Manchester Bomber, Salman Abedi, Linked to Libyan ISIS – “Libyan Dawn”, Hillary’s “Libyan Rebels”
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Global Research, May 29, 2017
The Last Refuge 24 May 2017
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Note: The sub-heading seems misleading as he would have been only 15 in 2011; however it would apply, if correct, to the father – who was apparently an airport security worker. No wonder there are question marks re airport security, if correct.

The Manchester Bomber is one of Hillary Clinton’s Libyan “Rebels”

Islamic State fighters landed in Libya back in November of 2014, and began work establishing training camps in the Libyan city of Derna before launching a terror offensive which included an attack on a Libyan hotel, attacks on oil field workers, and the execution of 21 Copts in a graphic video which made international headlines.

In early through mid-2015 several extremist jihadist elements in Libya swore allegiance to Bakar al-Baghdadi.  A man named Abdelhakim Belhadj took the position as head of ISIS in Libya.

Abdelhakim Belhadj was critical in forming “Libya Dawn”, essentially a group of Islamic militia forces (LIFG or Libyan Islamic Fighting Groups) who fought under various banners such as Ansar al-Sharia (al-Qaeda in Libya) and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Today the links emerge between the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi (22), and these extremist forces within Libya.  It appears the bombing attack against the Manchester concert venue was directed and coordinated by the family of Abedi and their close contacts within Libya including his father Ramadan Abedi who was arrested earlier today.

Important top-lines:

  • Salman Abedi, 22, was the bomber  in Manchester
  • Ismail Abedi, 23, is his older brother.  He was arrested in Manchester by British police.
  • Hashem Abedi, 20, is Salman’s younger brother. He was arrested in Libya earlier today and confessed during interrogation to knowledge of the plot from April.
  • Ramadan Abedi, is the father of Ismael (23), Salman (22) and Hasem (20).  Ramadan was arrested in Libya earlier today.
  • There were NO bomb-making materials in the house/apartment of the suicide bomber, Salman Abedi.  This implies the bomb-maker is still around, possibly in England although most likely he exited the country prior to the terrorist attack.
  • The bomber, Salman Abedi, returned from visiting Libya only 3 weeks ago.
  • 1,000 British military have been activated in response to the heightened terrorist plot.

There’s an interesting dynamic emerging, a very clear picture. The father Ramadan Abedi belonged to the extremist Islamic elements that was being kept in check by Muamar Gaddafi. Ramadan Abedi fled Libya in 1993 to avoid being killed by Gaddafi forces who were pretty good at killing off the domestic terror groups who also worked under the auspices of overthrowing the regime.

In essence, the Abedi family linkage to Libya is directly connected to the radical extremist elements within Eastern Libya that centered near Benghazi. The ideological outlook of the Abedi family aligned with the decision by President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Samantha Power’s to overthrow Gaddafi in 2011.

After Gaddafi’s ouster, Ramadan was able to go back to Libya and join back with his ideological brethren. The plot to kill the people in Manchester came from this jihadist outlook.  This is a direct consequence of Obama and Clinton’s Libyan intervention.

ISIS in Libya


(Via Daily Mail) […]  Earlier today, Manchester’s police chief said it is ‘very clear’ that police are investigating ‘a network’ linked to the bomber.

Police, in tandem with British soldiers, have carried out several raids since Monday night’s atrocity and so far seven people have been arrested, including Salman’s father and two brothers.

A former Libyan security official Abdel-Basit Haroun said Ramadan, a former airport security worker, was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting group in the 1990s. The group had links to Al-Qaeda.

Although the LIFG disbanded, Haroun said the father belongs to the Salafi Jihadi movement, the most extreme sect of Salafism and from which Al-Qaeda and ISIS hail.

Ramadan fled Tripoli in 1993 after Moammar Gadhafi’s security authorities issued an arrest warrant and eventually sought political asylum in Britain.

Haroun said Ramadan, also known as Abu Ismail, had returned to the Libyan capital of Tripoli.  A witness said he was handcuffed by armed men this evening who drove him away in two unmarked vehicles.

Salman’s younger brother, Hashem, now 20, who has also been arrested in Libya, had posted comments on ISIS- supporting sites.

The Special Deterrent anti-terror force said Hashim was receiving cash transferred from his brother, Salman.  The Libyan security force claimed Hashim told authorities both he and his brother belonged to ISIS.

A spokesman for a local counter-terrorism force said the younger brother had travelled from London to Tripoli on April 16.  (read more)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton installing Mohammed Magariaf – 2012


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