Netanyahu, the Nuclear Zionist Committed to “A Greater Israel” Threatens the UN
By Anthony Bellchambers
Global Research, August 18, 2015

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Binyamin Netanyahu is an Israeli-born, American-educated, Likud Zionist whose charter calls for a ‘Greater Israel’ to be attained by the ethnic-cleansing of all the land of former Palestine which has been the documented home for the Muslim Arab continuously for over a millennium.

The attempt to achieve this aim is through the continuous, illegal settlement of the Occupied Territories in contempt of the will of the United Nations, the European Union and international law. This Israeli settlement now exceeds a figure in excess of 500,000 including those in Arab East Jerusalem – the Holy City that the UN has long declared to be an international entity with free access to all faiths.

This criminal endeavour continues without restriction through the influence over a compliant US Congress – the membership of which is determined by the American Israel Lobby which finances the selection and election of that important legislative assembly. It also determines the use of the US veto in any United Nations vote critical of Israel. The finance involved is alleged to emanate from gambling profits. It’s called ‘democracy American style’ wherein a pressure group with a claimed 100,000 members exerts its will over 308 million Americans throughout the Union.

The above has led to the extraordinarily invidious and dangerous position whereby a small Mediterranean state exerts its will over a compliant US House of Representatives in Washington that, in turn, exerts its will over the elected President in the White House. And that influence is now attempting to overturn the important peace initiative with Iran that has been painstakingly negotiated by the UN Security Council and the EU.

The actual status quo is so far-fetched that it would be considered too fantastic even for a ‘House of Cards’ script.  But, incredibly, it’s true.

Now democratic political power must be returned to the United Nations, the only globally-elected, international authority that represents us here in Europe and around the world.

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