Michel Chossudovsky Addresses Malaysia Conference to Criminalize War
By Global Research
Global Research, November 08, 2009
Mathaba 28 October 2009
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At the Kuala Lumpur Conference to Criminalise War, exposes the plan to acquire world assets via military means and financial manipulation

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Mathaba) Michel Chussodovsky of the Center for Research on Globalization, addressed a conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, today, during which he exposed the correlation between those who control the printing of U.S. dollars and its supply, and the military industrial complex, in a bid for world domination.

He said that the September 11 attacks were used in order to organize a major theatre war, which takes much longer to plan than four weeks. He confirmed that the war in Afghanistan had been planned long in advance and that the attacks were used as a justification to put the plan into effect.

Chossudovsky said that the “War on Terror” is in fact a “War Against Truth”, and one which receives the Nobel Peace Prize, giving legitimacy to war in the name of peace, by turning concepts upside down.

Mr Chossudovsky showed the U.S. dollar bill and its emblems and their meanings, and he showed that the U.S. dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on. If the U.S. wins the wars it is engaged in Afghanistan, and regime changes in all major regions of the world, then it will continue to impose the dollar which it prints out of thin air, as the world currency.

Just this week there have been announcements of new military bases in Romania and Bulgaria, with the Eastern Mediterannean now being entirely militarized.

He said that China is now completely encircled too with hostile military bases all around, and he warned that we are in a World War 3 scenario.

Michel Chossudovsky said that while such war plans may fail, thanks to efforts such as the effort by this conference to criminalise war, and that the war propaganda machine is now much more effective than ever under the Obama U.S. administration. “We have to relentlessly break the consensus and establish the criminalisation of war as the main consensus in building peace world wide”.

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