Military Threats by the US: China’s “Growing Worry”
By Global Research
Global Research, August 11, 2010
China Daily 11 August 2010
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The likely presence of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington on the Yellow Sea in the coming months has triggered fresh public backlash in China.

The US Department of Defense confirmed Aug 6 that the aircraft carrier would participate in a series of military drills to be jointly conducted with the Republic of Korea (ROK) on the Yellow Sea over the next few months.

In a quick response, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu urged the ROK and the US to take seriously China’s concerns and its position regarding their joint naval drill, since it would take place in the waters off China’s eastern coast.

Washington and Seoul have chosen to ignore China’s security concerns time and again, and this should not be allowed to fester at China’s doorstep. This brinksmanship is an open defiance of China’s security environment. It has already aroused strong indignation in Chinese society, and the Chinese media.

China has repeatedly warned that the reckless move would further deteriorate the delicate situation on the Korean Peninsula. It has also been constantly calling for extreme restraint and has urged both nations to make more efforts toward peace and stability in Northeast Asia. It is clear now that the plea has fallen on deaf ears.

Washington and Seoul have both vowed to forge a strategic partnership with Beijing. If the two really care about stronger bilateral ties with Beijing, mutual trust on security issues is very important and they must promptly stop setting the stage for a possible conflict.

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