Middle East: George Bush’s Power to Inspire

The failure of the Bush/Bandar/Olmert axis to ignite a prolonged shooting war between the Lebanese resistance forces and their hired guns Hariri and Jumblatt is a clear declaration to the world that the glorious neocon policies of Bush have been proven complete failures on the battlefield.  Yet, he and Cheney keep pushing for new openings to ignite a new conflagration. 

The only real success of the Bush doctrine has been its ability to inspire unlimited volunteers.  The success of this possibly unanticipated side effect can be measured directly from the numbers of committed mujahid who are enlisting to oppose it.  The plan has been to violently intimidate large civilian populations into submission and to inspire all the angry young men who would dare to take-up arms, to resist and to seek revenge upon the invading American forces.  In this way, potential resisters are purposely flushed-out from the civilian populations.  The ease of recruitment for the guerilla struggles that rise to meet the occupation is a fairly accurate indicator that this political doctrine has been successfully sown.  The power of the doctrine to inspire the will to resist has proven to be greater than its ability to intimidate would-be resisters. 

The US terror war is a two-step killing process.  Wherever the process goes forward in the Middle East, it is the same – the military action is introduced directly by the US, or through mercenary/proxy forces, intending to cause violent reactions.  The reaction is as important as the initial action.  Once an actual insurrection is inspired, American forces can focus their superior firepower upon the actual resisters, the “terrorists.”  American agents stir the cauldron, American forces pick-off whatever rises to the top. 

Reporter for Asia Times Online, Syed Saleem Shahzad, who has been labeled a “CIA mouthpiece” by another Pakistani website, Dictatorship Watch,     gives this one line summation of Washington’s military strategy in Pakistan (the same as it is on every front in the terror war):

“…isolating hardline elements such as foreigners belonging to al-Qaeda…
to be ‘chopped off’ through special operations by US-trained Pakistani units.”                                                                                                        http://atimes.com/atimes/South_Asia/JE13Df02.html    

The plan developed by the neocon fascists consisted of:  first, targeting countries; then targeting groups; and finally targeting individuals.  The doctrine of “shock and awe” was intended to amplify the effects of America’s attacks upon Afghanistan and Iraq by reverberating throughout the Muslim world, in order to enrage and motivate all those young men in the other targeted nations who would later resist America’s attempts at global dictatorship.   

Think of the plan like the working of dough, where agents provocateurs introduce false doctrines and political distortions into national politics, working them through the masses like yeast being worked into dough.  The mixture reacts to the agitation of the rising agent by swelling in size.  Those who adhere to the working agents are then squeezed-off from the mass, where the forbidden political activity can be attacked separately, on a much smaller scale, using less violence. 

In Lebanon, the Bush Doctrine may have lost an entire batch of its yeasty subversion, in the fall of the Sinoura/Hariri government.  The former head of Israel’s intelligence, Aaron Zeevi Farkash, said that “Nasrallah Ruined 3Yrs of Arab, Foreign Intel Efforts.”                                               


When asked about the alleged attempt to assassinate the Hezbollah leader on April 25th, Zeevi seemed to confirm the essence of Wayne Madsen Report: 


 “Killing Nasrallah was not impossible with the presence of thousands of Lebanese informers working with the Americans. Everything is lost now. Three years of intelligence efforts by international and Arab sides have gone overnight. Most intelligence agents have left Beirut and the Lebanese are no longer able to move under the cover of their daily mission, each according to his rank in some security services. The west has lost a lot after Nasrallah surprised their allies.”                    


The defeat of the March 14 coalition plans to provoke a cycle of war serving the interests of the US/Saudi Arabia/Israel alliance, did not ruin the plan entirely, it only defeated the dividing process, before the targeted Hezbollah group could be sufficiently reduced in size.  Lebanon is still being subjected to the strategy Israel has developed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, that of creating front groups and then using them to divide and conquer.  Through these Hegelian tactics and the push-pull between the Israeli-created Hamas group and the targeted group Fatah, the two remaining parcels of Palestinian territory were separated politically, with the West Bank targeted for colonization and the Gaza Strip turned into an internationally approved killing zone.

Now with the Lebanese resistance forces calling the shots, after dispatching the Saudi-funded militias of Saad Hariri, he immediately claimed that Bush’s fantasy had come true, “the Sunni-Shiite conflict is on.”                                                                            

Bush then spouted his usual nonsensical version of reality,  

“They’re not moving against any foreign country, they’re moving against the Lebanese people and it should send a signal to everybody that they’re a destabilising force.”                                               

Not to be outdone by himself, when Bush later arrived in Israel, he poured-out the old standard BS about Iran being “the world’s leading sponsor of terror,” when the recent series of bombings and assassinations in the region have all led back to America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Britain.  The harder the US prosecutes its defective covert war plans to generate world war III, the more it reveals itself as the source of most of the terrorist attacks in the war zone.  American-sponsored acts of terrorism, committed by mercenary and proxy forces, has proven to be the hallmark of the terror war.

The official denials and the twisting of facts have begun, beginning with Hariri’s denial of even having a militia.  (“Hariri Denies Having Militia; Facts Prove Opposite”)                                                 

Hariri’s most notorious Welch club militia, Fatah al-Islam, announced that they will continue to stand by Beirut’s Sunnis.


For a non-existent militia force, America’s mercenaries like Fatah al-Islam have killed a lot of their fellow Lebanese citizens in the service of foreign dictators.  In a direct contradiction of the official line conveyed to the world by the compromised American press, we have this report on Hariri’s men from Al Manar:  

“Indeed, last week, when Future gunmen were terrorizing civilians, residents of the Nuweiri area decided to storm into their office. A military unit was dispatched to the site and evacuated 21 Mustakbal members from the office. While everything was being recorded on camera, the army confiscated automatic weapons and ammunition. They also found applications for new Future Movement members as well as alcohol. The Mustakbal militia surrendered many other offices to the Lebanese army in Beirut, Chouf, south Lebanon and elsewhere. Their arms have been handed over to the Lebanese army. This is in the present.
A reminder of past incidents: All the Lebanese remember the famous Arab University incidents that took place one year and four months ago when Al-Mustaqbal militiamen opened fire, even sniper fire at university students. They also remember the shooting spree by Hariri’s militiamen and their allies in the Progressive Socialist Party in the populated region of Aramoun a few months ago. Al-Manar broadcasted footage of this incident with the faces of the gunmen clearly showing. All this adds to the long list of last week’s provocations, with Al-Mustaqbal militia attacking offices of national parties, cutting roads and burning homes owned by pro-opposition politicians and supporters, namely the family house of Lebanese National Opposition martyr Ahmed Mahmoud. Mahmoud was killed execution style by Mustkbal militiamen in Tariq el-Jdideh as he was returning home after taking part in the opposition’s demonstration in downtown Beirut. It’s been more than one and a half years on this crime.”                           

As if to confirm to the world, ignoring Hariri’s denial that there is a de facto alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel to help America start a religious civil war in Lebanon, Welch Club financier Saudi Prince Bandar asked Ehud Olmert to: 

“move against Hezbollah…Bin Sultan asked Olmert to do what is necessary to support PM Siniora, offering to bear all the financial costs of any Israeli war against Hezbollah.”                                                                                                       

In conjunction with Bandar’s plea for Israeli help to save the Sunni provocateurs, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal warned Iran for “supporting the coup that took place in Lebanon.” 


The Arab states are being forced to decide between two unacceptable choices, supporting an American/Saudi alliance with their mutual Zionist enemy or working with Iran to stabilize the region, in order to accommodate George Bush’s insane determination to solve the world’s problems (using his same failed solutions that caused them), before he leaves office.  It is apparent to the Arab people and the larger Muslim world that the leader of the Sunnis, the protector of the Holy Places of Islam, is conspiring with Israel to deny fellow Muslim Arabs their human rights and to trick the people into lowering their defenses against the Zionist invader.   

Israeli press sources report that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) already has agents on the ground in Beirut acquiring targeting information on the Lebanese resistance forces.


They probably received their new orders from the temporary commander of Central Command, General Martin Dempsey (who has been keeping Fallon’s seat warm since March 31, until Petraeus gets to sit there), who visited Lebanon Wednesday to discuss military aid. 

Israel has deftly joined the American obsession with eliminating military and economic competition from Iran with the Saudi obsession to rule the house of Islam.  Israel’s intention is to finalize the toxic Zionist plans to eliminate their competition and to seize all the Arab lands that comprise “Greater Israel.”  Once the Muslim factions turn on each other, the way will be cleared to install a Christian government (Samir Geagea) under Tel Aviv’s domination.  This will be the fulfillment in Lebanon (and in all of Israel’s unfortunate neighbors) of Zionist hero David Ben Gurion’s prophecy for that tortured Arab land: 

“We should prepare to go over to the offensive. Our aim is to smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, and Syria. The weak point is Lebanon, for the Moslem regime is artificial and easy for us to undermine. We shall establish a Christian state there, and then we will smash the Arab Legion, eliminate Trans-Jordan; Syria will fall to us. We then bomb and move on and take Port Said, Alexandria and Sinai.” (David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, to the General Staff. From Ben-Gurion, A Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar, Delacorte, New York 1978)

American-sponsored acts of terrorism are key elements of this American/Israeli incremental strategy of slowly progressing through the targeted nations, as it varies the levels of violence used, all the way from the “shock and awe,” as seen in Iraq (and about to be seen in Iran), to individual acts of terrorism like the bombing of the mosque in Shiraz, Iran, to the car-bombing of Hezbollah leader Imad Mugniyeh in Syria.  As news about these new immoral tactics spreads throughout the Muslim world, new anti-American cells form, in anticipation of the evil American eye that will surely be turning soon in their direction.

The American/Israeli obsession with dominating the region at any cost is generating a price tag that is beyond the limits of comprehension, for most of us.  In the end, it will be the cost of our illegal conquests that will bring them to an end.  The choices made to fight the terror war by constantly expanding it and escalating the violence to new heights of destruction have repeatedly compounded the original strategic problems.  The ultra-destructive strategy of using maximum force levels to generate the most fear has backfired, leaving the Bush team with a self-generating war paradigm of their own creation, which compounds the opposition far faster than opposing forces can be eliminated. 

The ultimate necessity of making the force escalation to the thermonuclear level will expose the true cost of this war on a moral and material level, bringing the protected American economic system down when the cost becomes known to the American majority, even if the use of nukes is somehow averted.  The sheer moral impact of the immoral basis of the things the planners intend to do in the name of national security will shake the American political system to its very foundations, once it becomes understood.

The power of the American/Israeli terror war to intimidate into submission is dwarfed by its power to inspire the will to resist.  The same ratio would hold true for a potential American resistance to the Bush Doctrine, thus making it easier to help more people to understood the nature of the personal pain which they and their families will soon experience, more would resist, than would submit.  Because Americans have been successfully insulated from experiencing the war or even hearing real news about it, they are able to turn their backs to any talk of resistance or revolution.  If the Bush Doctrine is not derailed before moving on to the next escalation against Iran, then, after martial law preparations kick-in, it will be too late for any but the most desperate acts of resistance.

Our problem then, in the American resistance, is finding a way to disrupt the campaign of confrontation and replace it with a new policy of cooperation.  The paradigm must be altered from a question of conquest to one of repair.  When exposing the corruption of the Bush Doctrine and its adherents, we must also reveal a new path that has room for both Iran and America.  The choice is simple – continue to pursue the delusions of men who think of themselves as gods, or make peace with Iran and Islam. 

Work with Iran to solve these paramount problems of Iraq, nuclear proliferation and resource development.  Iran and America could together bring-about a network for moving needed fuel from Central Asia to the fuel-starved nations.

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