Media Coverup on Atrocities and Crimes against Humanity in East Ukraine. Mass Graves near Donetsk
By Global Research News
Global Research, September 30, 2014
Voice of Sevastopol
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by Ayre

Journalist Giulietto Chiesa is sure that the information about the burial places of civilians’ bodies found near Donetsk, despite its sensational nature, will not go beyond the Russian media. In his article, he drew a parallel between the events going on now and the tragic events of May 2 in Odessa when dozens of people were burned alive. According to the journalist, in the same way as that time, now European media will ignore the crime and the world community will remain in ignorance.

Giulietto Chiesa
Italian journalist and writer Giulietto Chiesa assayed the information about the burial places of dead civilians found near Donetsk on September 23. He said that of this tragedy the whole world should know.

“The information about the burial places of civilians’ bodies in Donbas is sensational, if confirmed, of course, and Russia, as well as the leaders of the militia and the leaders of the Donetsk and of the Lugansk Republics should speak about it for everyone to hear”, said the journalist to “Izvestia”.

Speaking about the terrible discovery, Chiesa compares what is happening now to the events of May 2 in Odessa, emphasizing the necessity of doing everything possible for such crimes to cause the strongest public and international response:

“These facts are not only Ukrainian, but international matter. It is necessary to attain that not only Donbas and Russia would speak of shooting civilians, but also the European Council and the European Parliament, that OSCE representatives would speak of it too”.

The writer is convinced that those who have not been in the east of Ukraine, in particular, in Donbas, know little about what is actually going on there and “what kind of affairs so called National Guard was involved in, which actively participated in the punitive operations against the self-proclaimed republics”.

Commenting “horrific” rumors Chiesa suggests that casualties of civilian in the east of the country were “huge”. In this connection, the journalist marks the Russia’s call for an international investigation which should be heard abroad.

“It is obvious that it may not be investigated only on behalf of the Ukrainian government, which itself may be involved in the deed and therefore will try to cover their tracks – it should be just an international investigation”, the journalist said.

However, in his opinion, “there is little hope for starting the investigation, and even less for it yielding any kind of objective result”. Ukraine does not want an unbiased investigation, like before in May, the foreign media are silent, as if nothing happened.

Chiesa draws a parallel with Odessa. According to him, then, in the spring, the European media simply “ignored the information about the people’s death” – “the extent of omission in European media is huge”.

“I often meet with people, and once I had been at a meeting in northern Italy, where I told the audience about the situation in Ukraine. And so, of the 400 people who came to the meeting, no one knew about what happened in Odessa”, the writer says.

Chiesa makes a disappointing prediction: “the shooting of civilians will not be reported even with a question mark. This fact will be simply ignored in the same way as the information was ignored about the death of people in Odessa.”

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