Looming Trump Senate Trial? January 6th Storming of Capitol “Planned Ahead of Time”?
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, January 20, 2021

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So far, it’s unclear if Trump will face Senate trial on the fraudulent charge of inciting insurrection — as a private citizen.

He had nothing to do with the January 6 storming of Capitol Hill. Nor did his nonviolent supporters in Washington.

Anti-Trump elements were responsible for what Dems in Washington falsely blamed him.

According to Trending Politics:

“(F)ederal law enforcement officials have told CNN that they believe the January 6th storming of the Capitol was planned ahead of time by bad actors instead of a random riot inspired by President Trump’s speech.”

Nothing Trump said or tweeted called for inciting insurrection, just the opposite.

He urged legitimate nonviolent protests, not the other way around.

What happened was well-planned in advance by forces hostile to Trump — wanting him further demonized for the wrong reasons, not legitimate ones.

They want him banned from politics to prevent him from running again for president in 2024.

There’s plenty of wrongdoing to hold him and most other US elected and appointed officials accountable for.

Impeachment charges against Trump on December 18, 2019 and on January 13, 2021 had no constitutional or US statute law validity.

They were and remain politicized for the above reasons.

Throughout US history, 15 Senate trials were conducted in response to 19 officials impeached by the House, including judges.

Three US presidents were impeached, Trump alone twice — both times on politicized charges with no validity.

What’s clear based on facts is unreported by hostile-to-Trump establishment media.

Yet most Americans believe what’s false because of anti-Trump media propaganda.

According to Pew Research on January 15, “68% of the public does not want Donald Trump to remain a major political figure in the future.”

In stark contrast, “64% of voters express(ed) a positive opinion of” Biden.

Pew Research also reported that 54% of respondents supported Trump’s removal from office despite nearing the end of his term.

Overall, “Republicans and (Dems) remain deeply divided” as they have been throughout Trump’s tenure, according to reported findings by Pew Research on January 15.

Only 52% of Republicans and “Republican-leaning independents say Trump bears any responsibility for” the Capitol Hill incident.

Only 21% of these respondents believe Trump should be removed from office before end of his tenure — in stark contrast to virtually all Dems and Dem “leaners (95%).”

“(A)nd 83% (of this group) favor his removal as president.”

At the same time, “a large segment of Trump voters” believe he was reelected on November 3 last year.

Among all respondents, “65%” believe Biden defeated Trump.

Clearly it was the other way around.

Most Americans are at least largely unaware of Biden’s betrayal of the public trust in office for a near-half century as senator and vice president.

They know little or nothing about his support for wars by hot and other means on invented enemies, corporate profiteering, and indifference toward peace, equity, justice, and the rule of law.

Hostile-to Trump throughout his time in office CNN actually reported the following:

“Evidence uncovered so far, including weapons and tactics seen on surveillance video, suggests a level of planning that has led investigators to believe the attack on the US Capitol was not just a protest that spiraled out of control, a federal law enforcement official says.”

The above is correct for mentioning pre-planning and incorrect at the same time.

There was nothing happenstance about orchestrated January 6 storming of Capitol Hill’s main building — no evidence that Trump promoted or otherwise supported it.

Establishment media overall and anti-Trump Dems refuse to admit the above.

Militant anti-Trump elements want him tried and convicted of phony charges by Senate trial.

Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell shifted from Trump backer to antagonist, on Tuesday saying to following:

Storming of Capitol Hill on January 6 was “provoked by (Trump) and other powerful people (sic).”

“The mob was fed lies (sic).”

“(T)hey tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like (sic).”

He hasn’t decided whether to go along with trying Trump for the charge of inciting insurrection — he and at least most other congressional members know is politicized, not true.

A two-thirds super-majority is required to convict if a Senate trial is held — requiring 17 Republicans to conspire with 50 undemocratic Dems against Trump after leaving office.

A separate vote would be required to ban him from seeking public office again.

Reportedly, McConnell and Senate Dem leader Chuck Schumer met to set rules for a Senate trial if held.

The evenly divided Senate is Dem-controlled because in case of 50 – 50 votes, Harris becomes the tie-breaking one.

Without GOP support, convicting Trump won’t happen. Enough Republicans have to go along for a required two-thirds majority.

What earlier seemed highly unlikely is now uncertain but very possible.

As things now stand, a politicized Senate trial is likely.

Nothing stands in its way with McConnell willing to conspire with Schumer in conducting one.

While its outcome is more likely not to convict Trump, the other way around could be its outcome.

If thing turn out this way, Trump will be the only US president ever impeached, tried and convicted.

Notably it would be after leaving office for politicized reasons lacking legitimacy, justifiable ones ignored.


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