Labour Will Win the Next British Election and Jeremy Corbyn Will Become Prime Minister. Get Over It!
By Hans Stehling
Global Research, August 25, 2018

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As the tired, weak, dispute-driven, Conservative government flounders onwards towards an ignominious and disastrous Brexit departure from the European Union, the majority of the electorate in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, London, Cardiff and Glasgow eagerly await the election and installation of a Labour administration to take control.

A new, exciting dawn awaits Britain as essential services such as road, rail, mass transport systems and public utilities are taken back into British public ownership from their current foreign owners.

Banking and financial services in the City will be closely controlled and monitored to root out the corruption that is endemic in boardrooms throughout London as remuneration committees vote themselves and their friends ever increasing bonuses running into many millions annually as workers struggle on year-on-year under a pay freeze.

Commuters and communities will see an immediate change as priorities shift from the top 5% to the rest of society.

The corrupt ‘money for honours’ system that has given the country a swollen, puffed-up, moneyed House of ermine-clad peers who scratch each other’s backs as they disrupt the business of Parliament, will suffer a radical overhaul.

The sick and disabled will be able to eat again as the oppressive Conservative legislation that deprived them of proper food, medical attention, health benefits and housing is reversed and instead of taxing the poor out of existence, the tax-avoiding cohorts of hedge fund managers, bankers and City traders will be caught in a new net, operated by a vigilant Inland Revenue that will have no truck with the large accounting firms that are hired to audit but edit instead.

It’ll be ‘a new world, Golda’ once there is a Labour government in situ.  No one will be forced to go without heating, food or medical attention.  Food banks will be unnecessary and non-existent in a Labour-controlled economy.

The NHS will be totally overhauled to provide a 24/7 world-class medical service not a 5-day bankrupt apology for a Health Service. The most effective drugs and up to date scanning will be available for all, 24/7, not just those in private hospitals in London who cater for overseas visitors.

The education system, nationwide, will be made fairer and more equitable with priority for school places going to the children and families of British-born citizens in preference to non-nationals.

Housing and land will be made affordable for all citizens as there will be legislation prohibiting the amassing of land banks with planning consents by private house builders.  Local authorities will be required to build a stipulated number of affordable houses each year.  There will be no exceptions as at present for developers claiming non-viability. Local demand will always have priority over that of foreign investors.   And rents, all rents, commercial and residential, will need to be regulated with immediate effect.

Freedom of the press, media and internet will be guaranteed by statute but the deliberate dissemination of fake news or the hounding of innocent citizens will be unlawful.

There will be a prohibition on the sale of any British PLC to an overseas registered buyer without prior official authority from UK government.

Britain is a rich country brought down by an anachronistic class system that ensures the vast majority of the working population is shackled by legislation and local government that exists to make the City richer and the ordinary citizen, poorer.

The United Kingdom will, thank God, change as soon as Labour takes power. We’ll make Britain great again!  But, unlike America, we’ll do it honestly and efficiently so that every single citizen of the United Kingdom, benefits and thrives under a democratic, transparent government that exists to serve the majority.

And finally, lobbyists acting for and paid by a foreign state or by their London embassy or diplomatic mission, will be required by law to be registered as ‘foreign agents’ and their movements and activities restricted as a matter of British national security.


Hans Stehling (pen name) is an analyst based in the UK. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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