MI5: Save the poodle!
By Mathaba
Global Research, November 13, 2006 13 November 2006
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As the meltdown of the neocon neo-fascist era is slowly beginning with the Republicans losing both Houses across the Atlantic, their British partner in crime is trying to divert attention by another desperate attempt to scare the British public into submission.

The timing of the speech delivered by Eliza Manningham-Buller, head of the British intelligence service MI5, was probably no accident. Home secretary John Reid, who approved the speech beforehand, previously managed to pull off his own ridiculous story about the “very real” plot to blow up airliners by pulling the cork of liquid beverages, costing British Airways alone in excess of 100 million pounds as a result of ludicrous new “security” measures. The hawks this side of the Atlantic must be even more worried about the fallout of the Iraq and Afghan war disasters. When American politicians run for cover, like sacrificed ex-defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld against whom a lawsuit for crimes against humanity is already pending in Germany, the accomplices of the bulldog Bush will not come to the rescue of the helpmates of British poodle Blair.

Britain’s chief spy wants to make us believe that there is a real danger from extremist networks in the UK planning the unthinkable even as we speak. Justifying her huge increase in funding, Tony Blair endorsed her scare-mongering by stating that the threat would remain for at least another generation and that this was due to the radicalisation of Muslim youths. He forgot to add the words “Wollt Ihr den totalen Krieg?”, but the tenor of recent government announcements against the Muslim menace is not far off the rabble-rousing speeches of Mr Goebbels.

Whilst all the leads on the alleged Forest Gate chemical bomb factory and the Heathrow fizzy drinks attack went cold, supporters of the official view could, of course, point to the recent conviction of Dhiren Barot, a Hindu convert to Islam, who was sentenced to forty years in Britain for what effectively amounted to thought-crime. However outrageous his fantasies of causing what the judge called unspeakable carnage were, they remain just that. He did not have the wherewithal to carry any of it out, and not as much as a matchbox was found in his possession. The conviction was only possible because he pleaded guilty to the crime of a terrorist plot.

Why would a young man described as intelligent by the judge plead guilty in a case lacking the evidence to convict him? The answer lies in the fact that he was also accused of planning attacks in the United States and the US were issuing demands for his extradition. Knowing that even in today’s highly charged anti-Islamic climate it might be difficult to persuade a jury without producing any real evidence, British prosecutors increasingly rely on this new version of “plea bargaining”: admit your guilt or face extradition to the US where you stand a good chance of joining death row without ever being allowed to argue your case.

Of course, it is difficult to fight an idea, and even more so an idea whose time has come. The corruption of the present day political elite is evident and their lies and deception do not endear them to their populace. The submission the Neocons achieved through scaremongering after orchestrating their own Pearl Harbour to justify the preventative attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq has worn off, as the recent polls in North America show, and less and less people believe the official 9/11 story. Too many war dead and injured have come home to haunt them, North Korea and Iran defy the US openly, and a movement lead by Venezuela is gaining momentum in South America calling for an end to US hegemony. The writing is clearly on the wall.

In their desperation MI5, the British thought police, and their US masters turn to criminalising even the most muted criticism. Having defined the threat as one of radicalisation of the youth, they have recently gone as far as labelling a rap artist group as evil Jihadists indoctrinating their young listeners. The lyrics of “Blakstone”, remarkably mild in comparison to what used to come out of the Black American rap scene, have been the latest focus of anything-but-intelligent analysts trying to figure out why the Muslim youth are not in love with their government. Likewise, contributors to the film “The Road to Guantanamo” were harassed and questioned at UK airports.

Of course, it is difficult for the likes of Bush, Rumsfeld, Blair and Reid to see the error of their ways and attribute the mess they are in to their own doing. It is a lot easier to put the blame on those who are pointing out that these modern Emperors have no dress sense either.

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