Netanyahu’s Knesset on a Tragic Trajectory
By Anthony Bellchambers
Global Research, February 04, 2016

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The coalition government of Binyamin Netanyahu is on a trajectory to oblivion because its Knesset members are so clever that in their arrogance they have made no provision for future generations.

It exhibits an extraordinary lemming-like agenda whereby Its citizens will eventually disappear without trace leaving only the curious artefacts of their political and moral bankruptcy.

In 100 years time, future indigenous Arab residents, will dig-up an Uzi machine gun and an old plutonium centrifuge casing from the Dimona nuclear weapons facility in the desert, and will no doubt remember the history of the inept regime of chosen people who used to strut their superiority around that place, in 2016, as their drones disseminated propaganda to a world that had already decided their fate.

As for current reality: the EU is nearly ready to implement a long-overdue, paradigm shift that will have huge political and economic impact upon the forces of illegal occupation in the current conflict.


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London. February 4, 2016

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