National Endowment for Democracy (NED) “Pulling the Strings” in Hong Kong
By Global Research News
Global Research, December 01, 2019

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According to a report by NewsHub, a so-called “offshoot of the CIA” was involved in engineering the protest movement in Hong Kong. The report which quotes French author Maxime Vivas states that the Washington based National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has been “pulling the strings” since the outbreak of the riots in June:  

…French writer Maxime Vivas said the interference from the US has played an indispensable role in exacerbating the situation in Hong Kong.

In addition to blatantly meddling with China’s internal affairs by passing the “democracy” Bill on Hong Kong, the US has also secretly patronised the rioters, according to Vivas.

“I have checked who was the patron of the Hong Kong rioters and it turned out to be the US National Endowment for Democracy. This organisation is actually a US Central Intelligence Agency offshoot in disguise,” he said.

“I have been closely following the developments of the situation, to find out that the organisation is still active in Hong Kong. We have evidence for all these facts. Look at Hong Kong, these rioters are armed, wearing masks, this is unbelievable. Some media said they are supporters of ‘democracy’, in fact they are violent criminals targeting police officers.” (NewsHub, December 1, 2019)

This report broadly confirms several earlier reports. The role of the NED has been known since 2014. According to Tony Cartalucci (October 2014)

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