March 29 – Brexit Day
By Julian Rose
Global Research, March 29, 2019

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I’m in the UK on my farm. Tomorrow, 29th March, is ‘Brexit Day’. But the reality is far from it – in fact the UK is faced by a constitutional crisis – as the 29th March quitting the EU was enshrined in an Act of Parliament – which has never been rescinded! To rescind this requires a vote in the Commons and a new act stating the new terms. Instead (so far) some lady peer stood up in the House of Lords and read a letter saying that 29 March is no longer the recognised date for England quitting the EU.

What we are witnessing is, in fact, a type of ‘treason’. The Country is being sold to Brussels.

Perhaps ‘given-away’ would be more accurate.

Theresa May has, all along, been playing a double game: claiming to be negotiating departure terms wile actually ensuring no departure actually happens in reality. It is simply stepping stones in the progression: Nation State gets swallowed by Super State gets swallowed by Totalitarian State becomes swallowed by New World Order. The UK is being taken-apart from the inside. All the ballyhoo is about obfuscating the steady march to total technocracy and control.

An interesting constitutional observation is that the Queen – who opens the new parliament after the summer recess every year – did so in September 2018 without wearing her crown. Just a plain blue hat. This has never happened before – and some picked it up as a symbolic gesture. Resigning her role as constitutional/titular head of the nation?

In UK old law (which still applies) the people are sovereign and parliament carries through the will of the people by representing them in the House of Commons. The Queen retains her ‘Royal Prerogative’, which counts for little these days, but remains highly symbolic – and in fact, if ever actually used, carries genuine political weight. On her Coronation in 1953, the Queen swore to uphold the constitution of the Country as long as she lived.

However, as Britain’s monarch, she clearly has a foot in two contrasting camps. One gets the impression that the hole shebang is being orchestrated, if not choreographed, to shift the ‘chosen’ 0.2% into their ‘negotiated’ new roles as heads of an empire that will considerably eclipse the British Empire of around 100 years ago.

In the mean time, unprecedented scenes outside the House of Parliament, as thousands of (mostly young) ‘remainers’ wave European Union flags and vociferously demand to stay in the EU. As Moses found out all those years ago, people are so reticent to give-up their slavery.


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Julian Rose is an international activist, writer, organic farming pioneer and actor.  In 1987 and 1998, he led a campaign that saved unpasteurised milk from being banned in the UK; and, with Jadwiga Lopata, a ‘Say No to GMO’ campaign in Poland which led to a national ban of GM seeds and plants in that country in 2006. Julian is currently campaigning to ‘Stop 5G’ WiFi. He is the author of two acclaimed titles: Changing Course for Life and In Defence of Life and is a long time exponent of yoga/meditation.  His latest book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must  Come Through’ comes out in June. See Julian’s web site for more information and to purchase his books He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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