Lies and Double Standards Regarding Iran’s Nuclear Program

For over 3 decades the so-called “World Community” (in reality a cabal of a few pompous neo-colonialists) has been warning the rest of us (the unwashed masses) that Iran has been developing nuclear weapons, and is on the verge of building them. For all that time it has been claimed that Iran is perpetually just a year or two away from testing ‘The Bomb’.

This disingenuous assertion has been trotted out again and again, on the premise, that if a lie is brazen enough, and repeated often enough, it will come to be accepted as the truth, at least by a large proportion of the population.

It further emanates from the conviction of imperialists, filled as they are with shameless hubris, and revealed in their own ‘diplomats’ statements, that their adversaries need to be given the “carrot and stick” treatment. In other words, as noticed by those on the receiving end of imperial contempt; that the intended subjects are donkeys.

The carrot and stick attitude and pronouncements have recently been made against none other than Russia. But they’ve been most often reserved for the ancient civilization of Iran.

There is an aspect of the alleged Iranian ambition for nuclear weapons that, to the best of my knowledge, has never been addressed by any politicians, commentators, or analysts in the Western media. That problem is: If Iran has been developing nuclear weapons, why has it taken so long, such an inordinately long time to NOT have any?

An explanation could have been forthcoming, if the chronic haters of the Iranian administration, and by extension, the Iranian people, had the courage to extend their pithy analogy about carrots and sticks to a bold assertion, an outright statement; that the Iranians are indeed donkeys. And being donkeys, they must be very stupid and of low intelligence. So, that is why those ‘I-ran-ians’ have been attempting to wrap their tiny brains around the simple problem of how to make an atomic bomb, but in 33 years have not managed to make a single one!

That is the only rational explanation that the lying deceivers could have trotted out. But, due to a rush of political correctness to their fevered mind, they can not expose their bigotry to that extent. That is a line in the sand that even their dainty feet can not cross, lest they give the game away too soon (see the final paragraph, below).

So, the perpetrators of systematic wars, all over the globe, launched under the pretext of “Freedom and Democracy”, have ulterior motives, and use any lie they want to use, including the donkey carrot & stick one, as simply another weapon amongst their vast armamentarium.

This is how we are certain that the arrogant powers lie, and lie deliberately:

1) The United States began its atomic bomb program in 1942. By August 1945 they had half a dozen bombs of 2 different types [1]. In just 3 years, with no precedent, with no confidence that such a thing was even possible, the USA had as many as 6 bombs. Some Plutonium based and some Uranium based. Of which they used a Uranium bomb on Hiroshima, and a Plutonium one on Nagasaki. That, with 1940’s technology and knowledge, or the lack thereof.

2) The Soviet Union began its atomic bomb project in earnest in 1945, after seeing the effects of the American attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and no longer having the burden of the 2nd World War. They exploded their first bomb in August 1949, just 4 years after serious initiation [2]. Again, using 1940’s technology, while trying to rebuild the nation with limited resources.

3) Britain began concerted development of its atomic bomb in January 1947. It exploded its first bomb less than 6 years later in October 1952 [3]. Again, using the technology of 65 years ago, and after a debilitating war.

4) France began its program in 1949. In February 1960, just over 10 years later it exploded its first atomic bomb [4].

5) China began its bomb program in earnest in 1960. Just 4 years later it exploded its first bomb in October 1964 [5].

6) Israel began its bomb program in 1961. By 1967, just 6 years later it had produced its first bombs [6].

7) India realistically began its program in 1956 with its first reactor. It exploded its first bomb in 1974 less than 18 years later [7].

8) Pakistan’s program became serious in late 1965 with its first nuclear reactor. By early 1983, just 17 years later it had its first viable atomic bombs.

9) North Korea began its bomb development in 1989 with its first reactor. By 2006, just 17 year later it had exploded its first bomb.

There are a number of countries, for example, Canada and South Africa, who did similar rapid development of atomic weapons in the past but have abandoned them or never manufactured them though they had the means to do so [10].

So we see that no country has taken more than 18 years to manufacture a plain Uranium or Plutonium atomic bomb. In fact, the design and method of making a simple atomic bomb has been widely known for decades. Any nation seeking to make it would have no trouble in doing so.

There remain, therefore, just two reasons why a particular country with reasonable resources does not have atomic bombs: a) Either it does NOT want atomic bombs or, b) its academic and military researchers are of lamentably low intelligence and aptitude. Iran claims that it is (a), but the United States, Israel, Britain and their cronies claim that it is simply (b). Let’s examine this for Iran specifically (though the same analysis may be done for other non-nuclear-armed countries):

Of the many countries with reasonable educational and military facilities, the vast majority have no atomic bombs, even though they could have developed them many years ago. They are not accused (yet) of seeking atomic weapons. It is allowed (for now) by the United States and its, armed to the teeth, NATO syndicate that those other nations do not have nuclear weapons because they don’t have a longing for such a demonic device.

Iran is the one country constantly accused of wanting atomic bombs. Yet, after 33 years, or twice as long as it took anyone else to make such bombs, Iran still has none. Why?

The incontrovertible evidence is that Iran has a highly educated, technical, and capable population, military, and social infrastructure. It ranks 17th in the world in regards to Purchasing Power Parity (PPP; ). Iran has many universities and technical colleges with thousands of graduates per annum. It has the largest auto manufacturers of the Middle East. It has ship yards and steel mills. Vast indigenously staffed oil and gas wells and refineries and petrochemical plants for domestic production as well as export. It has orbital rocket and satellite design and manufacturing facilities. It builds its own dams and hydro electricity machinery and power stations and is the biggest exporter of electrical energy in the Middle East. It has an extensive medical research and development and pharmaceutical industry. It builds and maintains an extensive modern roads, railways and travel network. It has a variety of agricultural produce and processing facilities. It has its own aircraft manufacturing factories. Its own military manufacturing industry, including missiles, jet fighters, helicopters, destroyers and submarines. Furthermore, it has uranium mines and enrichment and processing plants, as well as nuclear research reactors for the past 45 years (since 1967). And that list is merely a synopsis. Iran has recently been ranked as third among industrial developing countries, after China and India [11].

So the possibility of ineptitude allowing a 33 year hiatus in making an atomic bomb is obviously unfounded. So what remains?

The only possibility is that Iran does NOT want atomic weapons. It is simply not interested in them, and as Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has declared; they are an immoral abomination and against God’s Law. Indeed, Iran is the only country to have declared atomic weapons absolutely illegal. Fatwas (binding religious decrees) have been issued against their manufacture or use (2003, 2005, 2011). Ayatollah Khamenei repeated his edict most recently at the Non Aligned Movement conference in Tehran.

How bizarre then, how paradoxical and what an irony that the countries baying for blood are the very same which have the blood of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on their hands and possess thousands of powerful nuclear weapons, have been using depleted uranium weapons by the hundred of tons, and constantly wage war after war against perceived enemies (USA), or are not even members of the IAEA (Israel) and do not allow inspections of their facilities or their hundreds of illicit atomic bombs and other banned weapons, such as phosphorus bombs.

And how strange that other Western, so-called “liberal and free democracies” fall in behind the above two hypocrisies, and like a dutiful conga line sway to the dystopian inspired rhythms of vulgar threats, such as; “All options (including pre-emptive nuclear attack) are on the table”. And conspire in blatant acts of war, such as embargoes and sanctions. All the while wearing a holier-than-thou mask over their garish hypocrisy, as they prepare to kill, dismember, and pauperize yet more millions of people.

Indeed, the global hegemons recently, inadvertently showed their hand when they admitted that Iran is not building atomic weapons, but that, nevertheless, it must never have the technical know-how to do so. In other words, they admitted that they had been lying, and the Emperor is now revealed in all his naked Priapic splendor: Developing countries are not allowed to develop. They must forever be thankful for the crumbs that fall off their master’s table. They must always remain ignorant, helpless, and subservient, to be treated as Caesar decrees.


[1]  “Brotherhood of the Bomb”. Gregg Herken. Published by MacMillan 2002.

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