Militarizing Space, Transforming It into a Battleground

The Outer Space Treaty (1967) bans America, Britain, and other signatories from placing WMDs (not conventional weapons) in earth orbit or otherwise in outer space.

It restricts use of celestial bodies to peaceful purposes, bans space bases and outer space weapons testing.

In January 2001, the UN General Assembly’s Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space Resolution A/55/32 said:

“The exploration and use of outer space shall be for peaceful purposes and be carried out for the benefit and in the interest of all countries, irrespective of their degree of economic or scientific development.”

“(The) prevention of an arms race in outer space would avert a grave danger for international peace and security.”

Five treaties address space issues:

1. The 1963 Limited Test Ban Treaty, prohibiting nuclear testing in outer space.

2. The 1968 Astronauts Rescue Agreement, requiring the safe return of astronauts and objects launched into space to their country of origin.

3. The 1972 Liability Convention, establishing procedures for determining the liability of nations damaging space objects of others.

4. The 1976 Registration Convention, requiring the registration of objects launched into space.

5. The 1984 Moon Agreement, establishing how space resources may be developed and used.

The 1972 SALT I Treaty, 1987 INF Treaty, 1992 Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty, 1994 START I Treaty, and other international agreements deal with space-related issues.

The UN Conference on Disarmament, established in 1984 to negotiate arms control and disarmament agreements, strongly opposes weaponizing space.

So do the vast majority of world nations. The cosmos should be used exclusively for peaceful purposes benefitting humanity.

Washington refused to negotiate with Russia and China on their joint draft treaty to ban space weapons.

The 1972 ABM Treaty banned testing or deploying weapons in space. The treaty became null and void after Bush/Cheney pulled out in June 2002.

The US-staged 9/11 mother-of-all false flags changed everything, unleashing America’s rage for global dominance by brute force.

Space is the final frontier. Hawkish Trump regime neocon extremists want it militarized for real-life star wars, the president saying:

“I’m…directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a Space Force as the sixth branch of the armed forces.”

“We have the Air Force, and we’re going to have the Space Force. Separate but equal.”

“America was first in flight, first to the moon, and why America will always be first in space. We don’t want China and Russia and other countries leading us…We’re going to be the leader by far.”

According to the Institute of the Commonwealth of Independent States deputy director Lt. Col. Vladimir Evseev,

“(i)f that happens, Russia will have to retaliate doing that jointly with China.”

“That will be effective and not be too costly. Moscow and Beijing have stated they are strongly opposed to creating space weapons.”

“China has already learned to destroy low earth orbit satellites. Russia likewise has the means of countering and destroying space vehicles.”

“That’s why these threats to China and Russia related to establishing the US space force will be neutralized sooner or later.”

Washington has provided no information on the structure and mission of a space force. Given its rage for dominating other nations, clearly this is what establishing it is all about – permanent warmaking its main purpose.

The idea of weaponizing space has been around for a long time. In 1996, head of US Space Command General Joseph Ashy minced no words, saying:

“(W)e’re going to fight in space. We’re going to fight from space, and we’re going to fight into space. That’s why the US has development programs in directed energy and hit-to-kill mechanisms. We will engage terrestrial targets someday – ships, airplanes, land targets – from space.”

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space co-founder/coordinator Bruce Gagnon earlier warned:

“If the US is allowed to move the arms race into space, there will be no return. We have this one chance, this one moment in history, to stop the weaponization of space from happening.”

“The peace movement must move quickly, boldly, and publicly” to challenge and stop this reckless agenda. Otherwise, star wars could become reality.

The Pentagon plans to develop sophisticated space weapons, including space vehicle delivery systems able to travel at hypersonic speeds.

America’s National Security Strategy reserves the right to wage preemptive wars, including first-strike nuclear weapons, against designated enemies, real or invented.

It’s currently not feasible from space. The Pentagon wants the technological capability developed to be used at the discretion of US regimes in power.

Helen Caldicott earlier said

“one single failure of nuclear deterrence could end human history (quickly).”

“Once initiated, it would take one hour to trigger a swift, sudden end to life on this planet.”

Only nuclear disarmament and elimination of nuclear weapons globally can stop it.

Humanity has a choice. Put an end to global wars and weapons of mass destruction or they may end us.


Stephen Lendman is a Research Associate of the CRG, Correspondent of Global Research based in Chicago.

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