The Making of the First American Dictator


The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump was both a farce and a tragedy. Mr. Trump, a Fascistic minded President was not targeted for his real crimes (inhumane treatments of immigrant children in the ICE concentration camps, inciting violence during his rallies, supporting the ultra-right militias, assassination and violation of  international laws); but for the flimsy accusation of “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress” according to the Democratic Party establishment!

For the American working people, who run America’s wheels of life by their deeds every day, a pathetic attempt to impeach a Fascistic minded President is  a disappointment. The Democratic Party leadership by conducting a hollow impeachment actually legitimized the transformation of the office of the presidency to the dictatorship circle.

The outcome of an impeachment which was based on shortsightedness rivalry of a section of the 1% contradicts the ideal of the American Revolution. It betrays those revolutionary pioneers who fought against the British monarchy.

Through this impeachment, the Congress of the United States has become the living incubator to “lawfully” hatch the first American dictator and end the idea of “government of the people, by the people, for the people”.

Working people do not benefit from an unformed impeachment by Democrats and disgraceful acquittal by Republicans. The clear partisanship position toward the President Trump impeachment, endless infighting and self-serving arguments once again confirmed the fact that working people have no friends or representatives in Washington to address their urgent problems such as the high price of medicines, job insecurity, low wages, poor educational and healthcare systems, a hazardous environment and so on.

The 1% family feud over the impeachment saga creates heroes out of war criminals like John Bolton, the notorious advocate of the 2003 invasion of Iraq and tireless advocate of war against Iran, who one day is Mr. Trump favorite advisor and the next day becomes the best ally of the Democratic Party establishment. The stench of hypocrisy among the well-fed corrupt politicians of both parties in Washington is nauseating.

Now, we have entered a new era in the history as the “Oldest Democracy” gives rise to a dictatorial presidency under the protection of Congress. The liberals, so-called “Leftists” and naïve supporters of the Democratic Party advise the American working people to VOTE for the Democratic candidate in the next presidential election to gain back the power!

What a foolish proposition as if another Democrat in the White House would give the working people a chance to be free from the influence of Wall Street and military-industrial complex!

In 2019 the same Democrats who initiated the impeachment process against President Trump supported him and approved the largest military budget of $738 billion!

A system that puts profit over people is not reformable. The interest of the 1% with their Democrat and Republican agents lies in the endless wars, wealth inequality and absolute power over the democratic rights of voiceless individuals.

No force is able to reform a deadly virus to a benign virus.

In the epoch of the breakdown of democracy, the wealthy elites in all capitalist countries act as a deadly virus against their own nation. They have equipped their police forces with the latest military gear to shoot and eliminate their own dissident citizens.

The peaceful protests in France, Chile, Colombia, Iraq, and countless other countries are dispersed by the bullets of the riot police of these countries. The facts of inhumane living conditions and miserable situations of Palestinians, Yemenis, Rohingya people and millions of immigrants around the world are either kept in the dark or distorted. Independent journalists (like Julian Assange) or honorable whistleblowers (like Chelsea Manning) are locked up and tortured for telling the truth.

The impeachment process directed against Donald J. Trump which concealed his real crimes was a step backward in history. A counter revolution that is helping the reign of a ruthless monarchy slowly revive under the deceptive nationalist ideology.

Adolf Hitler came to power by the vote of people in a legal election in Germany. The history of the rise of Fascism resembles the current political situation in the U.S. In Germany, in May 1928, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis) got less than a tenth of total votes in the Reichstag (Parliament) elections. More than two years later, in September 1930 election, the same Nazi Party votes increased by up to 700 percent! Two years later in July 1932, the Nazi party becomes the largest Party in Germany. Finally, on January 30th, 1933, Hitler is appointed as Chancellor and became the head of the German government which led to WWII. Today, the Senators of both parties are crowning a fascistic-minded President under the false banner of “national security” or “preserving the American democracy”.

The working families in the U.S. need to unite against despotism independent of the Democratic and Republican parties. Endless wars, the rise of Fascism and ecological disasters are the main problems that only can be confronted by an independent, united, conscious and internationalist leadership.


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Massoud Nayeri is a graphic designer and an independent peace activist based in the United States. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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