporting its fighters on the ground, aiding their aggression and atrocities in both countries, using them as proxy foot soldiers – what the New York Times and other media scoundrels never explain, suppressing this vital hard truth, perpetuating the myth about Washington’s war on ISIS.

“Progress has been slow despite increased supporting fire from American air operations,” said The Times, “according to the Pentagon,” a notorious lying machine like The Times.

“Progress” is the way US officials want it, aiding ISIS, systematically destroying Iraqi and Syrian infrastructure -including an Aleppo power station days earlier, causing a major blackout, what US media never report, claiming only ISIS targets are hit, repeating official Big Lies, willfully deceiving the public.

The self-styled “newspaper of record” is a national disgrace. The same holds for all other major Western media sources – a collective lying machine.

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